This Article is about Tyler's Facts, before and after he was created.

Orange Bird 2


  1. Actually, Tyler's name came to a long story of how his creator had (and still has) a Red Bird plush. He called the plush Tyler but one day, Diego (the creator) lost Tyler, so he asked his grandmother for another one, wich he called Robbie (That's why the original Red Bird is called Robbie) when he later put the names for everyone else (except Terence) the Orange Bird had no name. So he decided to call him Tyler, for his first Angry Bird
  2. After That Happened, Diego decided he had to give Tyler a Full Name, Wich was going to Tyler Fredderick Mercury, due to one of Diego's fav. singers, Freddie Mercury. but then he thought of one of his fav. characters better, Gregory, from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. But since Tyler Gregory Mercury did not fit, he changed the last name to Franks a suggestion by User: Daniel T. Goggle Bird.
  3. Tyler's mom is called by one of Diego's mom's best friends, Anne Jackeline.
  4. Diego then decided to call Tyler's Lil. Bro Jhon Fredderick Franks. because of Tyler's First second name.
  5. Potatoe was named like that because Diego was eating Potatoes when he created him.
  6. Harry is named after fictional Character, Harry James Potter.
  7. Tyler's Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather is named after Diego's Cousin, Andrew Michael
  8. Fire Tyler resembles one of Diego's familiars, wears green glasses, and has spiky red hair.
  9. Bubble Gum Tyler was invented when Diego was chewing Bubble Gum

That's it for now, I'll come up later with some more facts that I can remember,


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