Eventuallly, it stopped raining. Now all the grass was blue! Ryan was sleeping outside, and the rain had turned him blue, too. Daniel was sure that he could wash the blue off himself, but the blue had already soked into his feathers, turning him purple! Then he heard noises on the roof. He went outside and looked up. Ryan was trying to scrub the blue rain off of the housetop. "How did you get that blue off?" asked Daniel. "What blue?" replied Ryan. He had no idea he had ever been blue! It was then that Daniel realized that Ryan had been in the grass, which had still been wet from the blue rain. If you touched the blue rain a second time, it turned you back to normal. Daniel hopped in the grass, but the rain had already dried up. Just then, Ryan accidentally bumped the bucket Daniel had put on the roof, splashing the water all over Daniel, turning him red again! But then Ryan slipped and fell off the roof, landing on his head, causing him to inflate. Some of the blue rain that was still in his feathers flew off his body and into Daniel's bucket. Now he still had some of the rain to study! "Wanna help me figure out why the rain was blue?" asked Daniel. Ryan nodded and followed Daniel to the lab.

Will Daniel figure it out? Find out in part 3!

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