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  • KingRighteous

    Hey everybody i made profile pictures for everyone here to use! Hope you like them!

    Oh and give me ideas for more profile pics, and tell me which one you like and use them!

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  • KingRighteous

    ]Heres part 2:

    4. Annoying Orange


    5. Daneboe

    And thats all see Part 1 and comment on which is your favorite one, or do the same on Part 1 then comment on your favorite one and then see Part 2 and do the same, if you already saw them all and commented on them all then your done.

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  • KingRighteous

    Hello everyone ill be showing you my favorite YouTubers, all of them have atleast a million views here they are, enjoy!

    1. Tomska

    2. Eddsworld

    3. Smosh

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  • KingRighteous

    Bird Contest!

    May 30, 2012 by KingRighteous

    Heres a contest! All you have to make your own bird using these colorless Birds you can color and edit.

    Heres the Bird pictures:

    And if you want you could a Pig, deadline is on June 29, so get creating!

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  • KingRighteous

    Hey everyone i made a new wiki, it is called "Angry Birds Adventures Wiki" , it be a honor if you join the wiki (to learn more click the link) Tyler snd Daniel will be Admin on the Wiki if thay want to 1 will be a person who hasn't before, but people who wasn't Admin be responcible, nice, trustworthy, and will always keep track and stop people who are giving false info, and being trolls, oh and 2 more more will posibly be picked , also there will be quiz to anwser about me if 3 people get all of it or half of it right they will be admin, making a total of 8 Admins, so don't go just for admin go to help my Wiki, edit, contribute, upload pictures, add pages, and create blogs.

    so heres the link:…

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