On their journey, the birds came across an ice castle, only two could go. Daniel was one of them. But the others wouldn't go in. It seemed like the only one who could go was daniel, until... "YO! MOVE OUTTATA WAY!!" A chased Yellow Bird and female Yellow rushed through the outside as fast as daniel went during the fight with the Dark Pig. Daniel was surprised. "Whoa! Watch it!!" Daniel said. "Give that crystal back NOW!!!" A Guard said. "Yo this BEEELONGS to ME! Daniel had to help them. He was sourrounded by power crystals made of light. Yoi know what would happen, but this time he had purple eyes and an angry face even more angry than before. It was because dark energy was in the crystals. Everyone stoped and glared at daniel. The Yellow Bird had a nerveous look on his face. "WOAH WOULD YA' LOOK AT THE TIME, TIME FOR ME TO LEAVE!!" he said. '*Come on Flower.*" He whispered. Before they got away, Daniel caused a pillar of the ground to rise up. The Yellow was pushed up in air and had a faceplant on ice. Daniel was back to normal. The gaurds stoped chasing the two yellows and accidentally ran off the ice bridge and got in the water via a chain of events. later, before going inside the castle. everyone was chatting. "How are you doing?" Daniel asked. "Well hmmm.. oh I know, YOU MADE MY FACE GET POPSICLED!!" He replied. Whats you're name? Daniel asked. "Speedy." He said.

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