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Chapter 1: First Year at Birdwarts: The Arrival

Chapter 1.1: Letters from no one.

4 Months after Tyler's Birthday, A Friday Morning, Mail arrived at the Franks' House. Anne wasn't there, Neither Freddie (who spent the night at a Friend's) or Jackie. Not even CARLA. Tyler was basically alone with Harry in the house. Harry! go get the mail! Oh that's right, you can't! Tyler said. Tyler got up and just when he was getting the mail, His Mom arrived Hello, Sweetie! Gettin' Mail, huh? Anne said. Oh, Yeah Mom, I Guess... Here hav-- Just when he was about to give the letters to his mom, he found a strange one saying To Mr. Tyler Franks, Privet Drive N. 4, Bird Island. Tyler was about to open it, when his mom grabbed and destroyed it. Heh! Uh.. Yeah.. Thanks... for the mail, sweetie... hehe.. Anne said But Mom! that was my letter! He said. It was yours? Oh, Sorry! I.. Er.. oh.. thought it was.. from JC Penney.. I Guess Anne said, faking Oh, Ok. Mom'

The Next day, TWO letters from Tyler arrived at his house, Anne Saw the letters, and destroyed 'em again. This guys don't give up, huh?. The NEXT day, The family was sitting on the living room and Anne said Ah.. I Love Sundays. Does anyone know why? she said. Uh.. 'cause there's no mail on Sundays? Carla suggested. Exactly! My dear! Anne replied. Just finishing to say that, The Door broke, And Millions of letters came in flying. Letters came from the Window, the fridge, and even the TOASTER! Oh My God! Anne said, knowing whose and what were those letters about. Everyone, to your rooms! she shouted. everyone obeyed. Meanwhile there was no one there, she destroyed and destroyed the letters. What was Anne hiding?

Chapter 1.2: I'm a What?

The next tuesday, Tyler was sleeping, when suddenly, he heard a loud Crash. What The Holy Guacamole is that!? He shouted, And the whole house got up. Another Crash was heard Ok, I'm freakin' out! Freddie said. Don't worry, nothing's hap-- Anne was saying, just when a Louder one was heard. I'll go down to see what's going on. Tyler said Ok. but be careful Carla replied. When he got down, the door was laying on the ground, And a Big, Big brother Bird was there, with a Huge beard, he said: Tyler, it's you, huh? Uh..... Yeah I A-- Well it depends? Are you good or bad? Tyler said Uh, Of Course I'm good! The Bird said. Ok, then I Am Tyler He Replied Haha.. You.. Are funny...By the way, I'm Hagrid. Ready to go? The Hagrid said Uh, Excuse me sir, but where are we going? Tyler said. Well, where else, Ty? To Hogwarts! he said But what's Hogwarts Tyler asked. Ugh, you clearly dunno what's going on here, do you? Lemme explain. Hogwarts is a magic school. Yer a Wizard, Tyler, and maybe the greatest of them all. Hagrid said I'm a What!? Tyler said --A Wizard. what your momma never told you? Anne interrupted, saying: It isn't polite to come here and just tell someone stupid lies like that! Oh, Anne my dear, how's it going? been parcticing some Magic? Hagrid said. Shush!! Shut it! She said Oh that's right, you never let the boy know the whole story, right? Hagrid replied, Listen Tyler lemme tell ya you're real story Hagrid said, while pulling out a Wand and putting fire on the chimney, and Making Anne Quiet with the Silence Spell. Ok, so. You know how your Uncle died, don't ya? Hagrid Started Well, yeah, In a Car accident Tyler said. What The Bloody-- No, No, No! Your uncle-- Listen... Your uncle was *gulp* Killed by the most powerful dark wizard of all time. Hagrid said What The-- But My mom! she told me he-- died in a car accident right? Well she lied. Listen (He said, while ignoring Anne was still there) Your mom, she doesn't want you to go to Hogwarts, She's afraid to what happened to your Uncle might happen to you too Hagrid said. At that moment, Anne pulled a wand and destroyed her Quiet Spell, and started to talk: Yes, I'm a Witch, and you're one too, Tyler, I'm just afraid of loosing you She said Don't Worry, Anne. He'll be under the protection of the greatest headmaster of all times, Albird Dumbledore. Hagrid replied I Don't want to pay for a old crazy bird to teach my boy some silly magic tricks! Anne said Listen, Anne. HE will be protected, Dumbledore as headmaster, Snape as Defence against dark magic teacher, I as the Guardian Hagrid said I Don't care! Say another word and I'll blow you up! Anne said while holding her wand in the air. I'm sorry about this, Anne. But you can't threaten a Hogwarts Teacher Hagrid said, while taking Anne's wand, and breaking it. Anne, Magic is hereby blocked for you! Hagrid said. Oh, You sir, Are going down! Freddie said. Oh yeah, and a Silly Muggle like you is going to stop me?! Hagrid replied A Muggle? Tyler asked A Bird without magic Hagrid Replied So, what do you say Tyler, are you coming or not? Hagrid asked. Tyler looked at his family: Harry-Crying, Anne-Super Mad, Freddie-Mad, Carla-Freaked out. Tyler didn't think about it 2 times, and rapidly answered Hagrid's question. Of course I'm going! He said, and Him and Hagrid both were heading now to... Umm... Where were they heading?

Chapter 1.3: Leaky Cauldron and Diagon Alley

Uh, exactly were are we going, Hagrid? Tyler asked There Hagrid said while pointing a little store with a Sign that said The Leaky Cauldron. Uh... That's Hogwarts? Tyler asked Oh. Course not you Silly bird! That's The Leaky Cauldron. Right behind the Leaky cauldron there's a Magic Street called Diagon Alley, and that's were we'll buy your stuff. Hagrid replied. Oh, Ok.. Tyler said, as they entered. Oh, Hagrid who's that little bird you have? a Nice Bird said. This, My Friend is Tyler, Tyler Franks Hagrid replied T-T-Tyler F-F-Fr-anks?! The Bird replied. Yup, Tyler, this is proffesor Quirrel, he'll be teaching you Magic Studies Hagrid said Oh, Nice to meet ya! Tyler said T-T-the -Pl-plea-sure is m-mine, S-sir..! Quirrel Said. Tyler and hagrid said bye to Quirrel and went to the backyard. Hagrid pulled out his Wand and said Revelus Diagon Alley. The wall dissapeared, and there was a very large street with magic stores all over. Look here's your list of the stuff you need. Hagrid gave Tyler a list, that said:

Dear Mr. Tyler Franks, Privet Drive N. 4, Bird Island.

If you receive this note, it's because you have been accepted at Hogwarts school of Magic. I Know you don't know a lot about magic, That's why Hagrid is going to pick you up and bring you to Hogwarts. Here's a list of stuff you need for school:

  • 20 Books of 100 pages each.
  • A Book of Astronomy, Charms, Herbology, Flying, 'Magic Defence, History of Magic, Potions, Transfiguration, Muggle Studies, Divination, Apparition and Magic Creatures.
  • A Flying Broom, Preferably a Nimbus 2,000 or a Blaster 3,005
  • A Magic Wand, Well Obviously.
  • A Pet, wich can be an Owl, a Frog, a Rat or a Cat.

Whoa! Tyler said Sweet! And that's not all, we need to go and get your uniform and your Wand! Hagrid said. Ok, enter there, I'll be.. er.. buying something. Meet me here in 20 Mins. Tyler entered the Uniform shop, and 20 mins. Later he found Hagrid, who said Look at what I bought you for yer Birthday! Hagrid said. There was a Cute Little Owl in a cage. Oh, Thanks Hagrid! I'll call him Hedwig Tyler said Ok, Now the last thing, your Wand! Let's go there. Hagrid said. They entered, and almost an hour later, Tyler came with a nice, 12 Inches, Dragon Tailed wand. It sure was hard to choose the correct wand, Huh? Tyler said Yup, and now it's time to go to Hogwarts, In the Hogwarts express! Hagrid said, while going to the Angry Birds Train Station.

Chapter 1.4: Hogwarts Express

Tyler and Hagrid were in the train station. Oh, Darn. Tyler, I Gotta go to Hogwarts, But I gotta go another way. Look this is your ticket, the Train departures at 4:00, It's 3:34, Hurry! Goodbye! Hagrid said. Uh, Bye.. Hagrid Tyler said while looking at the ticket Platform 9 and 3/4... Wait what? 9 and 3/4? Hagrid.. isn't that Imposs-- when he turned around, Hagrid wasn't there, Fifteen minutes for the Train to depart, and he still didn't know what 9 and 3/4 ment. Tyler thought of asking the guard, but he knew the guard wouldn't know. But then he heard a family walking and then he heard the mom say It's full of Muggles in here! Tyler thought Muggles... They.. Must be wizards too! he thought, while following them. The Mother then said, while standing between the platforms 10 and Nine: Percy, you go first. she said, and then a Bird (Obviously Percy) Ran into the wall and dissapeared. What The Heck!? Was that really what Tyler was seeing? A Bird dissapearing through Platform 9 and-- Wait a moment! That's it, That's how you get to platform 9 and 3/4, After all it WAS Magic. He Asked the lady Uh, Excuse me... Mrs.. How do you...? Pass the wall? The Lady said Uh, Yeah.. Tyler said Listen, you just run to the wall and Poof! You passed the wall! Yeah, it seemed easy.. but.. what If Tyler crashed? Scared, but he tried it. He ran, Closed his eyes and while he was waiting for the worst... POOF! he was at the other side, with a Train that said Hogwarts Express, on platform 9 and 3/4 He did it! he was there!

Later in his seat, a boy knocked the door of the Train and asked Tyler Can I? oh sure! Come In! Tyler said Yeah, All the seats are taken, Btw, I'm Ron, Ron Weasley. You Are? The Bird said Tyler, Tyler Franks Tyler said. Nice meeting you Ron said. I'm the sixth in our family to go to Hogwarts, First were Bill and Charlie, who already graduated, Percy's on fifth grade, as a Prefect, George and Fred, The Twins are on third grade, and then that's me. What about you? Ron said Uh... I Don't wanna talk about it. Tyler said Oh, Ok. What house do you think you're being sorted into? Ron said House? Tyler asked Yeah, House everyone knows Hogwarts was founded by 4 awesome wizards, Salazar Slytherin, Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, and Rowena Ravenclaw. There are four houses in Hogwarts, being respectevly Gryffindor, For Strong Birds, Slytherin, for Intelligent Birds, Hufflepuff, for loyal birds, and Ravenclaw, for honest birds. But we ALL know that ALL evil wizards end up being Slytherins, so I hope i don't enter that house Ron replied Oh Tyler said. Btw, See this Rat? That's Scabbers. My brother George taught me a spell to make it yellow, wanna watch? Ron said Oh, Sure Tyler said. Ron was just about to make the spell, when a Girl stepped on the Train and said You better put your uniform, we're gonna arriv-- Oh, Doing magic, huh? Let's see She said Watch and Learn (Said Ron) Ratus Yellowus! Light came out of the wand, but nothing happened. You sure that's a spell? (The girl said) By the way, I'm Hermione Granger. You are? she said, while pointing Tyler Uh, Tyler Franks He said. Nice meeting you. And you are? she said, this time pointing at Ron Ron, Ron Weasley he said with his mouth full of a Hamburger he was eating. Ugh... Nice meeting you I Guess. she said, then they arrived.

Chapter 1.5: The Sorting Hat.

