Ricky Shea

Tyler was at Daniel's house when Ryan hopped over to them exitedly. "Hey, guys!" Ryan said with joy, "Remember that weird brown egg Autumn laid a few weeks ago?" They both nodded a yes. In front of Daniel and Tyler was a small brown bird who looked very scared. "It's okay," Ryan told the brown bird, picking it up. "His name is Ricky. Ricky Shea." At this news, Ricky bounced chaotically around the room! "Cool!" Daniel murmured. That was when Ricky jumped out the window. "RICKY!!!" the three birds screamed. They ran out the door and chased after him. Along the path, Ernie and Brendan where playing cards. "Have you seen a small, brown creature?" Tyler asked.

"Huh?" Ernie replied. "No, But I saw something brown near Lewis." The three birds went to see Lewis. "Thank Eagle your here!" Lewis exclaimed worriedly. "I just saw this cute brown bird being scooped up by two pigs, I tried to stop them, but they escaped too quickly!"

"Oh, NO!" exclaimed Ryan. The four birds ran to the pig castle. They peered in a window and saw Ricky, sobbing from inside a small cage... near CHEF PIG!!!" Ryan used his speed to break in. Daniel jumped and saved Ricky, and Tyler inflated, sending pigs in all directions while Lewis distracted Chef Pig. "Thanks, guys," Ryan told his friends when they got back. "I couldn't have saved him without you."

"No problem," Tyler replied. Ryan took Ricky back home. When Autum picked Ricky up, she realized that he was VERY dirty. "What did you guys DO today?" she asked. "Uhhh... nothing," Ryan replied.

The End

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