One Night, April 6th, 2000.. Anne had laid three little eggs, and that night... King Pigram Attacked, Tyler Sr. Tried to defend her wife while yelling "RUN! Save The Kids!" Just when he was finishing that Sentence, He got Killed By King Pigram's Evil Lazer.. That Day, Anne went running with the three eggs to the village, And a nice Mom Bird, Called Strawdina asked "Are you okay?" "No, Pigram is back, he destroyed our house and killed my husband" Said Anne "Oh No, That's Terrible! Come to my house, I'll give you a place to sleep while My Little egg (Daniel) and his addopted brother (Ryan) Play with your baby" "Oh, Thank you so very much!" Replied Anne.

The three eggs stayed in Strawdina's house for almost a week, and soon hatched. Meanwhile Strawdina and Anne worked on another house next to Strawdina's. In That Moment, The Three Little Babies (Ryan, Daniel and Tyler) felt a connection between them that couldn't be destroyed.

From that moment, None of the babies could die if they were close to each other, And That's the story of How Tyler, Daniel and Ryan became the greatest friends ever.


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