Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy: Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love Me

--Tyler's words to the cameramen in The Office

Tyler Gregory Franks (born April 6, 2000) is an orange bird, Best Friend of Daniel and Ryan, Friend of Kash, Lewis, Evan, and more, And enemy of many, Many Birds.



April 6, 2000

Full Name:

Tyler Gregory Franks


Sr. Anranjado, Greg, Ty, T.G.

Hogwarts House:


He's Funny, not-so smart and sometimes quite annoying, but he's a good friend. He's the chosen one (In the Wizarding World) who will defeat Birdemort once and for all.

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Tyler is Funny, Sometimes Annoying and Kinda Irritating, But he's a really good friend. He usually cracks up jokes he made by himself that make everyone laugh their heads off. But don't anger him, He's not as nice as he is when angered, Kinda like Hulk. Except he's not green or ginormous.


Anne Franks layed an egg on 2,000 wich would hatch and be the Tyler we know. But just then, the Dark Lord attacked and killed Tyler's dad, left Anne wounded and tried to kill (And miserably failed) Tyler. Anne ran for a place to stay and they stayed at Strawdina's house. That's where Tyler met Ryan and Daniel, his two -to the date- best friends. Anne and Strawdina built a house in wich they stayed, and Tyler lived there.

when he was 11 years old, he received his Birdwarts letter and -without Anne's agreement- he went there. By his 4th year, Anne adopted Carl the Pig, who was coincidentally Lewis' brother therefore making Lewis Tyler's brother. On his fifth year he started dating Hermione, who would forever be his Soulmate. In his 6th year, his Godfather, Remus died, and gave his house to Tyler, who instantly moved there. Tyler eventually destroyed the Dark Lord and became the Master of Death by gathering all Deathly Hallows.

When he was 12, he also founded the Golden Slumbers Music Band, and to the date he is still the singer.

By 2,020, he was hired as a Salesman in Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, and by 2,022 he was promoted to Regional Manager, wich begun the reality show "the office" due to him constantly annoying and making fun of his co-workers in an immature way.

In 2,029 he quit the job because he didn't feel like he fit there anymore, since the company was bought by Sabre International and most of his workers were fired or quit due to the new rules that CEO Jo Bennett put

He worked as a Science proffesor in ABIU but was fired due to "teaching" about Ghosts.

He then started the Ghostbuster business and saved -along with Ryan, Lewis and Daniel- New Pork city of a massive herd of Ghosts.

After no Ghosts were left, the business and company slowly dissolved into nothing, leaving him with nothing to do.

25 Years later he applied for the Headmaster position at Birdwarts and lived there happily for the rest of his life.

Personal Data

  • Full name: Tyler Gregory Franks
  • Aliases: Mr. Orange, Ty, Greg, T.G.(Daniel only), El Señor Anaranjado, The Chosen One.
  • Affiliations: Franks Family, Daniel, Ryan, Ernie, Evan, Kashy, Birdwarts, School of Magic, The Golden Slumbers, The O.W.J.
  • Familiars: Anne (Mom), Freddie (Little Bro), Jackie (Baby Sister), Sparky (Cousin), Uncle Jack (Uncle) Harry (Son) Dots (Daughter) Steve (Son) Melissa (Future Partner) Lewis (Brother) Ryan (Cousin through Lewis, then Daniel. It's pretty difficult) Daniel (Cousin Through Lewis) Zoey (Sister-In-Law) Lewis Jr. (Nephew)  George (Father, Diseased)
  • Birthday: April 6, 2,000
  • Birdwarts House: Gryffindor
  • Magical Blood Status: Pure-Blood
  • Languages: Spanish, English, French and Parseltongue
  • Titles: Tri-Wizard Champion, Gryffindor Quidditch Captain, Seeker, Golden Slumbers Founder/Singer, Dumbledore's Army Founder/Leader
  • Boggart: Dementor (1st - 4th Year) Lord Birdemort in power.
  • Wand: 4", Holly, Dragon Heartstring.
  • Occupation: Musician (2,012 - ?), Dunder Mifflin Paper Company Regional Manager (2,020 - 2,029) Angry Bird Island University Science Proffesor (2,029 - 2,029) Ghostbuster (2, 030 - 2, 040) Headmaster at Birdwarts School Of Magic (2, 065 - ?)


