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    May 27, 2013 by Daniel T. Goggle Bird

    as we all know, my birthday was Sunday, but i didn't turn 14, or 15....

    i turned 13. i know what your all thinking, wikia is going to ban me, but now that i'm 13, they can't do anything about it.  but here is my plan for this wiki, i'm tired of things coming out of shape at times. so here is what we will do.

    • If i write christian content, LEAVE IT. Remove it, and your banned.
    • Do not swear, or be banned for 1 Month.
    • Our files, images,  and pages are not to be copied without pemission. the penalty for this is a ban forever.
    • If you are going to write articles (unless a gallery), add more than little pretty pictures.
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  • Daniel T. Goggle Bird

    Hello, Wikiers, sad news, i lost my template image for sleuthwings. BUT there is a good side to this. i found a new Sleuthwing Image to Use. as you can see, it is from Club Pengiun Sky Blogger. It's their design, but i'm using it as a Template for Sleuthwings now.

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  • Daniel T. Goggle Bird

    i am back on the PC for the Weekend, or longer if my mom decides so. here is what i've been doing these days:

    Sunday, March 10: i Auditioned for "Stuart Little", i also made a Snowbird... Tyler the Snowbird! (i would have Done Ryan, but i couldn't.)

    Monday, March 11: I found out I got the role of GEORGE! :D

    Tuesday, March 12: Tyler the Snowbird melted... somewhat! our standard poodle also trampled him, and destroyed him. Rest in Peace, Tyler the Snowbird!

    Thursday, March 14: got to see Camp Rock: The Musical at a school here in New England.

    Friday, March 15: i had fun... for a Weekday, it was fun. best of all, i got my computer back that night.

    so, last night i talked with my mom. she said that my month ban has been destroyed, so here's the NEW …

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  • Daniel T. Goggle Bird

    i did something really stupid on my part, and i'm banned of from my computer for a month. see you!

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  • Daniel T. Goggle Bird

    Wish me luck!

    January 18, 2013 by Daniel T. Goggle Bird

    today is my first play, i'm excited, but afraid i might get stage fright at the same time. i won't be on the wiki Sunday or Saturday, those are also show dates. wow, lots of DANcing! lol, i just had to do that. and to all you you actor wikiers out there, Break a leg and show you have Talent!

    See you all Monday, and later today, 

    "i'm the most unlikely kid to have a talent for singing, or, that is what i THOUGHT."

    -Daniel Redmond, "the Bird who never thought he'd sing"

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