When they got out of the Train, Hagrid was there, saying First Graders! Cm'ere! Ron Heard it and said Hermione, Tyler.. Let's go He said, and they all went there. Oh, Tyler hey There! How's it going? Hagrid said. Good! Hagrid finally reunited All the first graders, and put them in boats, and arrived at Hogwarts . A Tall, Old Proffesor came in and Said: I'm Minerva McGonagall, Follow me to the First graders celebration, where you'll be sorted in to your houses. Wait here and don't move, you don't wanna be expulsed on your first 10 Minutes, do you? she said, and turned around and entered another room. It was all quiet. a Small Bird stepped up front and said: It's true isn't it? Tyler Franks has comed to Hogwarts.. All of a sudden everyone was murmuring Tyler Franks? Really? and stuff like that. How do you know my name? Tyler asked How do I know your name you ask? Oh C'mon, you're the Son of Tyler Franks Sr. the greatest wizard of all time! (Except for Dumbledore (The headmaster) And Lord Birdemort, who is now dead) The Boy said Great! Tyler thought. Another thing his mom didn't tell him. BTW, I'm Draco, Draco Malfoy The bird said Hey! I Know you! Your parents worked for Lord Birdemort! Ron said. Ugh (Draco said) Another Stupid Weasley. Tyler, I can help you be with the right Birds, not the wrong ones Draco said while pointing Ron. No Thanks, (Tyler said, defending Ron) I Know who the mistaken ones are, Thank you.. Tyler said And Draco, angrily, turned back. McGonagall came back In. Ok, Follow me she said as they passed through a Ginormous Door. 5 Big Tables were there the Gryffindors' the Ravenclaws' the Hufflepuffs' the Slytherins' and the Proffesors'. Ok, Listen you will put on The Sorting hat, wich will tell what house you'll be, and then you'll go sit in your House's Table. McGonagall said, while she holded a Big List with first grader's names. Ok, Neville Longbottom She said, and A Little boy put the hat on. Mmm...(The Hat said) mmmm... This boy's Honest... He will be a.... RAVENCLAW!!! the hat said, and Neville went to the Ravenclaws' Table. Next, Ron Weasley! McGonagall said, Ron put the hat, and it said Mmmm... another Weasley, huh? Gryffindor!. The List passed, Hermione was a Gryffindor, Seamus Finnegan was a Hufflepuff, And when Draco was sorted into Slytherin, Ron murmured I Knew It! And the last one on the list was Tyler. Tyler Franks McGonagall said. Tyler passed and put on the Hat. Hmmm... (The Hat said) Very Hard... I Think... maybe... Slytherin, Perhaps? When Tyler heard that he murmured Not Slytherin, Please, Not Slytherin The Hat heard that and said Not Slytherin, Huh? You sure? 'Cause you could make some good friends in there... but... since you don't want... I'll put you in... GRYFFINDOR! The whole school clapped as Tyler went to Gryffindors' Table.

Chapter 1.6: Running into an Old Friend

As Tyler walked through the halls the next day, he saw a red bird in Firmiliar glasses, they were Brown sided, and Orange on the side facing his face. he had a notebook and a pencil, when he turned around, he saw Tyler and ran. Huh? who are you?! Tyler yelled after the bird. Tyler went to Hagrid to ask who that bird was Hagrid, i saw a Red bird in Brown glasses today, is he a wiz-bird too? Tyler asked, Hagrid looked at the word "Anymomous" on his list. we don't know, all we know is he came in, and he told us he wanted to be left alone. is he a Friend of your's? Hagrid asked, looking at Tyler. Tyler thought for a moment, Who wore glasses, and liked to be in Private? Tyler looked out the window, and thought more. he thought how Daniel had been missing for a couple days, and the pigs had no idea... then, he realised who that Bird was, Daniel had found hogwart's, and was drawing the halls and everything in it. now that i think about it, my Friend Daniel has been missing for a couple days, it COULD be him. Tyler said, and he went back to the halls to learn his lessons, while Daniel investigated the castle, which made his eyes widen from the beauty of all the Medieval rooms. Where was Ryan, though? That's another story.

Chapter 2: Second Year: The Philosopher's Stone

Chapter 2.1: Grounded for Life

Tyler thought that when he got back, he would be greeted with some Hellos and everything but...

TYLER GREGORY FRANKS!!!!! Anne shouted from the 3rd floor. Is that you!?

Oh yeah, mom Replied Tyler I'm finally back! 3 months of vacations, and then back to Birdwarts! He said happily. Anne came down giving him an Evil, Horrible Look

HOW COULD YOU?! she shouted

Could what? he said

I Told you you were not supposed to go to Hogwarts! She said again, this time with a worried face

But Mom! All the temptations! I mean, a Giant Bird, Albird Dumbledore, Even Ryan and Daniel went-- Or at least.. I Think Daniel went

I Don't care who went, when I say NO, IT'S NO! Go to yor room, You're grounded and will not go out unless you gotta pee! And to assure you don't escape, the window's locked! AND Remember, you can't use Magic outside Hogwarts! She Shouted. Tyler went to his room, not so happy. Thinking What if i don't get back to Hogwarts? What would happen? After 4 LOOOOONG Months of being grounded in his room, On August 1th, 1 month before classes started, Tyler was sleeping when he woke up at midnight getting a feeling he was being watched. He looked out the window and there it was, Ron's Big Face.

Chapter 2.2: 4 Confused Birds and a Flying Car

Ron used his magic to unlock the window. Quick, Tyler! that Bird we saw wandering Hogwart's halls is knocked out! he looks Different, but hurt! Ron exclaimed (Fred and George were also there), looking quite confused about the matter. We can't do anything! It's still not september 1st! We can't go to Hogwarts now! but... what matters is.. 'How did you get up here? Tyler asked, but the second he looked down, he knew the Answer. it was Daniel's Winged Car, equipped with Dragon Wings that could carry 10 birds anywhere, and not run out of gas. we found this strange machine in some underground room, with a LOT of cool things. i even found a hi-tech belt to hold everything i need! Ron said. Ron held out Daniel's latest invention, The Saturn Belt. uh, one Problem Ron. this belongs to that Bird, he's a Friend of mine. and he wouldn't be pleased if he found out someone was using his Saturn Belt. Tyler Responded, Removing Ron's Things from Daniel's Saturn Belt. Tyler climbed into the car, and it flew to the The Weasleys'. Tyler knew Daniel trusted him with the Saturn Belt, so he put it on. it wrapped itself around him, forming an 'X'. We're going to our house Fred said. Oh. It's going to be nice meeting your parents!. Said Tyler Oh, No I don't think so, If they somehow find out that we took a Flying car and got out of the house, They'll kill us! Said George.

Chapter 2.3: At the Weasleys'

They arrived at a big, big house. We finally arrived said Ron, parking the car in the garage.

They got out. Ok listen (George said) It's 3 A.M. Fred and I are going to bed, meanwhile you (Ron) go to Mom and Dad's room and say -Mom, Look who arrived, It's Tyler Franks- Ok? But the moment Fred was finishing the sentence, A Woman Bird stepped in front of them RONALD, FRED AND GEORGE! WHAT THE HECK WHERE YOU DOING!? She shouted Mom we well... A flying car, I mean, It flied! George said. That's It. You're ground-- Is that.... Are you? Tyler Franks? Son of Tyler Franks Sr. and Nephew of Benjamin Franks?! She asked Of course mo-- Fred said, but Molly (the mom) interrupted him saying Shut it, Fred! you're in some real trouble! Not You Tyler, you can go to Ron's room and have some sleep, I bet these kids didn't even let you sleep Tyler replied: Oh, No Mrs. Weasley, I'm pretty much Okay He said.

The next morning, Molly woke up all Kids and said Kids! Dad's home! Ron, Fred, George, Percy and Ginny (The Little Sister) went down, Followed by Tyler. They had, breakfast, and talked about how it was gonna be hard for Ginny since it was her first year and stuff. Later, Molly said Kids, time to go to Diagon Alley and buy you your stuff for Hogwarts! She said, while going to a Chimney. Uh. Mom..? Tyler doesn't know how to use flu dust.. Ron said. Oh, That's right. See, Tyler flu dusts is some magical dust, that, first, you get in a chimney, then you grab some of it, throw it in the floor while saying where you wanna go (In this case it was Diagon Alley) and POOF! you magically dissapear, and reappear in there! Molly said What The Holy Guacamole!? Tyler thought. Look at how Fred does it. Molly said. Fred grabbed the dust, entered the chimney, dropped it on the floor and said Diagon Alley! and dissappeared. Tyler tried it out, he did all the mentioned steps, But instead of Saying Diagon he said Diagorn and POOF! he dissappeared. What the heck did he say? said Ginny I Dunno, but i hope he's okay Ron said.

Chapter 2.4: At Diagon Alley, Again..

Tyler appeared in a dark, creepy store. He got out and saw the sign that said Dark Wands for Sale He knew he wasn't in Diagon Alley. He kept walking, and saw anothe sign that said If you're lost, Well you're doomed, Yer in the Dark Wizards' Alley Tyler gulped, and a Horrible Female Bird said You lost, Sweetheart? Hahahaha!! Tyler was scared to death, when Hagrid arrived. Tyler!? What are you doing here!? well that doesn't matter! Come with me, Now! They got out and went to Gringotts, The Magic Bank. What are we doing in Gringotts? Tyler said. Well listen, I uh, Mistakenly forgot to pay your first hogwarts year... Hagrid said Oh... That's bad.. But how are we going to find my money here? Tyler said, while entering his Family's Vault You think your dad was ridgonna leave you poor? Hagrid said, Revealing millions of Galleons, (The main magic money, about ten dollars) Knicles (Another coin, about 5 Dollars) and many Knuts (About a Dollar). Whoa! Tyler said, while getting some Galleons out. Excuse me, now, to the Vault 712 Hagrid said to The Goblin that took 'em to Tyler's Vault. It's a Hogwarts secret mission, there isn't a safer place than Gringotts.. or.. maybe Hogwarts.. Hagrid said to the Goblin, giving him a letter, that Tyler managed to read, and said Albird Dumbledore, Philosopher's Stone Tyler thought: What the heck is A Philososo-- Whatever?? They got to the vault, Hagrid opened it, and pulled a small little packet. Don't tell anyone about this he said. uh. Ok. Tyler said. They walked out of Gringotts, with Tyler still thinking what the heck was that thing..

Meanwhile at Birdwarts Castle, Daniel had woken up with no recollection of what happened, and no idea who attacked him. he wandered the halls looking for any life anywhere. he felt sick, and he kept hearing strange whispering with every pass of a door. something wasn't right... i feel watched Daniel thought. you are! MWAHAHAHAHA! a voice said with Bitter malice, and evil laughter mixed in. Daniel whirled around, if he had been faster, he would have seen his attacker creep up on him, the same wiz-bird who killed Tyler's Dad... Birdemort had arrived. BWA HA HA HA HA! He laughed, Giving Daniel time to see him, and Draw Thunderblade with a Vicious look, only for Thunderblade to fly into the nearest wall by Birdemort's magic. Daniel, not beleiving in magic, believed it was a trick of science, a genetic prodject made by a scientist bird. Fine, no swords then! Daniel said secretly pulling out a Chunk of Uranium that was given to him as a Present by the Black Panther himself. he slashed at Birdemort, and the sound of Uranium distracted Birdemort enough for Daniel to Slash Birdemort's face with another peice of Uranium, which was as sharp as a knife. YOW!!! Birdemort Screeched. Daniel combined the Uranium chunks into a Double-Headed and Double Bladed Scythe, which hurt more than the Uranium did

Chapter 2.5: Back at Hogwarts and Flying Class

After the Weasleys' bought everything (Even Tyler's Stuff) It was time to go to Hogwarts, so they passed to the platform 9 and 3/4, and got on the Hogwarts Express. When they got to Hogwarts, The year-begging ceremony started, with the students receiving mail. Oh, Look what my gramma sent me! Said Neville. Oh, That's a Rememberer Said Ryan. Oh, I Know about those! you hold it, and when it turns red, it means you forgot something Said Hermione. The ball turned red The problem is, I don't know what I forgot Albird Dumbledore interrupted: I Would like to present you our new teachers this year! First, Severus Snape as Potions Proffesor! and Second, Proffesor Quirinus Quirrel, as the defence against the dark arts teacher! Everyone Clapped. Later, After the ceremony Tyler saw the stutterer Proffesor Quirrel and said Oh, Hi Proffesor, Nice seeing you again! Tyler said, while extending his hand (Wich for an unknown reason now he has hands) When Quirrel saw Tyler was trying to touch him, He backed and said Oh-oh y-yeah F-F-Franks, N-ni-nice s-s-seeeing y-y-yo-u ag-again... Tyler thought for an unkown reason he didn't want to touch him. A Day later, Tyler, Neville, Ron and Ryan (They shared a room) woke up early for Flying class, when they were ready to go, Ron said: Neville, don't forget your rememberer, you don't have rememberer for remembering your rememberer! Neville grabbed it and said Oh Thanks, Ron! They headed out.

They got to the yard and they saw 26 brooms on the floor, when Madame Hooch entered Good morning, Mr. Hooch! The students said Good morning, Class. Welcome to your first Flying Class. You see the brooms? Each one of you stand next to one Madame Hooch said. Evan, Kashy, Ryan, Ron and everyone standed next to a broom. Ok, now lift your broom, and mount it. But DON'T fly She said. When neville got up, he started flying and went up, and up, and uuuuuup!! Until he crashed and fell down. Everyone gasped. Madame Hooch said Stay here, you don't wanna be expulsed! I'll take Mr. Longbottom to nursery.. They leaved. When they were gone, Draco grabbed Neville's Rememberer (he dropped it while flying) and said I Bet he forgot his Brain! hahaha! Tyler turned around and said Leave it there, Malfoy Draco heard it and replied Oh, Yeah! I forgot Mrs. I-AM-THE-SON-OF-THE-MOST-POWERFUL-WIZARD is here! Tyler was turning red.. Malfoy, Leave the Darn thing there! Malfoy stepped in his broom and started flying. Oh, Yeah! Well come and get it! he said, and launched it in the air. Tyler rapidly got in his broom and Flied as fast as he could. when he was flying he passed by McGonagall's Office's Window, McGonagall saw him and got down. When Tyler finally returned to ground with the Rememberer, McGonagall said FRANKS! MR. FRANKS! COME HERE! Tyler gulped, but followed her..

