The adventur begins. The story based off bad piggies!!!

Everythings been going great t for daniel and his freinds. no piggie schemes for a month!! Little did hey know the piggies were up to something... "With this map, we will locate the eggs and snatch'em!!" said a pig, meet freckles!! He's the smartest pig EVER! Of course freckles is his nickname, you woukdnt be able to pronunce his real name. "Very good freckles." said king pig. "Whew, it's getting hot in here! Let me go get the fan." freckels said. he turned on the fan and suddenly SHRED!! The map turned into pieces!! "GRRR... WHAT DID YOU DO!!!" said king pig. "I can fix it!! Isn't that right mechanic pig?" freckles said. "yeah." mechanic pig said. "Mechanic pig can build machines for me so I can get the map peices." freckles said. "Fine..." king pig said. "But hurry it up, and I mean it!!!" Freckles swallowed in fear as he said nervouly: "I will." elsewhere daniel and tyler are relaxing when the door opens, it was speedy! "I'm back from my long vacation!!" he said. "SPEEDY!!" tyler said with joy. "Where've you been pal?" Daniel said. "Around the world with flower." elsewhere... mechanic pig has finished building a vehicle for freckles. "Finished!! Say whats you're name kid." He said. "Just call me Freckles, you wouldn't be ale to pronounce my real name!" frecles said. He got in the vehicle and off he was.

To be continued...

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