  • He already has a girlfriend
  • He can speak with Snakes
  • He has many special powers
  • He calls Daniel Yogurt
  • He has more than 4 special forms
  • He was kidnapped in birthday party by king Pigram, but Anne, Strawdina, Blacky and Edna got him, Jackie and Freddie back (Actually, Birdday party was supposed to be celebrating Anne's layed eggs).
  • He has broken his beek 4 times, He just broke it recently
  • he doesn't like Justin Bieber.
  • He's actually a pretty good singer
  • But he actually stinks dancing, one time he was dancing in Daniel's room and he tripped and broke Daniel's lamp
  • He can actually do his homework faster than you can spell jchegugy4rhkehfewiufrdjfkidghegggogtogtbhjuedwdfbnjghrufnvkdfrugjtkifcdbvchvrjgvbrydcsrshfrjguthgtnhjktbvfhvfhvfjvngfjthgjfbvjfvgvgighhgbfdjbdjbfjgfbjvbdfhbvdhcdfsdfowoeffucvmdkvndfuihnrddksvhtylerjvnhghjbvc,fbTylergtnerhgiubenfvbyhfvbvjfnhbiugbhuvssvwdteyvcdjbveiugfbrufhedwbdeijdoeoeiry748r8ey3rebjfrgfe7dgwjxnjv
  • That means he does his homework very slow.
  • If he eats chocolate, he gets hyper. He punched Daniel accidentally when Daniel gave him chocolate.
  • Daniel is Protective Of Tyler and Ryan. this was Proven by in one episode, Daniel Protected Them From Anything that could Hurt him.
  • Tyler loves Gummy Bears, but Gets Hyper after Eating them, Just Like Chocolate. he Even Tried Eating Daniel's Tropical Orange Teddy Bear thinking it was a Gummy Bear! (Daniel wasn't Mad... Mostly)
  • Tyler is the ONLY Bird who hasn't been Pranked By Bluetop, Blueberta and Blueberry.
  • This could be because he taught Bluetop, Blueberta and Blueberry their pranks


Poopie! (Famous Catchphrase, used everytime he's happy, sad or angry. He even made a song about it)

I Like Burritos!



Do, Or Do Not. There's no try

If you're feeling useless; remember: you'll someday die

Ashaa Steisosa hasgaassa serousa (Speaking in Parseltongue, in order to Open the Chamber of Secrets)

Hello! I'm Tyler, but you can call me Mr. Awessomeness, Sir Incredible, or Señor Gracioso! (Introducing Himself)

No! The BURRITO BE MINE!! MY PRECIOUS, MY PRECIOUS! (When Freddie tried to steal his Burrito)

Comekus Pankecus! (Makin' some Pancakes for the gang)

Always be yourself. Unless you can be a Unicorn... Then always be a Unicorn (Tyler's Words of Wisdom)

Tyler here, who there? (Answering the phone)

Y'Know, One day I sat in my bed and looked up to the stars and wondered: Where the heck is my ceiling? (Joking)

What do you call a dog with no legs? Well no matter how much you call him he ain't gonna come! (Joking about his first dog. R.I.P. btw)

Homework? What's that? You Eat It? (Everytime Daniel reminds him 'bout homework)

Man, My Vacuum Sucks. Haha. Ya Get It? (When he bought his first vacuum)

Boys don't have feelings, they have Musles! (To Harry)

Hostia Tio! (Famous Spanish Catchphrase)

Pero aqui que coño os pasa Tio? Jodeis demasiado, que ya me teneis como la jodida! (The Time he got so angry with his cousin, he screamed stuff in spanish!)

You know, sometimes, when I am bored, I put ice and apple juice in a glass, then I Sit down and I feel fancy! (The Wise words of Tyler)

"The Office" Quotes

My name is Tyler. I am Guatemalan, Angry Bird Islander, American and part Irish. I'm sort of a Virtual United Nations (In his first interview for the show)

Presents are the best way to show someone how much you care. It is like this tangible thing that you can point to and say, ‘Hey man, I love you this many dollars-worth. (In the episode "Tyler's Birdday")

Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject, so you know you are getting the best possible information (Niagara Part 1)

You don’t call retarded people retards. It’s bad taste. You call your friends retards … when they’re acting retarded. (New Leads)

Guess what? I have flaws. What are they? Oh, I don't know.. Ocassionally I'll hit someone with my car, so Sue Me. Wait... No, don't sue me. That's the opposite of the point I'm trying to make (After he ran over Meredith in "Run Over")

Well, just tell them to call me as A.S.A.P. As Possible (Health Care)

No, this is not a joke. Okay? That was offensive and lame. So double offensive. This is an environment of welcoming and you should just get the heck out of here (To Toby in "Diversity Day")

The most sacred thing I do is care and provide for my workers, my family. I give them money. I give them food. Not directly, but through the money. I heal them. Today, I am in charge of picking a great new health care plan. Right? That's what this is all about. Does that make me their doctor? Um, yes, in a way. Yeah, like a specialist (Health Care)


  • Ice Tyler, One of his main forms, and the most known.
  • Fire Tyler, His Very First Form.
  • Bubble Gum Tyler, His Sticky, Bubble Gum-Like Form, Can only be accesed if a cherry bubble gum is eaten.
  • Invisible Tyler, The Fo-- Well, What Else?
  • Acid Tyler, An Acid and Lazer-Shooting form of Tyler
  • Ultimate Ice-Fire Tyler, Ty's Ultimate Combination of His Fire and Ice Forms. It evens has it's own theme song, Hot 'n' Cold By Katy Perry!