Chapter 2.6: Quidditch

Tyler followed McGonagall, 'til they arrived to Quirrel's class Oh, At Least We didn't go with Dumbledore... Tyler thought Proffesor Quirrel, may I speak to Oliver Wood? Please? McGonagall said Oh-oh.. y-yeah.. O-oliv-er, g-go Quirrel said. what's wrong, Proffesor? Oliver asked Here he is, your new seeker! McGonagall said. Great! Tomorrow I'll meet you here at 4:00 PM, Ok? Oliver said to Tyler. Oh, Ok.. Tyler said, without knowing what was going on.

The Next day, Tyler went with Oliver to the Quidditch field. Hey, ready for me to tell ya what's Quidditch? Oliver asked Oh yeah! Tyler said. Oliver had a chest, and opened it. See, Quidditch is the only magical sport. Each field, as you can see, has three big rings on each side. The main objetive is to score goals, with this ball, the Quaffle. This other two balls, the Bludgers, are witched by both teams to prevent the other team score a goal. You getting it? he asked Oh, Kinda Tyler said. So, this little tiny ball, the Snitch, this is the ONLY thing YOU have to worry about. As the seeker, your job is just to catch this little ball. It sounds easy doesn't it? Well it's not. The Snitch is really little, fast, and difficult to see.. Once you catch it, we automatically win. Get it? Oliver said Oh, yeah.. Tyler replied Ok, lemme explain you the players, ok? The Seeker, that's you. Keeper, that's me. I'm supposed to block the opponent's hits. Two beaters, The weasley twins, are supposed to block the Bludgers and four attackers, the ones in charge to make a goal. Easy don't you think? He said Yeah, I get it.

Chapter 2.7: Troll! Troll in the Dungeons!

Ryan and Tyler were reading the newspaper the daily prophet at the Gryffindor table Oh, No! Tyler, Look! Ryan said. What? Tyler replied Look, here it says GRINGGOTS ROBBED: THE VAULT 712 WAS OPENED YESTERDAY, LEAVING IT EMPTY. THE THIEF IS UNKNOWN. you see that? Someone managed to rob Gringotts! Ryan said. Oh, No that's so-- wait a moment... Vault 712... That's the vault Hagrid took me to! He told the goblin there was no safer place than Gringotts, maybe Hogwarts! Know what that mean? Tyler said Uh, No, Not Really Ron interrumpted. That means, the little pack that Hagrid picked out of the vault is very important, and someone, maybe you-know-who is trying to steal it! Tyler said You think Birde-- I mean, he-who-must-not-be-named is trying to steal it? Ryan said Yes. But we're Hagrid's friends, we can ask him what he pulled out of the vault! Tyler said, Ron was about to say something, when Quirrel entered the salon and shouted TROLL!!!! T-TROLL! IN THE D-DUN-DUNGEONS!! TRO-TROLL IN T-THE D-DUNGE-ONS!!!! It's j-just a-n an Ann-announce-ment... He said, falling unconscious. A- A TROLL!? Ron said. Dumbledore rapidly shouted SILENCE! EVERYONE, NOW GO TO YOUR ROOMS! he said, and everyone went running to their rooms. When Ryan, Ron, Daniel and Tyler were reaching the Gryffindor common room, Ron said A Troll, really? they're to stupid to enter here by itself, someone must have let him enter! He said Wait a moment... Hermione! she said she was gonna be doing some experiments in the girls' bathroom! The Troll, she doesn't know about it! Ryan said. Oh, No! Let's go! Daniel said, while running to the girls' bathroom.

They entered the bathroom. Hermione there's a-- Oh Oh.. Tyler was going to warn her, but the troll was already there Quick, do something, he tool my wand! She said. They all pulled out their wands. Great! what're we going to do? We don't know much spells! Ryan said, But Hermione, being a good student, knew a lot of spells Quick, Use Wingardium Leviosa! she said. That one? How's it going to work? Are you saying we're gonna have to levitate the troll!? Ron said. No! See? he's using a bat! Use leviosa to lift the bat and hit him! Hermione said. Uh, Ok... Wingardium Leviosa! Tyler tried, but didn't work. It didn't work, don't forget the hand movement! Lemme try. Wingardium Leviosa! Daniel said, lifting the bat and throwing it in the troll's head, making him fall unconscious. Wooof, Thanks.. I owe you a lot. Hermione said. Dumbledore, Snape, McGonagall and Quirrel entered the room Mrs. Granger? Franks, Johnson Brothers? Weasley!? what are you doing in here!? McGonagall asked Uh... Uh... Ryan said. Tyler was about to reveal the truth, when Hermione said It's my fault, Proffesors... I heard the troll here, and I thought i could defeat him, but I couldn't. So I told them to help me.. She said That's so not true, she defended us! Tyler thought. Is that true? McGonagall asked the four boys. Ron didn't think of it two times It IS true he said. Oh, No...and I trusted you five.. McGonagall said. I Think the punishment will be Hagrid's walkthrough in the Forbidden forest, AND 50 points less to Gryffindor house. Well, the forbiedden forest is ugly, but if the punishment is with Hagrid, we can ask him about the Philo-- the little packet... Ryan murmured, only for Hermione, Ron, Daniel and Tyler to hear.. Now, to your rooms! Snape said, while going away. But when he turned around, Tyler saw Snape was limping. What was going on?! So many things on Tyler's head. What was the package? why was snape limping? who let the troll in?

Chapter 2.8: The Discovery of the Philosopher's Stone

The five students arrived, and Hagrid knew why they were there for So, Ye tried to beat dah Troll, didn't ya? Hagrid said Not now, we have things to ask Tyler said. Ooof... that sounds serious. I shouldn't be doing this, but I'll invite you in my hut, so we can talk Hagrid said. They entered So what was it you were going to-- Hagrid said What did you take away from the Vault 712?! Ryan asked. Whoa.. I can't tell you! what I took is property of Albird Dumbledore, and Nicholas Flamel.. Oh.. I shouldn't have said that.. Hagrid said. Hermione, Write this down in your pad Ron said. Hermione started to write things down. Whoa, you just can't-- Hagrid tried to say. Next question, What is guarding the Philosopher's stone. Tyler asked. Ok, I Shouldn't tell you this, but what's guarding the Philosopher's stone is a set of traps beggining with Fluffy, the three headed dog in the third floor corrido-- Hagrid said, but was interrupted by McGonagall entering the hut. I see you have the boys in here, Hagrid, May I ask if their punishment is done, already? She said Uh-- Oh, Yeah! they're done.. Hagrid said Ok, Boys.. Hope you learned your lesson, Now... back to your rooms! She said.

They were heading to their room. when Tyler had a sudden realization. Fluffy's guarding the Stone.. but what is it? It's Dumbledore's and Flamel's property.... That's it! Snape's trying to rob the Philosopher's Stone, so he can give it to Birdemort! HE let the Troll in as a distraction for the Hogwarts' teachers, so he coukd go to the third floor corridor, but Fluffy obviously bit him, and that's why he's limping!!!! how didn't I think of it before!!!! He said, surprising the 4 others.. Let's go to the Library! There must be something about Flamel in there! Perhaps not in the normal section, but in the restricted section! Tyler said But, Ty! We can't enter the restricted section! Hermione said. Well we can if you have an invisibility cloak... Tyler said.

Chapter 2.9: The Restricted Section and the Mirror of Erised

You sure we all fit in that thing? Hermione asked. Yeah, We do Tyler said. Uh, Ok... Let's go Ryan said. They All put the cloak, and headed to the library. They heard steps Oh, Dang it, That's Filch! (The Guardian of the Corridors) Ron said. Shut it, Ron... Ryan said Yeah, he's going to hear you Hermione replied. They walked to the restricted section, and found a book about Flamel. Hermione read: Nicholas Flamel is very well known for creating the Philosopher's Stone, that can create the Elixir of Life, giving infinite life to who drinks it Hermione read You see!? That's precisely why Snape wants the Philosopher's Stone! so he can give it to Birdemort! Hermione said. Oh No!!!! Tyler said. They heard Filch coming. They ran out of the Library. Then they saw Snape choking Quirrel (Whom I forgot to say that he has ALWAYS wore a Turban, and never gets it off) So, You know whose side you are now?! Snape said. Uh-Uh S-Se-verus... Snape heard some footsteps, so he finished the conversation Tell me when you know where your loyalties are. He said, walking away, and Quirrel going to the Ravenclaw common room (He was the Ravenclaws' ;Leader) Did you hear that? Snape's trying to convince Quirrell to join Birdemort Tyler said. Yes, but I think that's it for today, I'm tired.... Ryan said. They headed the Gryffindor room. but in a different corridor I've never been here. Tyler said No, This is the proffesor's corridor Hermione said. Tyler saw a big mirror in front of them. Only him was standing in front. He could see his dad and his uncle next to him. Dad? Uncle Benjamin? He said What? Let me see! Said Ron, and he pushed Tyler, while getting in front of the Mirror. Whoa! I can see myself, as The Bird Island Quidditch team captain, holding the World cup! Tyler... you think this shows the future?? Ron said. I don't think so, My dad and Uncle are dead... Tyler said. Lemme try! Daniel was about to get in front, when Dumbledore arrived. Oh, Kids... May I ask, what are you doing here? He asked Oh, Proffesor... he well.. Hermione tried to invent something No need to answer Mrs. Granger, What I know is, you're wondering what this is, don't you? Dumbledore said. Uh, Yes Sir... what... is it?? Ron asked This, my dear boys is the mirror of Erised, wich shows every bird's most desperate desire. But I'll tell you, if you want to visit it tomorrow, it won't be here, since it will have a new place by tomorrow.. But for now, you should go to sleep. You don't wanna loose more Points for Gryffindor, do you? Dumbledore said. They headed to their room.

Chapter 2.10: Going through Fluffy... And something else.

The 5 brave Gryffindor Birds thought it was about time to go to the Philospher's stone and destroy it. I think we should go now Tyler said. Who's coming? He asked. They all said they were going. They got out of the room, and saw a shadow. So, Going out again, huh? Neville asked This is none of your business Neville.. Ron said. No! I won't let you out! You're gonna loose more points for Gryffindor! I-I am gonna have to... Confront you, yeah, I'm gonna have to fight with you! Neville said, pulling out his wand. Neville, I'm sure you'll one day forgive me for this... PETRIFICUS TOTALUS!! Hermione said, leaving Neville body-bind and in a soldier position. Whoa! Nice Hermione! Now, Let's go! Daniel said. They went out, to the third floor corridor as Hagrid said. They entered... Fluffy began to bark. Great... We didn't think about, HOW THE HECK ARE WE GOING TO PASS THE DOG!?!?!?! Ron said, in panic. They started to throw spells at the dog, but none worked. Now what!? Ryan asked. Tyler saw a banjo in the corner of the room, as ridiculous as it sounds, there WAS a banjo. Hermione, Daniel, Look, A Banjo! Maybe if we play some music it will fall asleep or something.. Tyler said. You're right! Daniel said I'll get it, Accio Banjo! Hermione summoned the Banjo Ok, Now! who can play this thing!? Ryan asked I can play the Guitar, I guess there's no much differebce Ron said, Grabbing the Banjo. He played horrible, but it was enough to make Fluffy fall asleep. They headed to the next door. There Was Dark snare all over it, and tied each Bird from the group. NO, NO! THIS IS NOT HAPPENING! I'M IN MY BED, JUST A BAD DREAM.... Ron was saying This is The Dark Snare! I read about it! Everyone hold up your wands! Hermione said, and they all held up their wands Now Say LUMOS SOLEM! She said. LUMOS SOLEM! They said, and killed the Dark Snare. They fell through a hole, and this time they were in a room full of Flying Keys. Now what? Tyler said. I guess we have to catch the correct key Daniel said. Look, there's a broom in there Ryan said. Ryan, think you can fly and get the correct key? Ron asked Uh, Yeah.. but wich one is it? He asked. Tyler looked at the sky. There that one, It's the one with the broken wing, because somebody has already grabbed it Tyler told Ryan. Ok, Here we go! Ryan grabbed the key, broke his wings, and threw it at Tyler, And got down. They unlocked the door.... They all thought they were gonna see Snape and Birdemort.... But there was no more than Quirrell. Uh... Tyler... He said QUIRRELL?! Ron said, surprised. Quirrel turned around. Oh, you have company! PETRIFICUS TOTALUS! He said, cursing Ron. Ron! they said. Hermione! Go to Dumbledore's Office! Tell him about this!!! Tyler shouted Sure! Be Careful, Guys! She said, leaving Ryan, Tyler, Daniel and a petrified Ron against Birdemort's Servant. With all that pressure, they didn't realize the Mirror Of Erised was there. Quirrell turned around, Watching the Mirror I can see myself, giving the Stone to my master.... he said. Wait a Minute... You let the Troll in! Tyler said. I Did everything, You Fool! Quirrell replied. A voice came from Quirrell's Turban Let me out, now, Quirinus the voice said. But, Master, you're still very weak.. Quirrell replied. Let Me Out! The Voice shouted. Quirrell was finally taking his Turban off, A little Bird came out. Tyler, Ryan and Daniel were laughing inside. You Think He's Funny, don't you? Well let's see how you like him now! Quirrel said, while casting ENGORGIO POTREFATE MAXIMUS VERGUITIAN FERGO EPINES... Birdemort grew to his normal size with powers and all that.. AVADA KEDAVRA!! He said, Trying to kill Tyler.. Or Ryan,.. or Daniel.. The spell bounced on the wall and hit Quirrell. Well... That wasn't my plan... Birdemort said. Crucio! He Tortured Ryan. leave him alone! Tyler said. Oh, Tyler... Mobilicorpus! He lifted Tyler and put him in front of the Mirror. WHAT CAN YOU SEE?! he asked Tyler. Tyler saw himself (in the mirror) grabbing the philosopher's stone, and putting it in his mouth. When that happened, Tyler felt like vomiting, wich he did, and the stone came out. THE STONE! Daniel said SHUT UP! ok. Tyler, give me the-- Birdemort was interrupted with Dumbledore entering the room Impedimenta! he shouted. Protego! Birdemort defended himself. Expelliarmus! Tyler, Daniel, Ryan! Destroy the stone! He said. Tyler, Daniel and Ryan pointed at the stone, and said REDUCTO! they destroyed the stone. Birdemort was weak. Dumbledore pointed at Birdemort and shouted DERO! Birdemort froze, and then exploded into pieces...

