Ooh, Sneaking!

Tyler came to visit Daniel, as he entered, he noticed Ally carrying a Bag upstairs. he saw black and white creatures swimming in it. they were Fish! why black and white? Ally looked at Tyler and whispered "Ssssh!" she snuck upstairs into the Fish room. he noticed another bag with Coral in it, and another with something that looked like a trapped octopus. he knew it couldn't be, it was a kind of plant most likely. Ally came back down and whispered to Tyler "Don't tell Daniel, it's a Suprise!" she took both bags and motioned for Tyler to come up. Tyler followed Ally into what used to be Daniel's Bedroom, but now was filled with Fish Tanks.. and a Snake-Bird Tank. he looked at Daniel's 10 Gallon where two Platys, two Guppies, and a BUNCH of Baby Guppies used to swim. but now a little black and white fish paced where they usually grouped. he looked at the water, it must be saltwater now. "Daniel always Wanted a Black and White Damselfish" Ally said. "And now he has one, but now i have to Return this Coral, it won't fit in here" she went back out and Tyler heard the car Drive off a couple minutes later. tyler just Stared at the Damselfish. it seemed to be Talking, but Tyler heard Nothing. he Remembered the Condition of Ally's Angelfishes, Gouramis, Corydoras Catfish, and Daniel's Mollies in the 55 Gallon in Daniel's, Ally's, and Strawdina's Bedroom. they did the same thing. Why?

will Tyler Find out? find out in part 2!

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