Mr. Samue and Flamro decides to time-travel but they go to the wrong time period... and loses his Time-Machine in the process! Will he make it back?


Flamro knocked on Pigshelet's door for the last time. He has been staying there for an hour now, but Samue didn't answer. Flamro knew that he was in there, though, because he heard metal clashing and zaps of electricity. There was no answer, like always. Flamro turned to leave when the door opened. Samue was there, holding a wrench and covered in oil. "Finally! You answered!" Flamro exclaimed. Pigshelet nodded.

"Oh, I was working on a project. How long were you here?" he asked.

"Ever since I heard that crash, which was an hour ago. I came to check on you." Flamro replied.

"Sorry. Well, do you want to help?" Pigshelet said, his eyes trailing off to inside his home.

"With what?"

"Oh, will you help me test my Time Travel Machine?"

"Sure, so, what do I need to do?"

Pigshelet handed Flamro a small machine. "If that red light blinks, press the green button." he said. He invited Flamro into his home, and into a basement. There, a magnificent machine laid there. He opened a hatch and jumped in. Soon, the machine glowed yellow, then suddenly stopped. A few seconds after that, the red light was already flashing. Flamro pecked the button, but he accidentally pressed to hard, destroying the small machine. Well, that was some work wasted.

Flamro looked around the machine at such a feather-raising time. His friend was trapped already! But one thing... why couldn't he have just gone back in the Time Machine? The machine normally appears along with the one inside the machine. Flamro spotted a green button with purple markings on it. That must mean 'back!' Flamro thought as he pressed the button. He suddenly felt a bit paralyzed when he pressed the button. Then he appeared to disappear. The next thing he knew, he was found in a strange town along with Samue.

"What happened? Weren't you suppose to press that button?" Pigshelet asked.


"It broke, didn't it?"

"Yep. Hey, what year is it?" Flamro asked, confused. They both cringed when they heard a crash. Smashing, crashing, but much more than what they were used to.

"I believe it's... 1864."

Flamro stared at him in shock. He tried talking about how far they traveled, but instead, these words came out of his beak: "What makes you think that we're in 1864, and what's with the crashing?" Another crash was heard.

"Well, it's obvious. The homes are a bit run-down, the crashing, and the fact that I don't see anyone that could be part of our future or past families. Also, about the crashing, I'm sure that the Pig Wars occurred during this time. The first time the birds had their eggs stolen, and this was a long battle. It took a few years to end." Pigshelet, who was looking down the whole time, took a short look back up, looking around, then looked back down.

"Good, this is an abandoned town. I think it's Birdallio. Have you heard of it?"

Flamro nodded. "But why is it good that it's abandoned?" he asked.

"Well, I'm sure curses didn't exist at this time, so they might not believe that I'm under a curse myself, and one that... you know." Flamro nodded again. "There is still one inhabitant, and he is basically from my family, but I'm not sure if it's right to even reveal ourselves to-"

"Pig!" a voice shouted.

Pigshelet froze. Hg thought he was caught, but a bunch of large blue birds threw a net over a pig behind him. He did a sigh of relief before taking off into one of the houses. Things were quiet for a while. "No one else here, Kancri." one of the bluebirds said. A red bird nodded, leaving Birdallio.

"That was close." Pigshelet said. Flamro nodded. "That must've been Kancri, the commander of the bird army." Pigshelet said.

"Why else would they call that red bird Kancri?" Flamro whispered. "Also, you were talking about a family member living here?"

"Yeah, Cranson Samue. He has discovered eletricitiy, so he might lend us some parts to allow us to go back to the future." Pigshelet said. "But it messes everything up to even be here too long. We must hurry."

"Hold it right there, pig!"

Flamro looked around, knowing it was Kancri's. He must've been talking to the pig that his helpers were capturing. When he looked behind him, though, Kancri was right there. Pigshelet only sighed. "I knew that would happen..." he muttered under his breath.

The next thing they both knew, Samue was behind bars and Flamro stood at the other side. Despite the fact that he has been captured, Pigshelet was confident. He noticed someone walking down the hall. The figure held a wrench, and was heading straight for Pigshelet's cell.

Soon, the figure was standing right in front of the cell. It looked like a red bird but black but with a red belly with green hair and tail. "Are my eyes deceiving me again, or is there another two prisoners already? That's the fastest Plank's friends has worked!" it said. Pigshelet looked up.

"It's you! Cranson!"

"Of course it is! The one and only, Cranson! What brings you here, pig? Wait, it's obvious. You were captured." Cranson glared at Pigshelet. "You too, Flamey." Cranson pointed his wrench at Flamro. Pigshelet got up. "Well, actually, I came from the..."

"The future? Ah, I knew time travel existed, but who are you, then?" Cranson asked.

