Daniel, Tyler, Ryan, Austin, Brendan, Rainbow, and Muna woke up one day and noticed that Icey was gone. Where was he? Muna searched North for him and found nothing. Tyler searched East and found nothing. Brendan searched West and found nothing. Austin searched the water and found nothing. Ryan constantly kept checking the sky and found nothing. But Daniel and Rainbow did find footprints that were Icey's. They split up into two groups and right when both groups thought they were very close, a hurricane started. Daniel's group got lost and figured out that it was a copy of Icey that made those footprints. But Rainbow's group kept on going. Just then, Tyler saw a shadow beckoning to them. They came over and saw Entexo Jr! He grabbed Austin and roared "WHERE'S DANIEL???" Brendan punched him and asked "Where's Icey?" Their answer was "Jailed." Brendan punched Entexo Jr. again. Just then, they heard a banging sound that made Entexo Jr. run. Out came Icey in Entexo Jr.'s robot! Later, Daniel's group caught up when the hurricane died down and Rainbow's group told them the whole story.

The end!

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