Tyler then woke up in Madame Pomfrey's Hospital Was this a dream? Tyler asked himself, but he could see Daniel, Ryan and Ron laying in other beds. You did it, Tyler. With the help of your brave friends, together, we defeated Birdemort. Tyler smiled. I Think you're all cured now. Go to your rooms, and pack your stuff. The Train back to your house leaves tomorrow. They went to pack their stuff, and spent their last night of the year at Birdwarts, before going home.

Tyler arrived home, Only to be grounded again.. But this time, Tyler along with: Ryan, Daniel, Hermione and Ron had recieved a special permission from Dumbledore as a reward to use Magic outside Birdwarts. Tyler knew he was gonna have fun.....

Chapter 3: Third Year: The Chamber Of Secrets

Chapter 3.1: The Worst Day Ever

Tyler was teasing Freddie and Jackie one day "Ty, Stop It... Your mom's coming" (Yes, Tyler lives with his mom, Deal with it..) Shar said. Anne entered "Oh, Dear they're coming!" Anne said "Remind me Again, Brother... Who's Coming?" Freddie asked "Mr. And Mrs. Mason -Tyler said- They're coming to talk with mom about a mom's Job, Remember?" "Oh, Oh Yeah..." He said. *Ding Dong* (Or Imagine a good doorbell sound) "They arrived!!!! -Anne Said- Tyler, Hurry!" "Ok, Mom... Babies, Come here!" Tyler said, leading the babies to Shar's Room.

Something Like 47 Mins. And 32 Seconds Exactly after that. Tyler was passing through the Kitchen "Ty, Don't eat the Cake I've baked for Mr. and Mrs. Mason!" Anne said "Oh, Yeah, Mom... It sure looks delicious! -Tyler said Faking- Ugh, What The Heck?" He then whispered. He went to his room. But something else was there (Not Freddie!)

Chapter 3.2: Dobby's Warning

"Who-- I Mean, What Are You?!" Tyler shouted "Mr. Tyler, I Am Dobby.... A House Elf..." The creature said "Uh, Ok... Dobby.., What ere you doing here...?" Tyler asked "Mr. Tyler must not go back to Birdwarts!" Dobby replied "Uh? Of Course I'm going!" Tyler replied. Shar entered "What's goin-- Whoa.. What's That?" Shar asked. Dobby was gonna answer, but Tyler did it instead "A Crazy House Elf named Dobby who doesn't want to me to go to Birdwarts!" He said "Oh, Really? And tell me, why is it?" Shar asked Dobby "Terrible things are going to happen...." Dobby asked "Oh, hoho... Yeah, And who told you to tell us that?" Shar asked "The Family I worked fo-- Oh, No! -Dobby said- I shouldn't have said that! Bad Dobby, Bad Dobby!" He said while hitting his head on the closet. "All Right Dobby, Now SHUT UP!" Tyler Said. "Well... Sorry Mr. Tyler and Mrs. Tyler... But if you're going to Birdwarts, Then I'll have to do this" Dobby said, going out straightly to the kitchen, Levitating the Cake. "Oh, Darn..." Tyler and Shar said. The Cake was floating over Mrs. Mason's Head. Anne noticed the Cake "Ugh... Uh... Yeah.,.. The Stocks are over your head... I Mean! Very Low... Yeah Low.. I Guess???" Anne said nervously. "What C--" Mr. Mason was gonna talk... When Shazam... Or Boom... Or Any other sound effect: The Cake fell on her head. *Awkward Silence Moment* "Franks.. Three words... You Are Fired." Mrs. Mason said. "C-C'mon... Sweetie LLet's Go...." Mr. Mason said. "Ugh.... T-T-Tyler... T-Tyler...??" Anne said. "Y-Yes Mom....?" He said. "Could you Please Explain why the heck did you do that?!!!!!!!!!!" Anne shouted. "Mom... See A Hou-- Ugh, You Won't get it..." Ty Said "I Won't Get It?" She asked "No, Mom, Listen To Me.." Ty said again "Oh, Respect Mr.! And if you don't like it, there's the street!" Anne Shouted "Fine! Living in the street is better!" Tyler said running to his room, to pack stuff and leave. "I'm going with you!" Shar said. "No, Shar.. I'll be at the Leaky Cauldron Two days before The Birdwarts Express Departs, K?" He said "Ok... Goodbye...." *Epic Cheek Goodbye Kiss*

Chapter 3.3: The Knight Bus

Tyler was walking in the street, when He got tired, and sat on the sideway. He saw a shadow, a Big, Big Shadow It was like a london bus, except it was twice as big... It stopped in front of Tyler, And a Bird got out. "Service Transportation for the Orfan Wiz-Birds?" The Bird said "Oh, Yeah, I'm Stan Shunpike, Helper of Ernie, the rider of the Bus" He said again "Thanks.." Tyler said lifting his suitcase "Oh, Oh, Oh! -Stan Interrupted- Lemme get that for ya! Accio Suitcase!" He said "I Don't think that's the Indicated Spell--" Tyler was gonna say, when *Sound effect* The suitcase hit Stan "Ugh... I'm.. Okay..." He said "You Sure?" Tyler asked "Yes I am, now get in the car" Stan said. "Hey There, I'm Ernie Prang! You are?" He said, but Tyler didn't feel like revealing his real name. "George, George Harrison" He said "Well, well... Where to?" Ernie asked "The Leaky Cauldron" Tyler said. The Bus' engine started, and Ernie counted down "5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Here we Go!" He said, and the bus almost flied, It went faster than a Firebolt 3,000! They arrived. "The Leaky Cauldron!" Ernie said. "Uh... T-Thanks...." Tyler was gonna puke... "I would like a room, Evelyn" He said to the Housekeeper "Sure, My Dear! Room N. 17, Here you go" She said giving him the room's key. Tyler opened the room, lay down on the bed and fell asleep.

Chapter 3.4: At Flourish and Blotts

Tyler woke up, hearing a voice he knew, a voice he had heard last year without a stop. It was Ron's Voice, Talking To someone. He went down the room N. 17, to the Restaurant, and saw His Friends, Daniel, Ryan, Ron, Hermione, Shar, Lewis, Evan and Kashy down there. "Hey Everyone!" He said, and was greeted by them, and the Weasley family too. They went to Diagon Alley Again, to buy Third Year's Stuff, Including a Broom for each one! Mrs. Weasley was looking at the Books List "Oh My, Whattaya Know? Almost All the books you need are from Gilderoy Lockhart!" She said "Who's That?" Ryan asked "Ugh, My Mom's New Love... He says he's done all these things and everything, but I think it's all false" Ron said. Mrs. Weasley Rolled the paper and Hit Ron "Ronald! I'm In Love... With your dad!" She said "That's what she says!" Ron murmured, And Mrs. Weasley didn't hear him. They entered Flourish and Blotts, the Bookstore, Guess who was there? No, It wasn't John Lennon, but Gilderoy Lockhart. Mrs. Weasley had to squeeze through all the Birds and some Pigs to see him "Well, Here we have a copy of my new book A SCREAMING BANSHEE, And as you know, I also have my two books of 2 WEEKS WITH A WEREWOLVE, FIGHTING A BASILISK, And The Yea-- -Gilderoy said- Could those be...?" He murmured. "What's he talking 'bout?" Daniel said. "Tyler Franks and The Johnson Brothers!" He shouted "Oh, Darn..." Tyler thought "Come here!" Lockhart said. "These, My Friends, Are The Ones who defeated, or at least helped Dumbledore defeat Birdemort! -He said- And that's precisely why I'll let you appear on the newspaper with me!" He said, while taking a pic. "And as a better announcement, I will be Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher in Birdwarts!" He said "Oh, Drat!" Tyler said. The gang was gonna leave the store, when Lucius and Draco Malfoy Appeared "Weasley, Shopping at this cheap store? Oh, That's right! This is the only thing you can afford.." Lucius said "Out of my way, Slytherin Junk." Mr. Weasley said. They started argguing until Mr. Weasley couldn't hold it anymore, and grabbed one of Shar's Books, and threw it at Lucius. "You-- You'll see... Weasley, You'll see.. Draco! Lift the books for this Gryffindor Junk" Lucius said. "Wait, Books? -Shar thought- I only had ONE book... But, meh! A Free Book!" But she didn't know what that book was gonna be able to..

Chapter 3.5: The Whomping Willow

They were all ready to go pass the platform 9 3/4 but Daniel, Ryan, Ron and Tyler stood behind talking about Quidditch. "Guys I think we should go now" Ron said "Yeah, You're right" Tyler replied, But when they were gonna pass the wall, they crashed, instead of passing. "What The Bird?!" Ryan exclaimed "I Dunno what happened, but what I know is we gotta get to the Train or it'll leave without us!" Daniel said "I Know!" Tyler said "What?" Rye said "The Weasley's Flying car! we could borrow it and get to Birdwarts!" Tyler said. "You're right!" Rin said, running to the car. They got in and started flying "Anybody actually know the way to Birdwarts?" Ron said, driving "Uh, No... Not actually" Ryan said "Me either!" Daniel said. "Well, Darn..." Ron said, flying forward

After 2 hours, Ron saw Birdwarts and told Ryan, Tyler and Daniel, and they were very happy. "Oh, No! No Gas!" Ron said "We're gonna crash, with The Whomping Willow!" Daniel said "What's that!?" Rye asked "A Gigantic tree with arms!" Daniel said "Oh, No..." Tyler said BOOM!

They crashed with the Whomping Willow. The car stood there, about to fall for a little bit "Everyone. Don't. Move" Daniel said, without moving a single feather. "Oh. No. No Good.." Tyler said. "Wh-What?" Ryan asked "My Nose.. It. Itches..." Said Tyler "Oh C-C-C'mon Bud... you can hold it..." Daniel said "Uh... No.. I-I-I Can't... Ah... Ah... ACHOO!" Tyler screamed. The car fell, but Ron was fast enough to eject the seats, and the luggage. They didn't actually care for the car, they just ran to Birdwarts as fast as they could!

They knew somehow someone was gonna see the car, But they didn't really care at that time...

Chapter 3.6: Gilderoy Lockhart

The Next class was Herbology, and Mrs. Sprout taught everyone how to handle Mandrakes, a Plant-like creature that could turn Petrified Birds back to normal. Ron also noticed his wand was broken.. But he fixed it with Tape.

