Tyler was playing with Daniel's Rojo Reddy and other a

Poor Daniel!

ction Figures. Daniel came into his Room "TYLER?! WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?" Daniel Asked. He grabbed His Rojo Reddy, and Pulled "Let go Tyler!" Daniel Said, trying to free his Favorite Toy from Tyler's Grip. All of a sudden, the Rojo Reddy broke in two and Daniel flew across the Room. CRASH! Daniel hit he wall and was Knocked out. so Tyler Continued playing with Daniel's Action Figures. Ryan ran upstairs. "What was that crash?" Then he saw Daniel's Rojo Reddy in two on the ground. "Uh-oh." he said. "He won't be happy about this." "I know," replied Tyler. "But he NEVER lets me play with his cool toys!" Ryan poked Daniel lightly, Nothing. he checked Daniel's Heartbeat, it was still there. "Good, He's not dead!" Daniel woke up, Tyler expected Daniel would have yelled at him for making him hit the wall. "where Am i? WHO am i?" Daniel Asked. Tyler thought he might be Kidding. "Ha, Nice one Daniel!" Tyler said. "Who's Daniel? who are you? and what is this Place?" Daniel Said. Tyler knew he wasn't faking now. "Oh dear, Not good!" Ryan said. "What's not good?" Daniel asked.

Will Daniel Remember anything? how can Tyler and Ryan Help? Find out in part 2!

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