Lewis Franks-Redmond

aka Lewis and Lewis Jr

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in Piggy Island
  • I was born on October 8
  • My occupation is Smashing Pigs, Having Fun, Helping My Friends
  • I am A Male Goggle Bird
  • Lewis Franks-Redmond

    Hey Guys! Lewis Here! It's Time for a competition!

    You need to make a bird or pig of either (or all) of these characters.

    • Count Dooku
    • General Grevious (Pig)
    • Qui-Gon Jinn
    • Darth Maul (Pig)
    • Jango Fett (PIg)
    • Lando Calrissian
    • A Clone Trooper Bird

    • You can enter how many times you like.
    • Entries MUST have a clear background,
    • The Winner will recive a design featuring their entry and will have their design used as a character

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  • Lewis Franks-Redmond

    Hello! I'm Going To Share Some Projects I'm Thinking Of.

    This will be a Tyler and Lewis version of the first film that I might do. The Cast are:

    Lewis will mainly take the role of Marty Mcfly

    Tyler will also take the role of Marty Mcfly

    Daniel will be the role of Doc Brown

    Ryan might also take Doc's role.

    Zoey will take Jennifer Parker's Role

    George (Tyler's dad) (Or Renamed Diego like in ABSW to avoid confusion) will be George (haha, funny)

    Tyler's Mum will be Lorraine

    A Bird version of Biff will be Biff.

    Golden Slumbers will make a cameo as Lewis and Tyler's Band.

    It will be a Community Project. This time we ARE the characters, not an asteroid. I would like to be Tony Stark and for Zoey to be Pepper. I'm sorry Kashy/Evan, But I asked Daniel. I coul…

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  • Lewis Franks-Redmond

    Hello! It's Monday And That Can Only Mean One Thing........MADNESS!

    So Here It Is. This Video Is Hilarious, And In  My Mind, HAD to Be Done.

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  • Lewis Franks-Redmond

    Ryan might be leaving because of a comment that harold the helmet pig made.

    Well for harold i have this.

    I am doing this because Ryan is my friend, and we ALL care about him.

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  • Lewis Franks-Redmond
    Hello, I have decided to list the ABSW sagas. There are three sagas, which have their own trilogy sets.

    They are:

    • Angry Birds Star Wars: The Adventure Begins

    This saga is About Redrick and Strawben. This saga is about the creation of the overlord, which is centred on Oberon's rise.

    • Angry Birds Star Wars: The Original Saga

    This is the main saga, It has more than one trillogy

    • Angry Birds Star Wars: The Next Generation

    Saga of short stories about Lewis Jr and Ryan.

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