Hello, Phylum Aves members! this story is the first F.P.S ever written. and what does FPS stand for? Here: Fake Present Story.

Let's begin.

Chapter 1: Ryan to the Rescue

Ryan came downstairs one night to yelling out in the hall, and went to disrupt the noise, it was Daniel and Alvin. Alvin got so mad he took Daniel's blaster, and fired. Ryan managed to block it with his sheild, and it hit Alvin. "Your a lucky little shrimp you have him around, Daniel!" Alvin said. "come stay in my room" Ryan said as he prepared to go to bed. "I'll get you in the Morning!" Alvin shouted after Daniel. neither Ryan or Daniel could sleep after that, and every time Daniel closed his eyes, he  kept thinking of Alvin's promise. Ryan couldn't stop thinking of how Alvin actually tried to shoot Daniel. both were worried about what might happen the next day...

Chapter 2: It Gets Worse...


Help, Ryan!

the next Morning, Daniel wasn't in Ryan's room, and he could hear Daniel screaming in pain outside. when Ryan opened his Door, he almost slammed it in shock. Daniel's chest was nearly as pink is Strawdina's, but throbbing. Daniel collapsed unto the floor, and Ryan saw  Daniel's sword out, but only the very tip of it looked like it could have hurt anybody."Help, Ryan!" Daniel exclaimed. "What happened?!" Ryan replied, but he knew the second he took another look at Daniel. his chest was throbbing exactly at the same time his heart would beat, only two times faster. "Your having an attack from the DHD, aren't you?" Ryan said, thinking he would have heart attack himself. "he chased me across the hall, threatened to shoot me with my blast, but then took out my sword. HE TRIED TO KILL ME!!!" Daniel said. he fell unto the ground, and his hat fell off

Chapter 3: Oh, No!


"Why, Alvin? why did you do this?!"

Ryan ran over, and Daniel's pupils started vanishing into a puddle of white blankness. "Ryan.. something's happening..." Daniel suddenly stopped talking, his beak fell open, and his top feathers fell down from their normal state. Ryan ran away quickly. "MOM!!" Ryan yelled. Alvin was sitting casually as ever in the Kitchen. "MOM!! SOMETHING'S WRONG WITH DANIEL!" Ryan exclaimed. Strawdina looked away from the sausages and ran over. "Strawben, Watch the Sausages, don't let Mookie eat them!" Strawdina said. She followed Ryan down to the hall, and she let out a scream of horror when she saw Daniel's eyes blank. "Why Alvin, why did you do this??" she said. she called Dr. Abner  to see if he could give them a bright side. when he came over, he didn't shout, or scream, he just simply  walked over to Strawdina and said: "he'll be okay, his heart is rewiring it's connections from stress. as long as Alvin stays away, he'll be hopping in no time." as Dr. Abner left, they put Daniel in bed, and locked the door to keep Alvin away. "I should go check on him" Strawben said after 2 days of waiting. he opened Daniel's door, and Daniel's pupils were back in shape. "Daniel, Say something!" Strawben said. "Meehh..." Daniel moaned, completely far from forming words. Strawben Ran back upstairs. "HE'S ALIVE! he can't talk yet, but he's gradually gaining that again." Strawben said enthusiastically.  as everyone was cheering, Alvin snuck down to Daniel's room, which Strawben, in his enthusiasm, left unlocked. "i hope you sleep well, Dweeb, and i'm going to make sure you never talk again!" Alvin said from the Doorway. Daniel tried to talk, but his voicebox vein was clogged with fear and fearful compliance. Alvin laughed as the only sound that came out of Daniel was a wheezy attempt to speak, which was very airy and sounded like Air Conditioning.

Chapter 4: The Confrontation

A smirking Alvin hopped out of Daniel's room and towards he and Anna's. The second he walked in, Ryan, who had been waiting for him, tackled him, pinned him down, and slammed the door behind them. Ryan picked Alvin up and pinned him against the wall. Alvin tried to break free but Ryan was too strong. "Listen you smug jerk, I want answers and I want them now! Why did you try to kill Daniel?!" "It's none of your business, Pinky," Alvin snarled. "You're not even Daniel's real brother!" "I'm more of his brother than you'll ever be!" said Ryan. Alvin thought for a moment. "You know what, you're right. I shouldn't have done it. It was a very cruel and mean thing to do." "I hope you realize what you've done," Ryan said, letting go. But the second he did, Alvin took out Daniel's freezing gun and froze Ryan right in his tracks. "Now if you'll excuse me," chuckled Alvin. "I've got a recovery to sabotage." And he ran off. No one could hear Ryan, since he could barely move his beak, but under his breath there was a faint, "I'll get you for this!!"

Chapter 5: SPEAK TO ME!!!

Strawdina came down to Daniel's room. "how are you, Daniel?" Strawdina said, only to be surprised as Daniel made a very airy, and raspy sound. "Alvin... what did he do to you??" "Canttalk" Daniel managed to choke out. "Can't Talk?! who told you that?" Strawdina said, backing up. "Alvinsaid!" Daniel replied. "Yes you can, don't listen to Alvin!" Strawdina said, tears welling up. "Cantsay,no!" Daniel replied,"he'llkillme!". Strawdina shut Daniel's Door and locked it.

Chapter 6: Surprises

Daniel heard the sound of Alvin and Strawdina yelling at each other. Worried that Alvin would hurt her, he got out of bed, and slowly trudged to the living room. "Stopit!" he said when he saw them. "Oh, shut your beak already!" Alvin said, taking out Daniel's Jedi blaster. "Alvin, NO!" Strawdina screamed as Alvin pulled the trigger. Daniel closed his eyes and braced himself from- BOOM! Daniel was dead. Of course he was dead, he had just been blasted. Or had he...? He opened his eyes to see R5, his egg droid in front of him. He had used his lazer deflector to sent the blast back at Alvin, burning through one of Alvin's head feathers. Alvin grabbed R5 but got shocked by the droid's utility hand. Enraged, he through R5 aside. Daniel screamed as R5 hit the wall and emergency deactivated. "Alvin," said Strawdina. "I will not let you do this!" Alvin said nothing and pushed Strawdina into the closet and locked it. "ALVIN REDMOND! LET ME OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW!" Alvin had Daniel cornered. He was about to shoot when BAM! R2, Ryan's egg droid Burt's in through the door with the Piggy Island police. "Beep Bew Rew!" R2 said, pointing at Alvin with his utility hand. The cops grabbed Alvin, unlocked Strawdina, and took Alvin into a year-long custody. R2 screamed when he saw his friend R5 damaged. He ran over and quickly repaired his buddy. Daniel let out a sigh of relief. "Whew, that was close- wait, hey, I'm talking again!" he said. Strawdina smiled and hugged her son.


That night, the Redmond family sat outside, watching the sunset and celebrating Daniels's recovery. "Hey, anyone seen Ryan?" Daniel asked.

"Hello?" A still-frozen Ryan moaned from Alvin's room. "A little help?"

The End

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