"Pigshelet. Pigshelet Ricard Samue." he smiled. Flamro glanced at Pigshelet.


"That's not important right now." Pigshelet said through clenched teeth. "Samue... Well, isn't that my last name?" Cranson wondered.

"Well, aren't you my great grandpa or something? Of course I have your last name." Pigshelet said.

"I'd hate to interrupt, but can we get to the point?!" Flamro asked.

Pigshelet nodded. "Anyway, we need to go home. Can we build a time machine in your place?" he finally asked.

Cranson nodded. "Also, just saying, the other pig captured is good as well. I just realized that he's Caoco. Should we help him too?" Cranson asked. "He would love to time-travel with you." A small pig with freckles and a white cap smiled at Pigshelet. "Should we?"

"Why not? He doesn't deserve to be trapped behind bars."

"Wait! If you really are a Samue, then you should know how to escape a cell."

."Phff, easy! All I need are some parts...



"Huh? What was tha-where did the pig fella go?"

Cranson turned to Flamro. "Wake up, Flamey! Where did your friend go?"

"I don't kno-he's over there." Flamro said.

Cranson turned to Caoco's cell, where Pigshelet stood. He wore a metal belt. He turned to face Caoco for a second until...


Pigshelet and Caoco stood behind Flamro. "Hello!" Caoco said, grinning. "Day, lovely it is?"

Cranson leaned over to Flamro. "I didn't say he was intelligent."


There was a loudspeaker on one of the walls, next to an alarm, blaring and blinding. "PRISONERS ARE ESCAPING! PRISONERS ARE ESCAPING!" the loudspeaker said.

"RUN!" Caoco shouted.

"Hold it right there!"

A blue bird stood, holding a net.

Soon, eleven more surrounded the bird.

All Pigshelet did was smirk, then he grabbed onto Cranson and Flamro. Caoco grabbed hold of Pigshelet. Pigshelet then closed his eyes, and...



Pigshelet let go of Flamro and Cranson. He did a sigh of relief before searching around. Where did Caoco go?

"Where are we?" Cranson asked.

"Birdallio," Pigshelet said.

"If ya looking for Caoco, I'm here."

Pigshelet looked up, and saw Caoco standing on top of a rather short and run-down building. He leaped down. "Okay, why did you bring us here?"

"Because this is where Cranson lives."

"Well, before you make your time machine, can you do me a favor?"

"Well, of course. What do you need?"

"Well, this sneaky piece o' bacon, Pigram, stole the Jadite Blade, a special treasure that has been passed down for generations. I'm sure because of that, you've never even touched it!"

Pigshelet thought for a while. "Is it green with a teal handle?"

"You've seen the Jadite Blade?"

"I saw it when I was trying on Pigram's crown. It's my profile picture on Angry Bird's Story Wiki, in fact!"

"Anyway, I need you two to-"

"Retrieve it?" Flamro and Pigshelet asked in unison.

"Yes. And Caoco will help, too!"

"I yes will." Caoco smiled.

"Alright, we'll do it."

Soon, the three met by the Pig Kingdom.

"What we do will?" Caoco asked.

Pigshelet tried thinking of a plan.

"Oh, let's just get this over with!" Flamro cried, blowing up the stone walls that surrounded the palace.

"Attack!" a pig yelled. Pigs with helmets pointed spears at the birds, but Flamro simply blew them away.

Pigshelet and Caoco followed Flamro into the castle.

"Invaders!!!" pigs yelled, but most of hand were helpless, and Flamro blew them away. He stopped at the end of the hallway.

"You take the lead, now." Flamro said to Pigshelet.

"Go into the vents!" Pigshelet cried.

Everyone got into the vents. Pigshelet watched as a guard pig passed where they previously were.

Flamro stared. "Anything else?"

Pigshelet thought for a second. "Okay, one of these vents leads to the king of pigs, whoever he is right now. Caoco, you go there and distract him. Flamro, you and I will steal back our Jadite Sword! And maybe the crown again."


"Alright, alright. Now, let's go!"


"Hello, sir king piggy!" Caoco said to the king.

King Bacrim, a fat, tall pig with a stubby silver crown with rubies plastered on them and a long, white beard, stared at the tiny, freckled pig for a moment.

"Yes?" he asked in a deep, commanding voice.

"Request has I! Take Jadite Sword and Silver Crown, put in the open!" Caoco requested.

One of the knights whispered something. Bacrim nodded. "Take my crown and sword and put it in the Dining Hall!"


Pigshelet and Flamro watched as the sword and crown were set on the table. Pigshelet tied one end of the rope on himself and handed the other end to Flamro. Pigshelet dropped down to grab the sword, when the ground rumbled, and the ceiling collasped.

To Be Continued

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