READ THIS FIRST!!! The following is a memorial for someone we lost on March 25th, 2012. His name was Edd Gould. Please notice that this is to help remember Edd Gould. And watch some of Edd's videos on his YouTube channel, Eddsworld.




Friends, it is about time I told you a secret that not even Tom knew. Edd Gould did not accualy die on March 25th, 2012. His body was so infected that it was hard for his soul to feel comfortable, so his soul left his body. The soul then tried to find a new body, but it got sucked into a wormhole and it transformed for hours, and when Edd's soul came out of the wormhole, it was no longer his soul, for it became EddBird!!!

Chapter 1 ~ The Begining

One day, Daniel, Tyler, and Ryan were gaurding the eggs. Suddenly, they heard a static noise. Then a BOOM!!! They went to where the impact was and found Eddbird. When Eddbird woke up, he reached into his pocket, and then screamed "OH NO!!! MY LUCKY CAN IS GONE!!!!" "Your lucky... what?" Daniel asked. "My lucky can!" said Edd. "It's red and has the word 'Cola' on it." "You mean this thing?" asked Ryan. In his beak was a chain with a big cola bottle at the end. Edd grabbed it from him. "Who ARE you people?" he asked. "We're birds, isn't that obvious?" Tyler said. "Birds? Birds? We don't even have LEGS!" Edd yelled. "You'll get used to it." Ryan said. "Yeah right." Edd said, rolling his eyes.

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