Daniel and the rest of the birds get trapped in Bubbles

Strawdina Clambered to the top to see how Daniel was doing, she saw him just floating as stiff as a board. "Oh No!" she said, hoping he wasn't hurt too Badly. He started moving agian, trying to escape. he couldn't, the walls were too strong he became stiff agian. the pigs came towards Daniel's Bubble. they started pushing it towards a Planet, where a space buggy stood, and inside was King Pigram! Strawdina woke up Ryan. the two tried pushing their bubble towards the Pigs. "Ha Ha Ha" the pigs laughed "Silly Birds!" and gleefully kept pushing Daniel's Bubble Farther as Strawdina And Ryan attempted to get their Bubble Closer. when the pigs were near the Castle, Strawdina and Ryan pushed harder, and harder! everyone finally Woke up and started to help to get their bubble closer. all of the sudden, a HUGE U.F.O with a Bubble Vaccum sucked Daniel's Bubble up and flew to the castle. every bird exept for Icey (who HATES Daniel) Screamed "NOOOO!"

What will happen to Daniel? will King Pigram Feed him to the Fat Pig? will The Birds save Daniel? find out in part 2!

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