When an Evil count of an unknown dimension threatens to destroy all dimensions with an evil force known as the chaos heart, it's up to Tyler (with help from some friends) to stop this evil threat to the world. Can he do that?

Chapter 1: Abrupt Attack

One fine day, a saturday afternoon to be precise, Tyler sat with Lewis drinking a cup of coffee. Hey you know what we should do?" Asked Lewis. Tyler sipped his coffee "What?" "We should go visit that girl, you know that girl!" Said Lewis. Tyler frowned "What girl?" He asked "That.. THAT GIRL!" "Oh! -exclaimed Tyler- Melissa!" "Yeah, that girl!" Said Lewis. Tyler got up, headed to the door along with Lewis and headed straight to Melissa's house.
Pink Birdie


They arrived and knocked on the door. Melissa opened "Hey guys! Come in, come in!" she said, and they entered. As they wanted to start talking, they heard a loud boom, and as they turned around, a big black bird with a cape, a monocle and a top hat stood before them. "Hehehehe." he laughed "Hey, man... you knock!" Said Tyler. "Who are you!?" Asked Lewis, very angry. "I need no introduction. I came for what I need." said the Bird. He quickly disappeared, along with Melissa. "MELISSA!" The brothers screamed in unison. as both of the Birds looked at each other with fear a voice spoke softly, and said "Remember this day, little Birds for it was your last! hehehehe, BLECK!"


. as he finished those words, Lewis dissappeared. "LEWIS!" Screamed Tyler. "Hehe, Little bird. There's no sign of the morning calling. You've been left on your own, like a rainbow in the dark." Said the voice. And then, Tyler fell to the ground as if he had been hit.

Chapter 2: The Wedding

Somewhere, in a parallel dimension, Melissa woke up "Wuh... Where?? Am.. I?". She saw a big pig in front of her in a wedding tux. '"Hey, who's that?" She thought, but then she realized she was in a wedding outfit, too. "What!? What is going on in here!?" She asked. The pig looked at her and winked. She was very disgusted. The same count that had taken her suddenly appeared above her. "Oh, dear... You are-- The count was interrupted by a big cheer, Hooraaaaaay, King!". Melissa freaked out when she saw where the cheer came from.

Downstairs, a huge crowd of pigs stood there, cheering and screaming, "KING PIG!". When Melissa saw who she was marrying, she screamed. "What's the matter, Melissa? Not happy with you are marrying?" Said a girl that was standing next to the Count. "SILENCE! -Said the Count- Now, we're gathering here for the sweet union of Melissa Watsername and The King Pig!" "I'm not marrying this trash eating monster!" Said Melissa. "Oh, sorry but you have to, k'?" Said the girl next to the count. "Nastasia! Do not interrupt Count Bleck, Please" Said the Count. "K' count..." Said Nastasia. "So, As I was saying... So.. King Pig, do you take Melissa as your wife?" "Honh! -Snorted the pig- I DO!" "And you, Melissa?" The count asked. "Nah! Of course not!!" She screamed in disgust. The Count looked at Nastasia, and she nodded. "K' listen, hun. I'm gonna do some stuff in here and there... and you're gonna say I DO, K'?" She asked, and it looked like she pushed a button on his glasses, and then a red ray came out of her glasses and hit peach. Her eyes turned red. "I... I Do...." She said. As soon as she said so, a gray cloud appeared before them, and took the shape of a Black Heart. "Yes... Yes...." Said the Count. Peach regained consciousness. "What is going on here!?" She screamed. "Honh!? What's that!?" Asked the pig. The Count pulled out a book "This -He said as he stared at the heart- is the Dark Prognosticus.... It's written that the union of a fair and lovely bird and a monster king of green will create the Chaos Heart! It has the power to destroy the WHOLE WORLD! Blehehehehe! BLECK!" He screamed. "Who Would want to do that!?" Asked Melissa. "He has his reasons, hun.." Said Nastasia. "You! So weren't just gonna do me a favor and marry me with her!?" Asked King Pig. "Of course not! You gullible idiot!" Said the Count. Lewis woke up hearing all sort of noises around him, but the one that caught his attention was one that said "Woah, what's that?!" He quickly looked up and saw a Black Heart floating next to a familiar face. "Could that be... HEY YOU IDIOT!" He screamed. The count heard him. "Our blue guest wakes up... Nastasia... take care of him" He said. "K' Sir..." She said, and ran towards Lewis. "Oh no, Lay-dee!" He said as he jumped past Nastasia, who gasped. He quickly jumped and stomped the Chaos Heart, grabbed Melissa and ran away. Nastasia tried to run, but the count grabbed her. "Let the minions go. The count is happy with the newly created CHAOS HEART!!! NOW, MINIONS, GO FOR HIM!!!" He screamed. As he finished, all the pigs made the run towards Lewis and Melissa. "What!? -Said King Pig- Those are MY Minions, dorkhead!" "K' Hun, listen.. I have what you know as Hypnotic powers, so... y'know" Said Nastasia. "You..." the Pig looked as if he wanted to attack her, but the Count disappeared him. "Thanks, Count..." Said Nastasia "It is no matter. He has been sent to one of the first dimensions.." Said Count Bleck.