Finally, It was Lockhart's Class, and he introduced him self "Gilderoy James Lockhart, Order of the Phoenix, Third Class, Order of Merlin and three times winning of The Most Charming Smile award, But I don't like to talk about that!" Lockhart said "Today, class we will be defeating some Cornish Pixies! Anyone know how?" Guess who answered? Hermione "I'd suggest the Immobulus Spell, Sir!" She said "Well, You are the smartest witch of your age, aren't you?" Lockhart said, trying to lean on the Pixies' Cage, but when he did it, The Cage fell, and the pixies got out! "Uh Oh! -Lockhart Said- Well... You..Uh.. Defeat 'em for me, please?" Lockhart said, and left "What Kind of a teacher is Lockhart?!" Lewis Exclaimed "I Dunno, but we better fix this!" said Ryan "Don't worry, I Got this!" Said Ron "No, Ron, Wait! Your wand is broken!" Tyles shouted "Immobulus!" Ron casted, and the spell left all the class inmobile, except for Ron.

"Now What!?" Daniel said "I got this, now guys!" Ron said "Shut It, Ron!" Evan rapidly exclaimed before Ron casted another spell. "Yeah, Well I'm your only hope!" Ron said.

"Well... Do It!" Daniel quickly said "Ok... Finite... Incantatem!" Casted Ron, the spell got the gang back to normal "I Swear I'm telling Dumbledore about this" Shar said. "No, Think of it this way: Lockhart leaves us, no class!" Hermione said "Wow, I just never thought you were gonna be happy about not having class!" Kashy said.

Chapter 3.7: Mudbloods and Murmurs

The next day, the Gryffindor Quidditch team had a practice, early, very early "Lewis Get Up! Lewis, We have practice!" Tyler said to Lewis, trying to wake him up "Uh... Uh... Oh Yeah..." Lewis woke up. "Let's go! -Tyler said- Oh, And don't forget your broom!" "Yeah, Thanks, Let's go" Said Lewis, and went outside.

The Gryffindor team (Oliver, Fred, George, Katie, Angelina, Tyler and Lewis) had arrived. But there was a little surprise they didn't like in the field. The Slytherin Team (Evan, Draco, Crabbe, Goyle, Blaize, Marcus and Millicent) were already there "What are you doing here, piece of garbage?!" Marcus asked, and the whole team laughed, except Evan, who was the ONLY good Slytherin. The Gryffindor and Slytherin team had a long Argument, until Daniel, Ryan, Hermione and the others arrived. "What's going on here!?" Hermione asked "Shut It, You Filthy Mudblood!" Draco said, and the team laughed again. Hermione started crying, and ran back to Birdwarts "Hermione, wait!" Shar said, running with Hermione.

Chapter 3.8: Hermione and Daniel and the Bird-Eating Microbes

Daniel didn't participate in Quidditch, he was just in it to be able to arm himself against Birdemort, so he just watched. after a while, Daniel left the stadium. he saw Hermione in Dumbledore's closet searching through things. "i'll teach that jerk!" she said. "Herm" Daniel called out, Hermione jumped. 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, REDMOND?!" Hermione screamed. "Hermione, i want to help, do you want to take this road?!" Daniel returned. "i wouldn't expect you to understand me, Johnson. i'm the main target." Hermione said less angrily. "oh, don't i? i've had my share of bullies, i've been called shrimp, Nerdy Wordy, Accident, and Rat." Daniel said. Hermione pulled out a jar of dangerous microbes, which Daniel knew would kill everyone on the Slytherin team. "DON'T YOU DARE!" Daniel shouted., "MY FRIEND IS ON THAT TEAM!" "i know that!" Hermione snapped. "i won't do it when the team is together, i'll just throw it at the bully.". "i can't let you do that, it's unforgivable." Daniel said. Daniel grabbed the jar and Pulled. Hermione hung on tight. Hermione managed to use her wand to break the jar, and the microbes spilled out. "WHAT DID YOU DO?!" Daniel shouted. The microbes started to crawl at both of them. "RUN!!!!!" they shouted in Unison.

Chapter 3.9: The Punishment and the VoicesEdit

Tyler was wondering were Hermione and Daniel were. But at the same time, he was angry with Draco, for calling Hermione a Mudblood. "We've been angry for all this, and we don't even know what MUDBLOOD means!" Said Ryan "Well, I can tell you -Ron said- See... Mudblood Is a very offensive term for Muggle-Born-Wizards, that means, Wizards who were born of Muggle Parents" Ron said "So? She shouldn't get offended by that Slytherin Junk!" Lewis said "Yes, the problem is that, she is worried about the Chamber of Secrets!" Ron said "And... What's That?" Tyler asked "See, you know Birdwarts was founded by Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin, right? Well, everyone except Salazar thought wizardry could be thaught to anyone, but Salazar thought Wizardry should only be taught to those who were raised by Wizarding families, But the others didn't agree with him, so he got fired, but he swore he had built a Secret Chamber, somewhere hidden here in Birdwarts, and one day, when Slytherin's heir came to Birdwarts, he would open it.. Revealing a dark creature who would finish with every single Muggle-Born-Student in here.." Ron explained "That means... Hermione!" Shar said. They heard two voices screaming, and saw Daniel and Hermione running towards them "Whoa, What's going on--" "OUT OF THE WAY, RUN!" Tyler was interrupted by Hermione, and they saw the microbes. McGonaggall saw it, and quickly called Snape and Dumbledore. They arrived, and Dumbledore caught the Microbes, and put them back in a jar. "You could have gotten yourselves killed! Now who was it that left the Microbes out!?" Dumbledore shouted. Everyone stood quiet. Draco quickly arrived "Proffesors! I'm glad you arrived, I know who were the ones that opened the jar" He said, Daniel knew he wasn't in much trouble as Hermione was, but was still nervous. "Who was it then, Mr. Malfoy?" Snape asked "They were, uh... Tyler, Ryan and Daniel" He said "WHAT THE BIRD!?" Ryan exclaimed "US? ARE YOU SERIOUS!?" Tyler shouted "Mr. Tyler, Mr, Ryan and Mr. Daniel, follow me... you will get your punishment now." McGonaggall said "We didn't do anything..." Daniel murmured "I Know, this is just unfair." Ryan said.

Their punishment was to clean the trophy room, until it sparkled, WITHOUT Wands. They were pretty much done, when they heard a voice: "Let me... let me kill you... Mudbloods.... I... Will destroy you... and Birdwarts.. will rest in peace...." "What the Bird was that!?" Ryan shouted "I Don't know, but I almost pee my pants!" Tyler replied "Uh, Ty... you don't wear pants" Daniel suggested "Oh, That's right" Ty said "Guys, the voice?!" Ryan said "Oh, Yeah..." Tyler said. "I WILL KILL YOU, MUDBLOODS...." They ran away, and Ryan realized it "That's it! This all has to do something with that Chamber... The Secret Chamber Ron told us about!" Ryan said "Secret Chamber!?" Daniel asked, he didn't know about it, 'cause he was with Hermione. They explained the situation to Daniel "Yup, I think you're right, and that's BAAAAAAD" Daniel replied.

Chapter 3.10: The Deathday Party

They all agreed they would go to the Birdwarts' ghost, Nearly Headless Nick's deathday party "I don't get this deathday party thing. Does this mean he's celebrating his 400 years of been dead-- I mean, a ghost?" Lewis asked "I Guess so..." Ron said. Tyler, Ryan and Daniel did tell everybody of the voices, so they were all worried... But still went to the Party. They kept walking to the hallway.. and The three heroes hear the voice again... and it leads them to the third floor corridor, that was never used. They finnally arrived at the third floor corridor and saw a Bloody sign on the wall "THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS HAS BEEN OPENED AGAIN. ENEMIES OF THE HEIR... BEWARE!" "Oh no..." Tyler said, but Snape arrived, because his office was near there. "Good morning stude-- What is that?!" He asked "Proffesor, I swear, we have nothing to do with this!" Daniel quickly said "I believe you... go back to class...." Snape said. They went to the party, and told their friends about it, But some others might have heard, 'cause a minute later, all they were talking about the Writing on the wall.

Chapter 3.11: Meanwhile, at the Third Floor Corridor...

"Dumbledore... we have to do something.." McGonaggall said. "I Know, Minerva.. but... what?" Dumbledore said "Help the Muggle-Borns" Snape said, "take them to cover before it's too late." McGonaggall suggested, "We can't do that... If we reunite all the Muggle Borns in one building, Slytherin's heir will be able to kill them once and for all.." Dumbledore stated.. They went out and saw Four students DEAD in the hallway. A Hufflepuff, Two Ravenclaws and A Gryffindor, and another anouncement was on the wall "THIS IS JUST AN ADVICE..." "We gotta tell the students." Snape said.

Chapter 3.12: The Polyjuice Potion

They all decide the heir is probably Draco Malfoy. So they went to the un-used Girls bathroom and fabricated the Polyjuice Potion (A Potion that could let any Bird transform into another for an hour) "Tell me, Hermione why are we doing the Potion in the middle of a bathroom?" Kashy asked "Because no one ever comes here" She said "And Why is that?" Evan asked. "Because of Myrtle, The Crying Ghost" Ryan said "And who's Myrtle?" Tyler asked, and a Ghost appeared in front of Tyler "I AM MYRTLE!" the ghost said, and then dissappeared, and started crying on a bathroom stall "You think we should leave her..." Daniel asked "Yes we shou-- The Potion's ready, Remember the plan?" She asked "Yes, two of us will transform into Crabbe and Goyle, talk to Malfoy and make him say to us if he is the Heir or not" Ryan said. "Yup, Now, Who are the two brave voluntieers?" Shar asked "Us!" Said Evan "Evan and who?" Asked Shar "Me and Kashy!" said Evan "Yeah-- Wait What!?" Kashy said "Ok, Here's the glass drink it." Hermione said. Evan and Kashy drank the glass of potion, and instantly transformed to Crabbe and Goyle "Awesome..." Daniel said "Yeah... I'm Crabbe!" Evan said "And I'm Goyle. Yippe..." Kashy said.

They went out and talked to Malfoy, But because I know none of us like to read a lot, I will summarize: Malfoy wasn't the heir.

Chapter 3.13: The Duelling Club

The next D.A.D.A. Class was a Duelling club, were Lockhart told all the students, that because of the events that were happening at Birdwarts, he formed, along with Snape, a Duelling club, in case something happened. "Ok, Class.. who wants to be the first one?" Nobody replied.. "Ok, then... I will choose randomly.... Ron Weasley, Tyler Franks, come here" Lockhart said "Proffesor Lockhart, I believe that Mr. Weasley's wand doesn't work pretty well... Should I choose, Mr. Malfoy?" Snape said. "Oh.. Dang it.." Tyler thought. They first saluted each other, and the duel began. "Just.. Try to disarm each other..." Lockhart said, but Draco didn't obey "ARANIA EXUMAI!" he said, and threw bunch of spiders at Tyler "Protego!" Tyler casted "Nice... Franks... Nice..." Draco said "You think so, wait 'til you try this, EVERTE STATUM!" Tyler said, and Draco was ent flying to the other side of the class. "Good... Now.. Let's see how you like this, SEREPNSORTIA!" Draco casted a Snake. Tyler felt dizzy.. and the Snake was going towards Him... But it switched ways and went to Hermione. "ASSA... ISHA... SSASHA..." tyler said. Snape got scared, and dissapeared the snake, and told Tyler to leave. "What the Bird did you just say!?" Ryan asked "I Have no Idea!" Tyler said "I Think... This is bad.. You know how to speak Parseltongue" Hermione said "Whuzzat!?" Ron asked. "The Snake's Language, And you know why that's bad?!" Hermione asked "Why?" They all replied "Salazar Slytherin spoke Parseltongue, and the only way to open the chamber, is speaking Parseltongue!" Hermione said. "Uh Oh.. No good, but why do I speak Parsel?" Tyler asked "My theory is that, When you destroyed Birdemort with Daniel and Ryan, a part of Birdemort's soul came to you.." Hermione said "Does this mean Daniel and I also speak Parsel?" Ryan asked "No.. You two are brothers, I think that's impossible" Hermione said..

Chapter 3.14: Daniel Gets Affected

"Next up, Daniel vs Draco." Gilderoy announced. Daniel grinned slightly, and Ryan could have sworn he saw Daniel's eyes flicker red for a second. "CRUSH THE WEASEL!" called out everyone on the Slytherin team but Draco and Evan. Hermione got worried, because she Knew Daniel had lost to Draco once, and when it comes to a duel, Draco is NEVER fair. Daniel hopped unto the platform, and Ryan saw Daniel's eyes flicker red for longer, and then STAY red. as the duel began, Daniel began winning. "ZAPESTRY ARACHNE TAPESTRY!" Daniel yelled, and electical spiderwebs covered Draco. it was like listening to a dentist's appointment gone wrong. the Slytherin team, including Evan, grimaced. the battle lasted for 30 minutes, and then Draco surrendered. "i'm not done with you yet!" Daniel said. "Verimise" and then, Draco vanished. The Slytherin team, as with the rest of the crowd, gasped in horror. Daniel's eyes turned back to blue, and Daniel gasped for breath. "What just happened?!" Daniel said, shocked. Hermione knew what happened now.

