for the first time in history, Rain wasn't normal. it was raining, but the drops weren't clear, they were blue! if anyone got hit, they would become a bit blue themselves, so Everyone stayed inside. Lewis, hower, didn't need to worry! he was already blue! so he was hopping in the rain. Ryan was out there too, but accidentally fell in it. Daniel sat at his Computer playing games and sending data to the lab. he looked out the window, Muna was strolling by with the chicks chasing after her like a band who can't keep up with the Baton twirler. Daniel went outside, but Forgot that the blue rain stained. he studied the it, and tried to find why on EARTH the rain was blue. So he put a bucket on his roof to catch the strange rain. when he went into the house, Strawdina asked, "What's the Matter?" "Nothing" Daniel responded, "you look blue" Strawdina came back with. Daniel looked in the mirror, and of course, he WAS Blue!

How will Daniel get back to his normal self? Find out in part 2!

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