Tyler jumped at Fireworks Dave, and Thunderblade glowed. Fireworks Dave spotted Tyler's shadow on his plans, and drew Badblade, and tried to kill Tyler with it, but Tyler had gotten private lessons for Swordfighting from Daniel, and managed to parry it and push it down. they fought like Warriors in battle, but one almost like a drunk human. Tyler was a graceful Swordfighter, having been taught by one of the best swordfighters in the bird-world. Fireworks Dave was as clumsy as can be, he couldn't parry for seeds! Tyler saw an opportunity to finally kill Fireworks Dave. he pushed Fireworks Dave further towards the bubbling lava, and in. Fireworks Dave fell in, and he and his Precious Badblade melted. Tyler saw Daniel's goggles on Fireworks Dave's desk, and Daniel's body sitting near the pit. Remembering the wonderful life that once inherited the body, Tyler once again put his head down on Daniel and cried. If it wasn't for Daniel, Tyler would have not been able to kill Fireworks Dave. Later, Tyler put Daniel's Goggles back on his body, and rolled him back down to the village. tyler brought Fireworks Dave's spare eyepatch as a sign Fireworks Dave had been defeated. they all celebrated the destruction of Fireworks Dave, and Daniel's life. And so, Daniel got his funeral, Tyler learned how to be a good King, and Nobody ever was ever Upset about Tyler being king ever again! many years later, when Tyler was older, he DID look back, but not on the Tragedy, or the fight, but on Daniel, and all the Adventures they had. he remembered the time he and Daniel First became Friends. he remembered when he and Daniel Nearly got eaten by a huge Dragon-bird when they got trapped in a cave, when they would hang out together with Frostbite and Ryan, and all those Moments Daniel was there for him. when he got back to the castle, he found a note Daniel left for him in the Drawer many years ago. "Dear Tyler, if any Tragedy has happened to me, don't be sad. i give you all my Personal Belongings, and the Monarchy Over the Island. even if no Tragedy Happens, and i do die, you still have Monachy. though you are not my son, you Deserve this more than anyone i know. Signed, Daniel Eric Johnson, your Best Friend". Tyler Burst into tears again after Reading it, because he knew Daniel was Right. Ryan came and comforted him. after that, Tyler became the best King-Bird the village ever had!

The End

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