The Telescope as Seen in World of Goo and from a distance in "the Flock and the Goo" and the episodes

the Telescope appeared in "The Flock and the Goo", which was a Crossover between World of Goo and Angry Birds. it was also turned into Three episodes of "Angry Birds: The Series", which When Ryan thought the goos were gone, he went into the telescope hoping to forget the incident, little did he know Daniel had some Goo Containers left. the birds thought the Telescope had a pig in it, therefore attacking it. thus causing Daniel to jump and knock Ryan out of the Telescope in order to save ryan from one of the bombs. it was Destroyed later by Ryan when he woke up from getting Knocked out, due to noticing Daniel had gotten hit himself. a reconstruction of the Telescope is found on Goo Island, where Daniel left the rest of the goos.


  • In "The Flock and the Goo", Ryan is the Sign Painter's replacement
  • in the First Episode of the tv series, Ideas float around Daniel's head, and the Telescope is in one, so it is possible DANIEL made the Telescope instead of the pigs
  • other proof of this is The Map on The Big Brother Bird has a picture of the Telescope on it east the Mountains of Snowbirds, on Angry Birds Island. and when the Sun sets in the Background of Episode 7, "Whale of a Tale", Ryan and Daniel watch. if you look hard enough, you'll notice the Telescope's platform out there against the Dark area, and the Telescope parts laying in the vines
  • The REAL Sign Painter may be Operating the Telescope now, because in some episodes, The Telescope appears as a Background item, and there's still an Eye there.
  • it is Unknown what happened to the Original Telescope after ryan purposely dismantled it, because we know the original peices fell into the tar pit surounding it.
  • before the goo episodes, you may notice the telescope platform moving to the tar pit area, because the goo output was polluting the water. (thus why the peices fell into a tar pit, not the ocean)


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