Golden Slumbers-Thunderstruck Instrumental04:54

Golden Slumbers-Thunderstruck Instrumental


Thunderstruck is the 4th song of the Album Carry That Weight by the Golden Slumbers.


(Epic Fast Guitar Intro by Daniel and Evan)

I was caught In the middle of a railroad track (Thunder)

I looked round And I knew there was no turning back (Thunder)

My mind raced And I thought what could I do (Thunder)

And I knew There was no help, no help from you (Thunder)

Sound of the drums Beatin' in my heart

The thunder of guns Tore me apart

You've been - thunderstruck Went down the highway Broke the limit, we hit the town Went through to Piglantis, yeah Piglantis And we had some fun We met some Birds Some Birds who gave a good time

Broke all the rules, played all the fools

Yeah, yeah, they, they, they blew our minds

I was shakin' at the knees Could I come again please?

Yeah the Piggies were too kind You've been - thunderstruck, thunderstruck Yeah yeah yeah, thunderstruck Oh, thunderstruck, yeah


Now we're shaking at the knees Could I come again please?

Thunderstruck, thunderstruck Yeah yeah yeah, thunderstruck Thunderstruck, yeah, yeah, yeah

Said yeah, it's alright We're doing fine Yeah, it's alright We're doing fine (So fine)

Thunderstruck, yeah, yeah, yeah, Tunderstruck, thunderstruck, thunderstruck Whoa baby, baby, thunderstruck

You've been thunderstruck, thunderstruck Thunderstruck, thunderstruck You've been thunderstruck

(Ending Solo)



Thunderstruck, Yeah!

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