Chapter 3.15: The Very Secret Diary

In a Quidditch Match, Tyler and Evan (It was Gryffindor Vs. Slytherin) Hear Lucius Malfoy talking to His wife, telling her that the last time the Chamber was opened, was 50 years ago, and Salazar's plan was almost done, since a muggle-born student was killed. They both decide to ignore it., but Tyler kept thinking of Shar, who he hadn't seen for a Long Time

Two days later Kashy and Tyler enter the third floor girls bathroom, to clean the polyjuice potion disaster they had made. They enter it, and It's flooded. "Wow, What happened here!?" Tyler exclaimed "I Don't Know!" Kashy said. Myrtle, the crying ghost appeared. "I-It flooded,. because A Gryffindor Girl tried to flush a Diary down the drain because she said it was 'Taking control of her'" Myrtle said. "Wow..." Kashy said. Tyler saw the diary and It looked familiar, It was the diary Lucius Malfoy gave to Shar at the beggining of our story, remember? Well that was the same exact diary. Tyler read it "T.M. Riddle" Tyler read. "T.M. Riddle?" Kashy asked "I dunno who that is, but let's take it to the gang" Tyler said.

They took it to Hermione who knew the book 'Story of Birdwarts' from heads to toes. "Hey there, Herm. You know who T.M. Riddle is?" Kashy asked, Ryan, Dan, Ron, Evan and Lewis arrived. "T.M. Riddle? Huh... Sounds familiar.. Come with me.." They arrived to Gryffindor room, but only Hermione went in, and then came back, with The 'Story of Birdwarts book' They read about the chamber of secrets, and heard that T.M. Riddle was slightly involucrated in the Chamber of Secrets, 50 years ago, along with Moaning Myrtle and Rubeus Hagrid. "Myrtle...?" Ryan asked "Don't you get it!?" Hermione asked "Uh... No.." They all said "Myrtle was the Muggle-born student killed in The Chamber incident!" Hermione said "Oh!" They all said "And.. What About Hagrid? And Riddle?" Daniel asked "That's what we don't know.." Said Hermione "Ok... I'll keep the Diary, and now, let's all go to sleep... It's late..." Tyler said. They said Bye to each other, and the Gryffindors entered their respective room. Daniel, Ryan, Ron and Lewis went to sleep, but Tyler spent some time watching the Diary. Tyler wrote his name "Tyler Gregory Franks" and then his name vanished. Then the diary wrote something on itself "I Am T.M. Riddle" The Diary wrote, and it vanished. Tyler was very scared, but he wrote again. "Do you know anything about the chamber of secrets?" Tyler wrote "Yes" The Diary replied "Can you tell me?" Tyler asked "No, But I can Show you.." The Diary said. "It all started 50 years ago" The diary said, and Tyler was absorbed inside the diary

(This Whole Scene is all In The Diary's memory)

Tyler saw a Slytherin student in the hallways of the Castle "Hello... Who are you?" Tyler asked, but the student didn't reply. "Oh that's right... I'm in a Memory..." Tyler thought. Some Doctors came down, carrying a Bird's body. "Moaning Myrtle...?" Tyler asked himself. The doctors walked next to the student, and Pivett, the Headmaster at that time followed them. "Mr. Riddle.. Shouldn't you be sleeping?" Pivett asked the student "Riddle... That's him!" Tyler thought. "Yes.. Proffesor.. I'll be going now.." Riddle said "Good Night.." Pivett said. Riddle went back to the Slytherin room, but took a different way, Tyler followed him. He entered an empty room, but It wasn't empty... Hagrid was there.. Sitting in a chest, yes.. a Chest. "Hey there... Hagrid.. The dead girls' parents will be here tomorrow.. Yes.. she was a Muggle born student... And I already told everybody you opened the chamber and hid the Beast in that Big chest. And for a happy ending... You're expelled from the school.. Is that all you wanted?" Riddle said "No, No... I'm innocent... I didn't do anything..." Hagrid sobbed. "Stop crying, You little.... We all know you were the one who opened the Chamber!" Riddle exclaimed. "And.. I recommend you getting rid of that monster.. since It IS the Chamber's monster.. Isn't it? Now go, before you go to JAIL...." Riddle said again.

(Tyler Got out of the diary)

"Hagrid opened the Chamber..." Tyler said, out of the diary "This can't be" Tyler thought, He ran to the room and told everybody about it. The next morning, he told the others.

Chapter 3.16: Cornelius Fudge

They all decide to ask Hagrid about it, Hoping he will reply. They entered Hagrid's cabin and asked about it. Hagrid explained to them that he wasn't the one who opened the Chamber, but they all believe he is the one. Just then Hagrid looks out the window.. and he sees The Minister of Magic, Fudge coming to his house, along with Dumbledore. "Quick, Boys, Hide!" Hagrid said, and they all Hid in Hagrid's room "Well that's a big bed.. Isn't it..?" Ron said "Shut Up!" Daniel said. And Fudge and Dumbledore arrived. "Mr. Rubeus Hagrid?" Fudge asked. "Yes, Minister?" Hagrid asked "You are under arrest" Fudge said. Dumbledore just nodded. "But Why?" Hagrid Asked "You were once acused correctly of opening the chamber of secrets, and now, you might have opened it again. You will be sent to Azkaban Prison" Said Fudge "Oh.. -Hagrid remembered the gang (except Hermione and Shar) was there- Oh.,.. If everyone wants to get answers... They should follow the spiders!" Said Hagrid "Ok, Now, Let's go" Said Dumbledore, and they left "You hear that? They now think Hagrid opened the Chamber again!" Said Evan "Yes, but remember what he said, If we wanna get answers, we should follow the spiders!" Said Ron "Yes, But for now, Let's go" Said Daniel.

They were walking down the hallway the next day, when McGonaggall told them to come with her to the Hospital Wing. There was Hermione, petrified. "W-W-What Happe-ned?!" Kashy asked "We don't know, but we just wanted to tell you about it." Said McGonaggall, and left. "Poor Hermione..." Said Ryan "Yes, But at least we know were she is!" Said Tyler "Still worried about Shar, aren't you?" Asked Daniel "Yes.. Haven't seen her for a long time" Replied Tyler. Lewis noticed something on next to Hermione "Is that... A Mirror?" He asked "Yes, I think it is" Said Ron. Tyler then noticed something on her fist. "What is this?" He said, opening her fist. "Is this.. A Page of a Book?" Tyler asked "Let me see.." Said Daniel and started reading it. "It's about a Basilisk.. She emphasized this part, listen: 'If someone sees a Basilisk in the eyes, he will die' What does this-- I got it!" Said Daniel "What?" The gang asked "The Basilisk! That's the Chamber's beast! It escaped, and when the three Muggle-Born students died, They died because they saw the Basilisk's eyes! And the mirror! The Mirror!" Said Daniel "What about the Mirror?" Asked Ron "Hermione saw the Basilisk through the mirror, that's why she didn't die, Because she only saw the Mirror, not the real Basilisk, and to give this all a little of sense, She IS a Muggle-Born!" Said Daniel "Yes, that might all be true, but what about the Beast Hagrid was hiding in the Diary's memory? I SAW it!" Said Tyler "Well, we don't have an answer to that.." Said Daniel " 'If anyone wants answers, follow the spiders' That's what Hagrid said" Said Ryan "So What-- Wait... The Spiders..." Said Kash, seeing a bunch of spiders going out of the Hospital "Well, Let's follow them, don't you think" Said Evan. They started to follow them...

Chapter 3.17: The Shadow Beast

Right as they were about to leave, a shadow grabbed Daniel and then vanished. "DANIEL!" Tyler yelled. Daniel's glasses flew out of a shadowy corner, with a note written in a liquid that DEFINITELY wasn't ink, it was semi-transparent like a shadow. as was the Paper. "If YoU WaNt YoUr FriEnD BaCk, YoU WiLl HaVe To CoMe GeT hIm -ThE ShAdOw BeAsT" the note read, in AWFUL handwriting. One of Daniel's signs appeared pointing down the stairs. Signs began popping up leading down to the Chamber of Secrets. "Okay, Daniel first, or spiders?" Asked Kashy. "Ok, Ron, Ryan and I'll go for Dan.. Kash, Lewis, Evan, follow the spiders!" Said Tyler and left.

The second team followed the spiders, wich led them to a ginormous spider called Aragog. The spider told them Hagrid was innocent, and that the beast he was hiding was him, when he was little. The birds said thanks, and tried to go, but Aragog was hungry, and tried to eat them. Luckily, they escaped.

The first team went to Lockhart's office and told him to come with them, because according to "His" book, he once defeated a Basilisk. Lockhart nervously agreed. "Ok, so.. where's the Chamber's location?" Asked Ron. "Well, if Myrtle was the only one killed 50 years ago, It was because the Basilisk was only able to come out, CLOSELY from the Chamber" Said Ryan "So what?" Asked Lockhart. "If he did only come out closely from the Chamber, that means it's at the girls' bathroom" Said Tyler and Ryan together.. The second team reunited with them, and explained everything. They went to the bathroom "Ok, but where's the entrance??" Asked Ron, and Myrtle appeared. "Hello... *Sniff* If you want the entrance.. I think I know where it is.." Said Myrtle "Well, tell us! We gotta save the school!" Said Tyler "Well, when I was killed, I was in the third faucet, there" Myrtle said, and dissappeared again "Well, she's crazy.. but helpful.." Said Lewis "Third faucet.. You think it opens with Parseltongue..?" Asked Tyler "Well, the only way to know is trying it!" Said Ryan "Ok.. -Said Tyler- *insert Parseltongue dialog here*" Said Tyler, and the Chamber opened up. "Wow... I can't believe you fell for it..." Said Lockhart "Fell for what?" Asked Kashy. "Well, as you may know, none of my books are true, I take the Wizard who acomplished that mission's story, erase their minds and make the story mine!" Said Lockhart. "No, you won't erase our minds... EXPELLIARMUS!" Ryan casted, and disarmed Lockhart, who grabbed the closest Bird's wand, Ron's (Luckily). "Now, I'll erase your mind, hahahaha! Obliviate!" But due to Ron's bad wand, the spell backfired, and hit him, leaving him unconsicious. "Let's-- uh.. Leave them there and- uh.. Save the school, whaddya think?" Asked Tyler "Sure" they all said.

They entered the Chamber, and Saw Daniel and Shar there. "There they are!" Said Evan. and a Student appeared. "Who are you?" They asked "Don't worry, I mean no harm.." Said the student "Well, then help us kill the Beast!" "No, the Basilisk, also known as the Shadow Beast is mine!" Said the student "Who are you?!" Asked Evan. "Tom.. Marbiro.. Riddle, but you know me as T.M. Riddle.." Said Tom. "But I thought you were the good guy!" Asked Tyler "Oh, no.. let me show you..." Said Riddle, pulling out his wand and writing in the air:


He then rearranged the letters to:


"Oh My God!" They all gasped. "It doesn't matter, Tom, we're six against one!" Ron said "Well you can see me.. But i don't think you'll like watching my Basilisk!" Said Riddle, calling the Basilisk. with the noise, Shar and Daniel woke up, and escaped to where our other heroes were. "You guys ok!?" Asked Ryan "Yes, Listen.. Lewis put on your goggles.. the rest.. don't look" Said Daniel. They all followed the instructions, and Lewis followed Daniel. They attacked the Basilisk. Tyler slowly looked, and he saw the Diary, and thought "If there's no Diary, there's no Tom Riddle..." And casted Accio at the Diary. He got it, and slowly threw spells at it. "Help me" Tyler said, and they all helped, but no matter how hard they tried, the Diary stayed the same. Daniel cut one of the Basilisk's fangs with a Lightsaber he had found in Dumbledore's office "Here, try stabbing it with this!" He said. They grabbed the Fang and stabbed the Diary, then Riddle slowly dissapeared, with The Basilisk too.

They went out the Chamber. Lockhart was still there. "We should take him to the nursery" Said Daniel. They took him, and then told Dumbledore about the Chamber. He believed them, and showed them something. "I figured you might like her.." Said Dumbledore, showing them Hermione. They all hugged her, and went back home for the end of the year.

