"My world is a world of constantly eating food non-stop. So, what be your food world?"

- Waza getting carried away with his dreams.


Waza is a hungry bird that eats more than the rest of the birds at mealtimes, leaving Carer to do some hard work. He usually eats the other birds chunks and leftovers of food the birds haven't had, leaving the birds to mysteries. He once tried to eat Flamros' Uber mask, despite him being the smallest in the flock. He loves laughing, joking and pranking around with the Ice-Bolts, mistaking them for the legendary tan bird, one of the legendary color birds born from the rainbow. He, whenever he gets angry, inflates to a massive size pushing things aside. He, in an upcoming story, discovers this power and uses it on King Pigram to choke the special candy out of him. After he deflates, he spits out sparkles which weaken the structure, but don't do any damage. When he and the birds first met, they thought he was a Cannibird (Cannibal Bird) due to his eating condition.


Powers: Inflating to destroy most of the structure and spitting sparkles to weaken the rest of the structure.

First level appearance: 3-7 (lite version) 4-7 (full version)

First story appearance: None...YET!

Gender: Male

Species: Piping Plover (actual species) | Om Nom Bird AKA Hungry Bubble Bird (Made up species)

Strength: Normal

Birth Date: January 31st, 2009

Occupation: Angry Bird Original Flock Sub | Main Character

Size: Very Small

Waza likes: Eating food and being messy.

Waza loathes: Doing chores, cleaning up and perfection.


Affliations: Masterchef Birds, Drill Club (Physical Education Club), The Flock, The Flock in space, Sing and Dance club, The Original Flock

Nickname: Hubb Ubb Inflate-up.

Known Aliases: Hungary, False Cannabird

Family: None

Birdsonality: Suprising, Quiet, Choker.

Languages: Dreams, Foodiscariano, English, Merchandisian, Birdwise.


  • He can play the harmonica.
  • He used to be a fortune teller.
  • He is known as the chinese bird to the pigs for some reason.
  • He isn't seen much with the eggs.
  • He once went hyper and bounced around Feather island 100 times.
  • He's the third bird to be unlocked

How to draw Waza:

1. Draw the exact same design as the original Orange Bird from AB but put an antenna instead of the basic head feathers.

2. Color the inside of the beak, the pupils, the outside of the eyes, the belly and the tail feathers black.

3. Color the beak yellow.

4. Color the antenna and the body tan.

You may cut out the picture you've drawn!

Rage Rating: 3/5

- By Blazefire(R)

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