Daniel and Ryan were hanging out at Tyler's house, and Daniel saw a Box on the top of the house "What's That?" Daniel Asked "Oh, That's our grand-grand-grand-grand-grandfather's stuff, he made the whole generation promise to NEVER open it, But the way I see it... We should open it!" Tyler said "Mmm... Okay, Let's do it" Ryan Said. They climbed to the top of the house, grabbed the box and put it on the floor, next, they opened it. "WHAT THE BIRD!?" Ryan shouted. The three birds stared at the thing that was in the box "What The HECK is that?!" Daniel Asked "No idea! but look! there's a note! Let's Read it" Tyler Said and started to read the note

"Dear Franks Family Member,

I knew someday, a member of the family will open the box, Don't Worry, I'm not mad. But if YOU had the ability to get this box down that place, Then you are the chosen one. What you see in that box is one of my inventions, The Real-Life-Transport-Inator it allows you to go to the real world. YOU are the chosen one to go to the real world, explore it, and have a good time, take friends if you want, but just don't tell whoever your parents are.

Sincerely, Andrew Michael Franks."

"Wow" Tyler said, "Let's go!" Daniel Said "Well I don't--" Daniel interrupted Tyler while pushing him to the machine, then hopping in after him. "OFF WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ryan said while jumping in the machine.

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