Tyler has many powers, Here's a list. If you would like more information, visit the powers' respective pages.

Normal Powers.

These are the powers that don't have an specific form:

  • Inflating.
  • Super Burp (ONLY after eating a Burrito)
  • Flying
  • Apparating
  • Shrinking.
  • Casting Spells. (With Magic Wand)

Transforming Powers.

These are the powers that require a specific form to work:

  • Shooting People, Freezing People or Creating Ice. Only in his Ice Form.
  • Shooting Fire or Burning things. Only in his Fire Form.
  • Trapping Birds in Bubbles, or sticking them onto walls. Only in his Bubble Gum Form.
  • Being invisible. In his Invisible Form.
  • Shooting Lazer and Toxic Acid from his eyes and mouth, respectevily. In his Acid Form.
  • Creating Fire and Ice Balls, and specially The Super Fice (Fire+Ice=Fice) Ball, A gigantic Fire and Ice Ball. In his Ultimate Ice-Fire (UIF) Form.

Relationships with Other Characters

  • ===Anne===

Anne is Tyler's mom. and, as every Mommy's Kid, Tyler loves her a lot. They had a big fight for around 4 years, with Anne saying he didn't want Tyler to go to Birdwarts because she feared the same thing that happened to his father would happen to him. Later, she realized that Tyler was tougher than everyone thought, and he defeated You-Know-Who. When Tyler worked at Dunder Mifflin, she supported him and told her friends to buy "My Son's Paper". And when Tyler opened the Ghostbusters Business, she fully supported him. It is unknown if Anne was still alive by the time Tyler began Defence Against the Dark Arts Proffesor at Birdwarts

  • ===Tyler Sr.===

Tyler Sr. was the man Tyler always wished he could've met. Tyler Sr. had great love for Tyler even before he was born, and he actually sacrified himself for Tyler.

  • ===Daniel===

Daniel is Tyler's best Friend since childhood. They met when Daniel's mom Strawdina had them stay for a week at their house when Tyler's house was destroyed by Pigram-Birdemort (Whom destroyed the house depends on what timeline you see it). Since then, Tyler has been very close to Daniel and supports him in all experiments, such as Daniel supports Tyler in everything. at age 6, Tyler bought a yogurt from Daniel with 5 One Dollar Monopoly money, wich led Tyler to calling him Yogurt.

  • ===Ryan===

Ryan has been his friend since he first saw him in Daniel's room, jumping in the bed with such energy. Tyler and Ryan are really close to each other, and they team up in a bunch of stuff. Many people call this alliance "Ry-Ty" or "Ty-Ry". Ryan was the first to be sorted to Gryffindor along with Tyler, since Daniel didn't go until 2nd Year.

  • ===Lewis===

Tyler met Lewis not so long ago, and they hung out pretty well. But they came really close to each other when Tyler learned Lewis was his adoptive brother. Since then they do a lot of things together, and they even have their own series together.

  • ===Hermione===

Tyler met Hermione when he was in first year. They teamed up for Herbology class all of first year and Hermione seemed to be pretty patient with Tyler. It took Hermione almost 3 years to tell Tyler she loved him, but she finally did it in fifth year. Tyler instantly said he loved her too, and they began to date. They then had a son called Ted.

More Soon...


Tyler has some abilities other Birds don't have.

  • Parseltongue: Tyler has the ability to speak Parseltongue (speak with Snakes). This comes from Birdemort, since it's thought that Birdemort gave (accidentally) Tyler some of his powers when he tried to kill Tyler as a baby
  • Quidditch: Tyler is an excellent Seeker, being able to find a Snitch faster than anybody. He's also a good Beater, as said by Oliver Wood in his first year.
  • Drawing: Tyler can draw whatever pops into his mind, from a simple Cartoon of Freddie, to a Ginormous Dinosaur fighting Daniel and Ryan.
  • Singing: Tyler actually sings pretty good, that's precisely why he is the lead singer in the Golden Slumbers, but don't even think about making him dance.
  • Bottomless Tummy: Tyler can basically keep eating forever, since he is an Orange Bird, he can keep eating until becoming bigger than the Redson Residence!
  • Songwriting: Tyler is a really good songwriter. He wrote songs like Piggies, Golden Slumbers - Carry That Weight, Stand Up, and T.N.T.

List of Stories

Some stories of Myself I can remember are here.. -Tyler.