"Look," said Ryan. "You're name is DANIEL. You're in YOUR ROOM. My name is RYAN. I'm your STEPBROTHER." He pointed to Tyler. "This is TYLER. He's your BEST FRIEND. You live on ANGRY BIRDS ISLAND. You are a BIRD." "I'm a bird?" asked Daniel, shocked. "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" Ryan turned to Tyler. "This isn't working." Tyler got an idea. He hopped downstairs to Strawdina's kitchen. He found the biggest and heaviest skillet he could find and had Ryan carry it upstairs for him. "Uh, what're you gonna do with that?" asked Daniel nervously. "Relax," answered Tyler. "Are you sure that this is gonna work, Ty?" Ryan asked. "Well," answered Tyler. "It always works in cartoons, and we ARE cartoons." "Good point," answered Ryan. "But you just broke the fourth wall." "Whoops," said Tyler. "Oh well." Daniel screamed a cry of fright as Tyler whamed the huge skillet on his head, knocking him out again. Ryan felt his heartbeat. "Still alive," he said. "Perfect," said Tyler. "Wake him up!" Ryan shook his brother. Daniel slowly opened his eyes. "Ryan?" he said. "What happened?" "Oh," said Tyler. "Not much. I was just playing with your Rojo Reddy and you barged in and tried to take it from me and it broke in two and you hit your head against the wall and lost your memory but we helped you. Not much." Daniel looked at his Rojo Reddy. "Oh, now I remember," he said. Tyler let out a sigh of relief. "TYLER! YOU BROKE MY ROJO REDDY!!!" Ryan snuck downstairs.

The End.

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