Hello! I'm Going To Share Some Projects I'm Thinking Of.

Back To The Future

This will be a Tyler and Lewis version of the first film that I might do. The Cast are:

Lewis will mainly take the role of Marty Mcfly

Tyler will also take the role of Marty Mcfly

Daniel will be the role of Doc Brown

Ryan might also take Doc's role.

Zoey will take Jennifer Parker's Role

George (Tyler's dad) (Or Renamed Diego like in ABSW to avoid confusion) will be George (haha, funny)

Tyler's Mum will be Lorraine

A Bird version of Biff will be Biff.

Golden Slumbers will make a cameo as Lewis and Tyler's Band.

Avengebirds Return

It will be a Community Project. This time we ARE the characters, not an asteroid. I would like to be Tony Stark and for Zoey to be Pepper. I'm sorry Kashy/Evan, But I asked Daniel. I could make one of you happy hogan. Here's the cast. The Working title is Avengebirds Return.

Daniel: Hawkeye

Tyler: Captain America

Ryan: Cyclops

Lewis: Lewis Stark

Zoey: Zoey Potts

Kashy: Kashy Hogan

Evan: Evan Rhodes

Terence: Hulk

Clover: Beak Fury

Muna: Black Widow

The Other Birds: Who They Are.

Loki Bird: Loki Bird

Fire Worker Dave: Mandarian

Galaticus Bird: Galaticus

Devin: Abomination

Jek-14: Extremis Soidlers

I'll also have Magneto, Aldrich Killian and more.

Character Concepts

I have Redesigned The Characters To Match The Characters More Closely. They're mainly modeled after LEGO Minifigures.

Star Wars.

I just want to thank you all for your help in this series. So I'll post all of my plans here.

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