Hello and welcome to my blog! I will be posting here, me and Slipp will write in this, "write" Slipp? Slipp? Eh, he must've hated my joke. Slipp:WHAT?! What you want?




It's comfy in the Ravenclaw common room, too bad Slipp can't come., but it's very nice to relax in front of the fireplace. I'm still wondering what the others do in their house common room. -ZeKashy editing on Angry Birds story Wiki! August 15, 2012


Ahh, nothing like a good day in front of the fireplace.


I'm invited to party with Dean, Tom, Roberty! Yaaay! Here I come! -Slipp August 16, 2012

Kashy: I wonder if there's food there? I'm hungry!


Look at tis note!!!

"WE SteaL eGGz oink Oink"

Who wrote it? -Slipp August 28, 2012

New Series Going on the HOOK!

Literally, hook. Because one of the stories are going to be about pirates. Here's a picture of the series:
Subject of time

Here's some birds floating around in a distance.

Episode 3

Here's a sneak peek on the upcoming story of Subject of Time

And here's another sneak peek:

"AWW GREAT" King Pigram said.

So... uh... bye.

Amazing News!

HELLO BIRDS AND PIGS! I GOT SOMETHING TO TELL YOU! No, it's not that. Not that either. What? Anywho, let me tell you what it is:


Yup, yup! :D So uh, say happy birthday to me I guess?

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