Chapter 4: Flipside

"" Said a voice. Tyler woke up. He saw what appeared to be a Rainbow colored butterlfy with pink antennae before him.

The Butterfly

"Tyler.. You woke up" She said. Tyler sighed "No crap, Sherlock.." He said. The Butterfly stuttered "That... uh.. wasn't nice.... -She sighed- Ok, Tyler... I Am Tippi... and I am what is known as a Pixl.." She said. "What? You work for that piece of black bird that took Melissa?" He said in an angry tone. "I am no enemy... I seek to help you only. Let us go" She said. A Large rainbow colored frame appeared around Tyler, and they dissappeared. Tyler appeared in a large tower, With an old man wearing a robe in front of them.


"Whoa! Hey Butter-flutter! How'd you do that?!" Tyler asked "Special Pixl Powers" She said. "Tippi! You're back! -Said the old man, as he looked at Tyler- and you outdid yourself!" He said. "Merlon -said Tippi- this Bird. He matches the perfect description of the hero in the Light Prognosticus" She said. Merlon gasped. "The... hero..??" He asked. Tyler freaked out. "All right, what the HAY is going on here!?" He asked. "Listen.... Uh... "Tyler" interrupted Tippi "Yes, Tyler. Listen... This is the light Prognosticus -Merlon said as he held a white book in the air- it was written as an answer to the Dark Prognosticus, wich is a prophetic book in possession of an evil, terrible Bird...." He said "That bird that took Melissa..." He whispered. "And, that Bir-- What did you say?" He asked. "Uh, a bird... a black bird just appeared outta nowhere and took my gir-- friend.." He said. "Merlon... you think she could be..?" Asked Tippi. "Indeed she is. -Said Merlon- Tyler.. that bird that took your friend is Count Bleck. He has the Dark Prognosticus, and your friend is just what he needed to create the Chaos Heart.." He said. "Chaos Heart?" Asked Tyler. "Tyler, see that Black Hole in the sky?" Asked Tippi. "Yeah, I see pretty well" Said Tyler. "That's the Void. It will consume ALL dimensions and it was created by the Chaos Heart, wich was created by the Count Bleck" Said Merlon. "How did he create it?" Asked Tyler. "Well, in the Dark Prognosticus, I guess there must say something about it" Said Merlon. "But... where are we?!" Asked Tyler. "The Dimension of Flipside. It is actually between Dimensions." Said Tippi. "Kaaaaaay..." Said Tyler. "the bird of the most light orange, and the most suckish tail is the one and only hero capable of stopping the pure heart. So it is written in the Light Prognosticus." Said Merlon, and looked at Tyler's tail in disgust. "Yeah.... you're pretty much the hero.." He said. Merlon said some strange words and a Red Heart appeared before them. "That's a pure heart, Ty" Said Tippi. "Aaaand-- wait.. you just called me Ty.." Said Tyler. Tippi blushed and giggled. "Tyler. take this. and place it in that pillar there" Said Merlon. Tyler grabbed the Heart and walked to the pillar. He then placed it on the pillar and a red door appeared. "Now, if you're the hero. You'll go through that door, leading to another dimension and find another one of these, pure hearts. Then you will come back and give it to me so I can open another door with it and so it will keep going until you find the 7 Pure hearts" Said Merlon. "Why do we need 7 of those..??" Tyler asked. "7 of the most pure fight the one of the Chaos" Cited Merlon. "Written in the Light Prognos.. Whatever?" Asked Tyler "Yeah.." Said Merlon. "Now, of you go! If you can find the seven pure hearts, you can defeat Bleck, save your friend and close the void!" He said as Tyler entered the door. "And one more thing, Tyler! -Said Tippi- I'm going with you!" She said. "Well, let's go!" Said Tyler as he entered the door.

Chapter 5: Lineland

Tyler and Tippi appeared in a weird, green land full of mathematical equations floating in the air. Tyler stared at the equations. "What's this, LAMELAND?" He asked. Tippi sighed. "Close, it's actually LINEland. Merlon said we can find his friend Bestovious in Lineland's temple and get our first Pure Heart" She said. Tyler and Tippi started walking around finding the entrance to the temple. "Oh, I Forgot -Said Tippi- The entrance to the temple is in the Yold Dessert..." "Y'mean we have to go through a dessert? Sorry to tell ya Butter-Fluttershy, I may not look like it, but I'm really outta shape.." He said. "Yes, you don't look like it...".

