Chapter 1: Stormy Day

Kashy, Evan, and Tyler were playing outside when dark clouds appeared. "Aww man!" Evan said. "Hurry, let's go inside!" Tyler said. And all 3 went in. They looked outside the windows when it rained. "Sigh, what to do?" Kashy asked. "Well I have this tale about Piggy Goo or somethin'..." Evan said. "Really? What is it?" Kashy said. Evan told the tale as Tyler and Kashy listened.

Chapter 2 of 1/3: The Tale

Evan told the tale. "This must be good!" Tyler said. And Evan began.

"It was a storm like this, under a full moon. An evil pig scientist, Dr. Pigtastic, before he was trapped in space, had many potions. But none of them were any luck. He had one that smelled like seaweed (he's allergic to seaweed), he had one that smelled like water, which is incredibly just plain boring. He had one that even smelled like baby's diapers! Nobody was fascinated by any potion. Dr. Pigtastic had enough, he needed something perfect, so perfect, it's evil..."

Chapter 2 of 2/3: Break time!

"Gee, I'm hungry!" Tyler said. Kashy and Evan were too, so they made some snacks. "Yum, t-this is good!" Kashy mumbled as he ate. "So what's next on the Tale, Evan?

"Well..." Evan continued.
Piggy Goo


"... Dr. Pigtastic used many chemicals, jabinockord, fixy-fazzimyzee, trejukarmp, many other weird chemicals! He accidentally spilled 3 chemicals together which he didn't notice. That was the existence of the Piggy Goo, Dr. Pigtastic cackled with joy, he commanded it to destroy the village. And it did, not many villagers survived...-

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Both Kashy and Tyler screamed. "AHHHHHHHHH!!" "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" "Are you finished?" Evan asked. "Yeah, we're done, go on." Kashy said.

" I was saying, not many villagers survived. Dr. Pigtastic was happy, he could rule the world! Week by week, he and his monster, killed villagers, set their houses on fire, and uhh... eat breakfast... yeah... as soon as Dr. Pigtastic made his final and evil plan, things got a little trouble..." when Evan finished his sentence, he noticed a scary figure in the background with glowing yellow eyes and a black bird's hide draped over it. "M-M-M-MONSTER!" Evan screamed. The figure hopped closer, and everyone began panicking. It whiped off the black bird hide, it was... Daniel. "What? I'm not that scary!" Daniel said, taking the illuminite off his face. "I was trying to scare Blueberta, Bluetop and Blueberry into giving me my Red Bird pencil tip thing. Well, back to it I guess." He put his Black Bird Cloak (fabric by the way with Black Bird feathers here and there) and put the illuminite back on his eyes. He was very spooky indeed.

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