Wingman! Title Card

Angry Birds Toons Episode 2: Wingman!

 Wingman! is the second episode in Season 1 of Angry Birds Toons

Plot Summary

Get Ready For The Tale Of Wingman, Bird Of Prey! Whether He's Swooping On Pigs, Or Saving The Eggs, He Is A Hero To All Birds!

Episode 2: Wingman!

(Episode starts with a pig in a van that has the eggs in.)

(Van goes past Terence)

(Terence leaps into bush)

(comes out dressed as Wingman.)

Female Singers: WINGMAN!

Commentator: As fast as a flash, Wingman locks on to his target with amazing aim defeating that villianous pig!

(Wingman does that)

Female Singers: WINGMAN!

Commentator: There's no stopping this Bird Of Prey!

(Screen goes blank)

Kashy: As if saving the day is THAT easy. I should go outside.

(goes outside)

Kashy: What a beautiful-

(Suddenly falls)

Kashy: DDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yells)

(Gets put in blast resistaint cage)

Voice: GAS HIM!

(Kashy is knocked out.)

(Screen fades, then the eyes of kashy are seen)

Kashy: TACOS! CHEESE PUFFS! POTATOS! (Pause) Huh? Where am I?

(Pig is seen near machine)

Kashy: Who are you?!

(Pig speaks, but does not turn round)

Professor Porkenswine: Pull the lever.

(Kashy yells as he is zapped and scanned)

Kashy: What do you want from me?

(Prof. Porkenswine Ignores him, still not turning round)

Prof. Porkenswine: Is it ready?

Assistaint Pig: Yes Sir!

(Pig Cannon is pointed at Kashy)

Prof. Porkenswine: (Turns round) I guess the test subject is ready. FIRE IT UP!

(Weapon warms up)

Kashy: (Under breath) Help me!

(Suddenly a roar is heard)

Pig: Could It Be?

(A blue streak zooms into the weapon, destroying it)

Pig: OH NO!

(Blue streak is revealed to be Wingman, who comes to save Kashy)


(Wingman flies out with Kashy)

Kashy's Voice: And we flew away, leaving the secret lab in a mess.

(Scene shows Kashy telling the others the story)

Ryan and Tyler: COOL!

Hamm: Agoo Fly!

Daniel: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hang on a minute. That is not true. How could one of OUR kind fly? Hey? Wingman is a TV show, NOT reality.

Kashy: He is Daniel. Honest.

Daniel: I'll believe it when I see it.

(Wingman flies across the sky, a call is heard)

Kashy: Heh. Believe it when you see it, eh?

(Everyone, Including Daniel laugh)


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