As they kept walking, something bumped with Tyler. "Watch your step, you moth-- Hey... Pig?" He asked. The Pig didn't say a word, and crashed into Tyler again. "Hey, you dumba--" "Tyler! Those aren't regular pigs! They must have been brainwashed by the Count to protect the Pure Heart." Said Tippi "Well he's about to get what he deserves!" Said Tyler as he inflated and sent the pig flying away. They kept walking

Tyler saw dust ahead, and a lot of wind. "This must be that dessert, right?" He asked. "Indeed it is-- Wait, lemme see something" She said as she flew upwards. "Hey, Tippi! Whatcha dooooing?" He asked in a burlesque tone. "He knows my name now... heehee.." Said Tippi as she blushed. "C'mon! Hurry!" "Oh, oh! I see the temple! -She said- Follow me!". Tyler kept running.

He heard loud footsteps behind him, and suddenly... BAM! A Big, nice and juicy fist hit his face. "Ow! Maaan...". Tyler saw who had punched. It looked like a Big, Gorilla-shaped human, about two times Tyler's size (Almost the King Ping's size, to be exact). His fists were like twice the size of his tiny bald and bearded head, and he wore a Red and Black T-shirt. "YEH, FOOLS WANNA BE SQUEESHED!?" He said. They both looked at him. "And you are...?" Asked Tippi. The gorilla-shaped thingy did a weird victory-like pose. "MEH? IMMA O' CHUNKS! DAH COUNT'S MOST LOYAL SERVANT, AND IMMA NOT LETCHA GET DAH PURE HEART! AM NOT LETTIN' YA USE IT TO DESTROY MAH COUNT!" He screamed. "Listen, chunkie.. We're in a hurry here.." Said Tyler, as he stepped forward, but another fist hit his face. Tyler sighed and looked down. "Tyler.. are you-- "Step aside Tippi.." interrupted Tyler. Tippi flew upwards and Tyler instantly inflatedand O' Chunks was sent flying away. Tippi gasped, and returned to her place, next to Tyler. "That... was it..?" She asked. At the distance, they could see O' Chunks laying on the sand. "Yup.. Not so Chunky, huh?" Said Tyler. They kept walking. "You really don't know what Chunk means, right?"

O' Chunks stood up and made a run towards Tyler, but as he was about to crash with them, a weird purple force made him disappear. Tyler and Tippi didn't even notice.

They stood at the Temple's door, and a Gigantic Dragon flew over them and stared at them. "What do you seek in here?" Asked the Dragon. "We need to see the Pure Heart." Asked Tippi. The Dragon's eyes grew bigger. "The Pure Heart? You're basically saying you are the hero in the Light Prognosticus?" He asked. Tyler smiled, and said "Indeed, we a-- "Allow me to be sure!" Interrupted the Dragon. The antenna on his head started to make beeping sound as his eyes turned green and looked at Tyler. "INITIALIZING SCAN. ORANGE EYEBROWS. DETECTED. HORRIBLE TAIL. DETECTED. LEVEL 5 BEAK. DETECTED. INCREDIBLE. POSSIBLE SUBJECT IDENTIFICATION. BUT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. ONE MATCH FOUND. LEGENDARY HERO STANDS BEFORE ME He gasped. "Hero! Forgive me for that. My name is Fracktail, and I shall let you pass. I have been guarding the Entrance to the Pure Heart temple for thousands of years, guarding it from lawless intruders. But you have arrived. Step right in" He said, But suddenly, a Boomerang Bird wearing a Clown-like attire with a yellow and purple hat appeared. "So, you wanna pass, heh? Don't think so." Said the Bird as he clicked his tongue and Fracktail's antenna zapped. "You! Clown face! What did you do to him?!" Asked Tyler. "I well, corrupted his systems. And my name is Dimentio, Ciao!" He said as he disappeared with the same purple force that made O' Chunks, disappear. "That little piece of...." Said Tippi. "Uh... Fracktail.. You ok? You're still letting us pass, right?" Asked Tyler. Fracktail started to shiver. "BZZZRT.... BEEEEP...  ALLOW HERO TO PASS (NOT RESPONDING). I AM ERROR. PRESS ANY KEY TO RESTART. READ ERROR. INSERT BOOT DISK AND PRESS ENTER. THIS PAGE IS ASKING YOU TO CONFIRM THAT YOU WANT TO LEAVE THE PAGE - DATA YOU HAVE ENTERED MAY NOT BE SAVED. HERO. LEAVE NOW OR BE PURGED. WAIT YOU CAN'T LEAVE. I DIDN'T OPEN THE DOOR FOR YOU. WAY TO GO, GENIUS" Said Fracktail. "No! What did he do to you!" Fracktail started to fly all around the Temple trying to eat Tyler.

More Coming Soon!

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