Ryan started getting Angry. So much, that he sped up and hit the side of the Bubble. and Guess what Happened? THE BUBBLE POPPED! Everyone Cheered. Even Icey, but he Didn't stay with them. "i'm leaving!" Icey said.he sped off laughing, he pressed a button and spoke "look out King Pigram, the Birds are coming!" he ended the transmission and Snickered. "Good luck getting him back NOW." King Pigram Responded. "Thank you Icey, now the Fat Pig has More Food!" icey Turned Around. "That wasn't part of the Plan!" Icey Said through to Communicator. "It is Now!!!" King Pigram Said. Icey turned off the Communicator. "Oh No,WHAT HAVE I DONE?!" Icey rushed out to save his Freinds "GUYS, TURN AROUND!" Icey Yelled. But Nobody listened to him. Blacky Shouted as a net captured Everyone, even Icey.

What will They Do? Who can help them? and, DOES Daniel get Eaten?

Find out in part 3!

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