A dream that a team cold fulfill

Ryan and Daniel sat down for breakfast at the new house, and Daniel looked out the window. "you know, someday i'm going to climb Yellow Bird Mountain with you, Tyler, and all the goggle birds at my side, and acheive the goal that is on the minds of everyone these days... live!" Yellow Bird Mountain was a treacherous rockclimb that only a Yelllow Bird could scale (Ryan being the first to do so). Daniel said. "I doubt Autumn wants to go, but if you do survive, which I hope and believe you can do, you can bring her, and help me with that tour center up there." Ryan said. Anna looked at Daniel with a look of pure terror. "IF, that's a big if, even the toughest explorers on the PLANET have died on that mountain." Anna said in horror of the thought.

Death of an Explorer

After Breakfast, Ryan ran down to the NEW Daniel labs, and sent four of Daniel's time traveling cameras to Yellow Bird mountain and sent them to the following day. Ryan watched as the goggle birds subdued the cannabirds on top. Ryan saw Daniel in another camera with Muna, going to get Autumn... Then a Black Cannabird jumped in front of them. three other Cannabirds cornered them, one of them looked like Lewis, but bigger, and a female. The female Bird swiped at Daniel, and made a slit in Daniel's Abdomen, then swiped at Muna, managing to injure her. Daniel blasted it, only to get a second swipe, but in the center, it went straight in, and came out. Daniel fell, no way to move, no power to move either. Ryan turned it off, because he knew that if he didn't tell Daniel not to go, he wouldn't even get close to college, and Yellow Bird Mountain would be his brother's end.


When Ryan tried to warn Daniel, he found that Daniel was no longer in the house. He ran out the door, only to get a pie in the face. When he wiped it off, who should be standing there but Harold the Helmet pig! "Harold!" Ryan yelled. "This is not the right time!" "I'm sorry," said Harold. "No you're not," said Ryan. "I know!" laughed Harold, running off. Ryan raced around looking for Daniel, but before long he was stopped by a black pumpkin. Who put that there? wondered Ryan. He carfully moved around it, not wanting it to blow up, the continued his run. After a few minutes he arrived back at his house, But Daniel was nowhere to be seen.

The Trap

Ryan sped to Daniel's room. Daniel had left a note on the door.

Dear Ryan,

Beat ya!

Just kidding. We'll be waiting at the bottom of the mountain. Sorry we had to leave without you, some of the Goggle Birds were getting antsy and I couldn't hold them back. Oh well, meet you there!

-Signed, D.E.R.

Ryan breathed a sigh of a relief. "If they're waiting for me, I can go and tell him not to do it." Ryan quickly zoomed out of the house and into the forest, not noticing the bear tra- ZING! The bear trap caught poor Ryan by the tail and slinged him into the treetops. Ryan hit a branch, fell off and into a net. "HELP!" he cried. Suddenly, the net opened, and Ryan fell out and landed on his head before getting splattered in the face with a pie again. "Gotcha!" Harold laughed. Ryan wiped the pie off his face. "That's it!" he shouted. He zoomed at top speed at Harold. "Uh-oh," said Harold, running away. After a long chase through the woods, Ryan finally caught up to Harold and popped him.

Oh, No!

Ryan finally made it to Yellow Bird Mountain, but there was no one there. On a bench there was another note from Daniel.

Dear Ryan,

Sorry we had to leave without you, I couldn't hold the Goggle Birds left any longer! Plus, I figured you'd catch up in no time, you ARE the fastest bird on Earth after all.

-Signed D.E.R.

Ryan's eye twitched. This was too much for him to handle, being pranked, trapped, left alone, and now he was going to lose his brother. Ryan's face turned red. He could feel it bubbling up inside him, a stress overload.

"Good morning, America," said an American News Reporter. "Our first story comes to us today from Piggy Island, a small isle in the Pacific Ocean. Earlier this morning there was a major earthquake there, but scientists detected no shifting in the Earth's crust. I wonder if someone just got really angry," he joked. The only thing was, he was right.


aft a little while, Ryan noticed crude shapes in the snow... The holes in the snow looked firmiliar. Ryan stretched down and picked up the object from it's place. it was Forbadence, Daniel's Green Lightsaber! Ryan picked Up Benevolence (Daniel's Blue-Green Lightsaber) and ran up the mountain. Ryan noticed Daniel staring at something at the top. and his expression wasn't happy. Ryan ran up quickly. "This is a bad time to be up here, Ryan!" Daniel said. Ryan finally noticed what Daniel was so worried about. Daniel was looking at the beast that the machine showed would kill him.

It's tail was sliced off, and it looked nowhere in killing condition. ever so slowly, the ferocious features melted away, revealing Sorna, the Queen of Sorna's Island. Daniel finally noticed Forbadence in Ryan's hand. "Oh, Thank you!" Daniel said. he took Forbadence and slashed at Sorna. she threw Lightning out. "Daniel, you can't handle her alone! she's more powerful than you might think." Ryan exclaimed. "That's the fun of it" Daniel said, sounding Arrogant, which was Daniel's flaw. Ryan took out Hope, His Lightsaber, and Attacked Sorna as well. Sorna saw a weak spot in Daniel's cover, and Zapped it.

"YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOWWWW!" Daniel screeched.  the force of the Lightning threw Daniel off the edge of the Mountain. "DANIEL!" Ryan, as well as 12 of the Goggle Birds yelled.

A Computer That Lies.

Daniel, thankfully, was okay... in everywhere but his face. Ryan ran down to see Daniel. "you okay?" Daniel mumbled something inarticulatively. there was Roaring, sounds of zaps and all sorts of fight sounds coming from above. after the sounds settled down, Sorna was thrown down. her face was covered with scratches, and it was obvious some of her bones wer broken as well. "she's... dead." Ryan said, a little shocked that the Time Computer was wrong. Daniel managed to free his beak up, and said "well of course she's dead!". "but.. your time computer said  YOU would die." Ryan responded. "That thing, it can never tell what the future will be." Daniel said. "now, the past it CAN see.  but the future, it's always in motion, and one thing can change the whole thing." Ryan realised what had stopped Sorna... but can you guess?


Epilogue, Written By Daniel

After we successfully conquered Yellow Bird Mountain, i fixed the Time computer to, everytime it guesses something, make up the exact Opposite and post it with it. Ryan and i had many Adventures together on Yellow Bird Mountain after that. Even after we built a Tour Center Up there, we still occasionally bumped into Cannabirds up there. none of us ever died of a Cannabird on that Mountain for years, and luckily, if someone at the center turns into one, there's always Antidote handy!

Epilogue, Written by Ryan

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