Chapter 4: Fourth Year: The Tri-Wizard Tournament

Chapter 4.1: The Riddle House

Our Story begins in a House, an Old Wiz-Bird's house. He lived next to an abandoned, empty and old house. But this time he saw lights in there, and heard voices. He went out of his house and entered this other house. He slowly went upstairs... He saw a Bird he had once seen in the Daily Prophet, It was Peter Pettigrew -One of Birdemort's oldest servants, who had been hiding for YEARS- "Pettigrew.." He thought. Then he saw another Bird, but only in the back, Talking, but Not to Pettigrew, but to a Strange creature sitting in a couch. "Lord.. If we catch him.. Will you be able to come back to life.." The Strange Bird asked. "Yes.. I will be able.." Said the other bird sitting in the couch "Sir, it appears we have visits." Said Pettigrew, looking at the Old Bird. "Do Not Worry, Peter.. Nagini.. Attack!" Said the Bird on the couch and a Snake attacked the Old Bird and died.

Chapter 4.2: The Feeling and the Invitation

It all appeared to be Tyler's dreams, and he woke up in the Weasley's house, where he spent the night. Tyler panted and Woke Ron up "Wha-Wha-What!?" Said Ron "I-- uh.. I had a dream.. a terrible dream" Said Tyler "Well, you aren't the one who dreamt with That Basilisk forcing you to tap dance, are ya?" Said Ron "No, but this time I had a feeling.. a bad feeling." Said Tyler "What feeling?" Asked Ron "A feeling that the Last time I had, Birdemort was at Birdwarts" Said Tyler. "Oh No.." Said Ron.

They went downstairs to have Breakfast. And Ron talked about the Quidditch World cup finals. "Say, Ty. Will your mum give you permission to go?" Asked Mr. Weasley. "Who else is coming?" Asked Tyler "I think the gang, you know, Lewis, Dan, Kash, Herm and all of the others." Said Ron "Ok, Then. Just send her a letter" Said Ty. "Why don't you send it?" Asked Mrs. Weasley "Well, she's still kinda mad with me for last year's escape." Said Tyler "Ugh, That Woman" Said Mrs. Weasley "Yes -Said Tyler- Now, think of it. All my family is weird look at Mom! At my Uncle Jack!" Said Tyler "Didn't you forgive your uncle Jack?" Asked Ron. "Yeah, but he's still In Azkab-- Wait a minute! What date is today?" Asked Tyler "Ugh, June 13th" Said Ron "My Uncle Jack got out on June 9th!" Said Tyler "Mrs. Weasley! Have you finished the letter yet?" Asked Tyler "No, I haven't even started it!" Said Mrs. Weasley "Ok, Then send it to my Uncle Jack, I'm sure he'll give me permission" Said Tyler, and Mrs. Weasley wrote the letter.

Two days later, Tyler received a letter from Jack saying he had permission to go. Tyler was really excited and ready to go to the Quidditch World Cup.

Chapter 4.3: The Portkey

Mr. Weasley woke up the boys early at 6:00 AM On June 14th and told them to hurry up and leave "Why So early, Dad!?" Asked George "I know the finals are in 1 day, but there's gonna be a lot of people and we better hurry up" Said Mr. Weasley. "Ok, then.. Let's go" They all said. They walked to a forest and joined Mr. Weasley's friend, Amos Diggory and his Son, Cedric, a Hufflepuff in his fifth year. "Hey" Said Cedric "Hey" Said Ron and Tyler "We have arrived!" Said Amos. Tyler looked and he only saw an old boot. "An old boot!?" Asked Tyler "Oh, That's a Portkey. Teleports you to another Portkey" Said Cedric. "Ok then" Said Tyler "Everybody, grab the boot" Said Mr. Weasley. They all grabbed it and.. ZOOOM! They appeared at a stadium, with a Lot of tents around. "Wow" Said Tyler, and Joined Daniel and Ryan. "Ok, follow me" Said Mr. Weasley arriving to a tent. and counted the whole family and the guests "Amos, Cedric, Tyler, Ron, Daniel, Ryan, Molly, Ginny, Fred, George and I.. 11.." We'll stay in this tent today "Is this guy kidding?" Asked Daniel "Yeah.. a little tent for eleven people" Said Ryan and entered the tent. They then saw a gigantic house inside, with stairs and plenty of rooms "WOW!" They all said "How did you do this?" Asked Ryan "Hehe, A simple Inside-Expanding spell. Easy-Wheezy." Said Mr. Weasley. They then went to bed.

Chapter 4.4: The Quidditch World Cup

They woke up ready for the finals. "I can't believe that Russia and Spain made it to the Finals!" Said Hermione "I know!" Said Daniel. They went to their seats and talked a lot "I think Russia's gonna win" Said Ron, then the whole gang looked at him. "Are you serious?" Said Tyler "Yeah, they have the Best Seeker in the world, Viktor Krum!" Said Ron "No, the best seeker plays in the England team, and his name is Ludo Bagman!" Said Hermione "Whatever, think what you want, But Russia is gonna win!" Said Ron. "Whatever" Said Ryan.

Guess who won? Spain, Obviously

They then went back to their Tent and Fred and George were teasing Ron "Hey, Ronnie.. Did your boyfriend Viktor Krum do anything in this match?!" Said George "Leave me alone!" Said Ron "Oh, Viktor I love you so much!" Said Fred joking, and they all laughed, but then a loud boom was heard from outside the Tent "Stay here, boys. I'll go see what's going on" Said Mr. Weasley "Oh, Mr. Weasley, I think it's just Spain having a party!" Said Lewis "I don't think so.. Everyone out the tent, run!" Mr. Weasley said. They all went outside just in time to see the Tent burst in flames. "What the Bird is going on!?" Asked Ryan "Death Eaters!" Said Kashy "Death What?!" Asked Evan "Birdemort's followers! They always wear black hoods!" They then saw a cloud in form of a Skull, that opened it's mouth, and then a snake came out of it. "That's the Dark Mark!" Said Hermione "What's that!" Asked Tyler "They do this everytime Birdemort's back!" She said "No way..." They said "Shut Up and Run!" Said Ron. they all ran away and they ran into Draco Malfoy. "Haha.. Better keep the Mudblood safe.." He said, and then Ran away "That.. " Said Hermione. "Don't worry, Run!" Said Tyler. They were rounded by Death Eaters now, but they knew what to do "Expelliarmus!" Said Tyler and disarmed one of them "Confringo!" Shouted Ryan and exploded many men. "Flipendo!" Said Daniel and send the Death eaters flying away. They then ran into Mr. Weasley and Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge. "They did it, It was them!" Said Fudge "No, We weren't" Said Daniel "They couldn't have done it!" Said Arthur. "You sure? If they were powerful enough to defeat the Basilisk and You-Know-Who, They could have been powerful enought to do this!" Said Fudge "Oh, Fudge.. Kids, go to the Portkey and back home" Said Mr. Weasley "Ok" The boys said.

Chapter 4.5: Aboard the Birdwarts Express

They then go back Home and Tyler tells them all his dream "Do you realize how weird this all is?" Asked Hermione "What?" Asked Tyler "Your dream, the feeling you had, and now the Dark Mark.." Said Hermione "But, do you know who that other Bird was?" Asked Ryan "I only saw Birdemort in that couch.. Pettigrew, and I don't know who the other Bird is" Said Tyler.

They go have breakfast, and hear Mrs. Weasley talking to Amos Diggory via Floo Network "Did you hear about Alastor's Attack?" Amos Asked "Alastor?" Asked Mrs. Weasley. "Yes, He's an ex-Auror" Amos said "Oh, That Alastor! Yeah, the attack was pretty bad.. They attacked his house.. Well, gotta go, see ya" Said Mrs. Weasley and gave the Boys breakfast

When Mr and Mrs Weasley go leave the boys at the Birdwarts Express, and they hear Mr and Mrs. Weasley talk about "An exciting event happening this year at Birdwarts", and they asked themselves what it is.

Chapter 4.6: The Tri-Wizard Tournament

They arrive at Birdwarts to the opening ceremony and the house placing. Dumbledore then says his typical speech about respect and all that stuff. Ron looks out the Window and sees the lake. But when he looks closely, a Ship came from underwater. "What the Bloody Heck..?" He asked himself. He then looked to another side, and saw a Carriage being pulled by Flying Horses "What the heck is going on!?" He asked himself again.

"And another announcement -Dumbledore was saying- Birdwarts will this year host.. The Tri-Wizard Tournament!" Dumbledore said "The Tri-Wizard Tournament!" Said Evan. "For those who don't know.. The Tri-Wizard Tournament is a series of events by young Wizards and Witches from three different schools and the Winner is the Champion of the whole tournament!" Said Dumbledore "And now.. we will meet our friends from Durmstrang School of Witchcraft, from Russia!" Said Dumbledore "So that's the ship I saw!" Said Ron "And, Our Friends from Beux-Batóns School of Wizard Girls, from France!" Said Dumbledore "Aaaand that's the Carriage.." Said Ron again. "Now - Said Dumbledore - The Goblet of Fire!" He said pulling out of a white Blanket a Grey, Big Goblet with Purple, Blue and Green Flames "Wow!" Said Daniel. "This is the Goblet of fire.. If anyone wishes to participate in the Tournament, just put a piece of paper with your name on The Goblet and, Who knows? You might get chosen. But consider this.. If you enter the Tournament, you'll be alone.. With no help.. by yourself. That's why we decided to make the Tournament only for Fifth, Sixth and Seventh year students only." Said Dumbledore "Boo! That Sucks!" Said Ron "Ronald, Behave!" Said Hermione "Ok, Mom!" Said Ron, angry. "Man, I wanted to be in that Tournament" Said Kashy.

Chapter 4.7: Moody and The Unforgivable Curses

The next take D.A.D.A. Class with their new proffesor, Alastor Moody. "This year.. You'll be learning real Magic. Not that Trash that that Stutterer taught you On first and second year, Or those "Lessons" Lockhart gave you." Said Moody "Wow, Now I know I don't wanna mess with this dude!" Said Tyler. "Uh-huh" Said Daniel sitting next to him. "Today's lesson: The Unforgivable Curses" Said Moody "What?" Said Ryan "The Minister does not aprove of this lesson, But I think you need to know what you are facing!" Said Moody. "Now.. Anyone now an Unforgivable curse?" Asked Moody. Ron slowly raised his hand. "T-There's the Cruciatus Curse, Sir.." Said Ron "That's right, the Torture Curse!" Said Moody. He created a spider with Arania Exumai, and then enlarged it with Engorgio so ervyone coud see "Crucio!" He said, and the spider cried. "Stop it.." Said Hermione but no one could hear it. Neville, remembering his parents were killed with that spell, didn't feel good and shouted "Stop It!" Moody wasn't paying attention "Huh.. What? Oh, Yeah.. That was the Cruciatus Curse" Said Moody "Any other unforgivable Curse?" He asked "There's the Imperius Curse... Sir" Said Kashy, "Yes.. The Total Control Curse.. I could make this spider jump out of the Window.. Drown It, Perhaps? Or... Throw It At someone!" Said Moody, putting the spider in Ron's beak. Malfoy laughed "What are you laughing about?" Said Moody, putting the spider on Malfoy's beak "Agh, get it off, get it off!!" Shouted Malfoy "Good -Said Moody putting the Spider back on his desk- Now.. The final Unforgivable.. The Killing Curse.. Avada Kedavra!" Said Moody and killed the Spider. Neville felt like vomiting, and Hermione almost cried.

Chapter 4.8: Draco and Daniel's Hat

Daniel opened his bab and took out a brown object... HIS HAT! "You brought your hat?" Ryan asked as Daniel put it on. "You don't think Dumbledore will mind, do you?" Daniel asked. "No, but i think DRACO could use it against you." Ryan said, for Draco had his eye on Daniel's hat. Tyler grabbed it and hid it. Daniel looked at Draco with a mix of malice, thoughtfulness, and HUGE caution. Draco Teleported Daniel's hat to hat to him, and blew a Raspberry. Daniel's irises turned blood-red with anger. Ryan immediattely told Daniel to go back to his dorm,and Daniel didn't even argue. Sighs of relief came from both Ryan and Tyler as Daniel's eyes turned blue again.

Chapter 4.9: Beux-Batóns and Durmstrang

Later at Dinner, Dumbledore says to his students that they will now finally meet the other schools. "Now, Durmstrang School of Witchcraft!" Said Dumbledore. The door opened and A Big Brother Bird, wearing a hat and using a big wand entered, followed by 30 Students wearing Red Robes and casting Green Sparks, doing Stunts and all that. "Look, Viktor Krum!" Said Ron "Your Love studies in that school? Huh!" Said Tyler. Dumbledore then greeted the Headmaster, Igor Karkaroff and said "Now, Our Friends from Beux-Batons Academy of Magic for Girls!" Now, a Big, Big Woman (Even taller than Hagrid) entered the Great Hall, followed by some Girls who created Butterflies out of their bare hands. "I heard in that school, you don't use wands! You only use your hands!" Said Hermione "Neat" Said Ryan.

