As You Know, Daniel, Tyler, and Ryan are the Best of Friends. We know Because, when Daniel and Ryan Went to Space, they brought back a Sovineir for Tyler, and when Tyler and Daniel Got Trapped in Cave, Ryan Stood up to the Creatures that were in there, even when he's afraid of the Dark. and when Ryan spilled his Ice Cream, Daniel got him a New one right away. but Tyler never even imagined the next Adventure. One day, He was hopping over to see Daniel and Ryan, but only Ryan was there. There was a note that read "out for today, be back soon" So Tyler went down to the Village looking for Daniel. Ryan took intrest and followed. they saw a note on the Ground that read "Dear Reader, do not open the door to your left, no matter how curious you are" but They ignored the strange note knowing Daniel was the writer, and he was trying to Deter other Birds. Tyler approached the door and a strange camera popped up. "Please State your name" it said "Tyler G. Franks" Tyler Replied. "Access Granted" it said. The Door Opened, and he hopped in. Then out popped a scanner that scanned Ryan's face. "No Data Found" it said. "Access granted" Ryan stared for a moment before hopping in after Tyler. They saw a Weird Bird that looked like a Super Red Bird, but was Black. he looked at it. it Turned around. ryan stepped back. "Hey Guys!" it said in Daniel's voice, tyler backed up next to Ryan. they didn't know this Bird, it could have Killed Daniel for all they knew. The black suddenly Disappeared, and the mask Faded. Daniel's Goggles appeared and red soaked in like that Black had never Existed. Tyler knew it was Daniel now. Daniel could Change looks in a Flash. "What was that?" Tyler Asked. Daniel Turned Black agian and his Goggles Disappeared once more. "This is King Pigram's Nightmare" Daniel Replied. Tyler was somewhat scared of that black version of Daniel "He Scares me, Daniel" Tyler Replied. Then he looked at Ryan, who had not spoken at all. Ryan was crumpled up and quivering behind Tyler. "And Ryan" Daniel Changed back in an Instant, "Sorry" Daniel Said. a Machine snuck up behind Tyler and put something on his Face. "Huh?" Tyler asked "Hold on" Daniel told him. Tyler saw agian. "Wow, Ty!" Daniel Said "Nice Mask!" Tyler looked in the Mirror, Sure enough he was wearing a mask. Then the machine turned to Ryan and tried to put something on him. Ryan crumpled up again and started crying in fear. "Ssssh, it's ok" Daniel Said, trying to calm his brother down. The machine dyed Ryan's feathers blue and put Lazer glasses on him. "Nice!" Tyler commented. "We would make a Great Team!" Daniel told them. "Your Right!" Ryan said. an alarm sounded. "Trouble!" Daniel said. Come on! Daniel Turned into K.P.N. and Tyler and Ryan Followed him they rushed towards the pigs. But All of a sudden, They got caught in a Net.

What will happen? Find out in part 2!

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