The net was set Down on a Platform. The Birds Rushed out only to find themselves in some kind of metal Dome, Paulie Shot Staight up into the air and cracked the glass on top. the pigs inside the dome froze. the birds all rushed out. Daniel was In a UFO'S Claw, ABOUT TO BE FED TO THE FAT PIG! Strawdina tryed to get to him, only to get caught in a bubble. when Daniel was near the Fat Pig's Mouth, his goggles started Glowing. Daniel's Eyes Opened, and the Bubble Popped instantly Daniel Disappeared, then a Lazer Bird Sound Echoed towards Strawdina. then "SCRE-E-E-ECH!" the Invisible "Lazer Bird" sped up and Popped Strawdina's Bubble! then Sped toward the Fat Pig "Ooooooh!" it now sounded like an Ice Bird! Daniel Reappeared and hit the Fat Pig's Head, Freezing it! it Floated away Frozen, But the Ice Melted and The Fat Pig Grabbed Daniel's Tail and pulled him out Towards a Black Hole. the Birds Rushed to Save him, even Icey. the Fat pig threw Daniel Towards the Black hole. But he Couldn't beat Ryan, Ryan snatched Daniel while the others attacked the Fat Pig. the Birds won and the pigs kept their promise and Repaired Felicity, when the birds went to leave, Daniel turned to S.M. and Trony."are you sure you guys won't come?" They both Nodded. Icey came back with the gang, but S.M. and Trony Stayed. Daniel looked out the Window at the shilhouette of his new Castle. then at Trony and S.M. hopping away. "Stay Safe, Guys" Daniel Whispered as Felicity Exited space through the wormhole.

The End!

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