Chapter 4.10: The Goblet Of Fire

The next day, Dumbledore announces that The Goblet of Fire will be in the old un-used Divination class (Where the gang found the Mirror of Erised on their second year) and that to make sure that nobody younger than 17 will be able to put his name on it, He creates an Age-Line for the Age of 17 (Only students older than seventeen can pass it) around the Goblet.

When the location is known, The gang decides to go there and see who puts their name on it. First arrive Fred and George, very happy "What are you so happy about?" Asked Daniel "We'll put our names in the Goblet!" Said George "Good luck with that, you're fifteen years old!" Said Daniel "Yes, but we're drinking ageing Potion and turn into 18 years old! Hahahah!" Said Fred "My brothers are idiots" Said Ron "mm-hm" Said Ryan "Ready George?" Asked Fred "Ready, Fred!" Said George, and they drank the Potion. "Now let's put our names!" Said George "You're never fooling someone like Dumbledore" Said Hermione "That's why we use potion and he doesn't" Said Fred. They enterd the line and just as they were about to put their names, The Line sent them out flying away, for everyone's amusement. They now had grey beards like Dumbledore. "And that's what could happen, haha!" Said Hermione. "It's your fault, I told you not to do it!" Said George "No, It's your fault!" Said Fred, and they started to fight. Viktor Krum then entered, and he quietly put his name on The Goblet "Ron, Are You Drooling?" Asked Lewis "No!" Said Ron "Of course..." Said Lewis

Chapter 4.11: The Four Champions

Two weeks later, Dumbledore says it's time to announce the Three Champions/Competitors for the Tournament.

"Silence, everyone!" Said Dumbledore "We will now reveal the Champions with the Goblet of Fire" He said again, Putting his hand on the Goblet, and taking a piece of paper out "The Beux-Batons champion is... Fleur Delacour! Come here, please, Mrs. Delacour!" "Fleur! That's that beautiful girl I met yesterday!" Said Ron "Great, now you're in Love with Fleur and Viktor!" Said Tyler "Shut Up Tyler!" Said Ron and they all laughed. Fleur stood up and went with Dumbledore, who put his hand on the Goblet again "Now, The Durmstrang Champion is Viktor Krum!" Said Dumbledore "Ron, Your Prayers were heard in heaven, Viktor is the Champion!" Said Daniel, but this time Ron didn't answer. "And at last... The Birdwarts champion is.. Cedric Diggory, from Hufflepuff!" Said Dumbledore. Cedric got up and walked to Dumbledore. "These are the three champions for this year's tournament!" Said Dumbledore, but he was interrupted by The Goblet having a small explosion, and tossing another paper in the air. Dumbledore slowly grabbed the paper and read it "..T-Tyler Franks.. TYLER FRANKS!?" He shouted "What!?" Said Tyler "Tyler Franks, Come Here Right Now!" Said Dumbledore. Tyler slowly walked to Dumbledore, trying to ignore Slytherins' comments like "Cheater" or "Tyler Sucks, such a cheater". He joined Dumbledore, Crouch and the three other champions in his office. "Tell Me, Franks.. Did you put your name in the Goblet?!" Shouted Dumbledore "No Sir!" Said Tyler "Did You Ask Someone to put it in there for you?!" Asked Dumbledore "No, Sir!" Said Tyler. Moody entered "Perhaps, Somebody put his name under the name of a fourth not-existant school to make sure he got chosen" Said Moody. "That might be true, Alastor. What do you say, Barty?" Asked Dumbledore to Crouch "Well. The Rules are the rules. The Goblet has the decision. He will compete." Said Crouch. Viktor, Fleur and Cedric stood amazed, while Tyler almost peed himself.

Tyler went back to the Common room, but on the way ALL the Slytherins (Except Evan), Ravenclaws (Except Kashy) and Hufflepuffs stormed him. He finally entered the room. "Nice Work. You didn't tell me how you put your name in there" Said Ron "I didn't put my name!" Said Tyler "Yeah, Sure. "Friend"" Said Ron "What are you mad at me for something that didn't happen?!" Said Tyler "Yes It happened, you just don't wann tell me" Said Ron and left. "Don't worry, we believe you" Said Daniel "Yeah, We do" Said Ryan. "I'm worried. Crouch said the first task is on September 2nd" Said Tyler "And you don't have a clue about what's gonna happen" Said Daniel "Exactly" Said Tyler "Don't worry, We'll help you figure out what it is" Said Hermione.

Chapter 4.12: The Dragons

Tyler was sitting with Daniel and Ryan near the lake, throwing rocks, when Hermione appeared. "Uh, Tyler?" She said "Yes, Hermione?" Asked Tyler "Ugh... Ron says that Kashy told him.. that Evan told him that Lewis told him that Hagrid.. wants to see you" Said Hermione "What?" Said Tyler. Hermione approached Ron who was spying them and Tyler saw her speaking to him. "Ron says.. Ugh, Don't make me say it again.. Hagrid wants to see you" Said Hermione. "Ok" Said Tyler and went to Hagrid's house. "Hiya There. Tyler!" Said Hagrid "Hi Hagrid!" Said Tyler and they started to walk into the forest "Wait A Minute.. Hagrid, is that a Rose you have there.. and.. Did you comb your hair?" Asked Tyler "Uh-- y-Yeah Eh.. hehe" Said Hagrid "You're not going out, are you?" He asked "No.. Well.. No. Oh, you see.. The Beux-Batons headmaster, Madame Maxime, she invited me to Dinner here in the forest" Said Hagrid "And you brought me here as a spy or something?" Said Tyler "No, I want you to see that" Said Hagird pointing four cages with Dragons and two birds taking care of them "So, Dumbledore agreed the first task will be Dragons?" Said the guard "Yup" Replied the other one. "Dragons" Sait Tyler "Yes, and if-- Go, go! Here comes Maxime!" Said Hagrid "Ok, Bye, Thanks, See You, Bye Bye, And all that stuff!" Said Tyler and left.

He met Daniel, Ryan, and Hermione. "Dragons! It's the first task!" Said Tyler "What!?" Said Ryan "Dragons are hard" Said Hermione. "I know, but I gotta tell Cedric. He's one of the only ones outside Gryffindor who hasn't bothered me" Said Tyler, and left to tell Cedric.

He then went to Moody's office to ask for advice on what to do. When he entered, Moody wasn't there., But he saw a Big, Grey Chest. "Wonder what's in there" Said Tyler, and a scream came out of the box and it jumped. Tyler ran out of the Office scared.

Chapter 4.13: The First Task

The Day Arrived, And Cedric, Viktor, Fleur and Tyler went to The Champions' tent to get ready and get the Instructions from Dumbledore. Tyler saw an Old Newspaper in Dumbledore's table, and read it.

September 16, 1,978. Igor Karkaroff Is Free From Custody at Azkaban. Reason? He Gave The Minister Names of The Death Eaters--

Tyler couldn't finish reading, but he learned that Igor Was a Death Eater (The Name Of Birdemort's Followers). Dumbledore Arrived with a black bag on his hand. "All Right Champions, Form a circle around here" Said Dumbledore and they all formed the Circle. "Put Your Hand In Tis bag Mrs. Delacour, and pull something out" Said Dumbledore again. Fleur put her hand, and pulled out a green Little Dragon "A Green Schobask. Now, Mr. Krum" Dumbledore said and Krum put his hand and pulled out a Red Dragon "The Red Dragon. Now Mr. Diggory" Said Dumbledore and It was Cedric's turn. He pulled a yellow one "That's a Mexican Clesho" Said Dumbledore, and then It was Tyler's turn. He pulled an Orange one "Hungarian Horntail" Said Tyler "Yes. Now, This Dragons represent the Real Dragons you'll be fighting on the Arena. These Dragons are guarding a Golden Egg wich you can't pass to the second task without. Your objective is simple: Get the Golden Egg. Now, Mr. Diggory, You'll go first, when the Cannon Sounds" Said Dumbledore, and BOOM! Sounded the Cannon. He went out and 30 Mins. later he was back with his egg, the same to Krum and Fleur. It was now Tyler's turn. He went out and saw his Dragon there. He also saw the Egg, but he quickly ran because the Dragon almost hit him with His Tail. He jumped to a rock, then to another, and another, But The Dragon caught him in a Rock, and spit fire all around him, leaving Tyler with nowhere to go "Go Tyler!" Screamed his Friends as well as Cedric and other Gryffindors. He didn't know any spell to escape, so he called his Broom "Accio Nimbus 2,004!" He said, and the Broom appeared next to him. He escaped the stadium and flied all around Birdwarts with the Dragon behind him. He then managed to go back to the Stadium and quickly grabbed his egg. Once this happened, the Guards appeared and locked the Dragon again. This was The First Task.

Chapter 4.14: The Next Task

"What the... oh, no!" "What's wrong, Tyler?" Ryan asked. "The golden egg... The one I just got. It's gone. "Ah, yes, you're quite right, Tyler," said Dumbledore. "It has been stolen from you. You must retrieve it." "Huh?" said Tyler. "The second task has begun," Dumbledore explained. "You will search to retrieve the egg... in the Black Lake... without any spells! You'll actually have to get down in it." Ryan suddenly felt nauseous. "Wow," said Daniel. "That sounds hard, but I bet you can do it." Tyler looked down at himself. "Yeah, but my poor feathers will never be the same."

Later that day, the four competitors plunged into the dark waters of the Black Lake. They had one hour to find their stolen items. "You will have one hour to find your stuff," Dumbledore had explained. Tyler carefully searched around the lake. Then he saw it. No, not the egg, but gillyweed! Tyler smiled. He quickly ate the seaweed. Gills appeared on his face. Gillyweed was a special seaweed that gave who ever ate it gills. Now able to swim faster, Tyler continued searching. He followed the stream to the nearby village. But when he floated back up to the surface of the water, he saw Daniel and Ryan, asleep and tied to a pole, surrounded by a ring of fire. The villagers around them were chanting. "NOOOO!" Tyler screamed, hopping ashore and running towards the crowd. He pushed through the villagers and jumped. Using his sharp beak, he quickly cut the ropes, grabbed his friends, and ran off. "This looks like a spell was cast on them," he thought. He returned to were the competition had started. He finished last. "It was a test," Dumbledore explained. "We put your friends to sleep and tied them there to see what you'd do. We did something similar to the other competitors. Your friends weren't in real danger. However, you did show good friendship. Oh, and here's your egg." He handed it back to Tyler. The Second Task was over.

Chapter 4.15: The Monster Hat

McGonaggall called the students to the Table, and told them there was gonna be a Yule Ball, with Partners. Tyler, Daniel and Ryan weren't upset, since they knew they were gonna go with Shar, Muna and Autumn, respectevily. Ron Was, since he secretly had a crush on Hermione.

Later at Potions Class Ron kept telling Tyler how upset he was because Krum asked Hermione to the Dance, and she accepted. They then went out and prepared for the Ball.

Before that, Daniel was looking for his hat, but couldn't find it "Where the Heck Is That Thing!?" He asked "Your Hat?" Asked Ryan "Yes! I put it in my Cabinet this morning, and now it dissapeared!" Daniel said angrily. Both brothers went out to see Draco holding Daniel's hat "Draco! Put that down, You Filthy Piece of Garbage!" Shouted Daniel "I'll put it down, of course -Said Draco- But, When I put it down, i gotta do another thing with it" "What!?" Asked Daniel "This!" Said Draco. He pointed his wand at the Hat, and with an unidentified spell, he turned it into a monster. The Monster pursuited them both through the Empty Halls of the Eight floor, that was basically only the Gryffindor Tower Entrance. That's It.

The Yule Ball arrived, And Muna and Autumn were sitting, waiting for Dan and Rye. "Don't you know where they are?" Asked Shar "No, Can't find Ryan" Said Autumn "And I can't find Daniel" Said Muna. Tyler arrived and told Shar the Ball was going to begin and that him, along with the other four champions were gonna begin the ball with their couples. The Ball started, Tyler and Shar, Cedric and Cho Chang, Krum and Hermione and Fleur with a Ravenclaw Student (Could it be you, Kashy?). "Is That Krum with Hermione?" Asked Evan "Of Course It Isn't" Said Ron, angrily.

As Soon at the Ball began, Tyler quickly ran with Moody (who he was starting to get close to) and Looked for Rye and Dan. Somehow it popped in their mind to search at the Gryffindor Tower. They entered and saw The Hat pursuiting the Brothers, and Draco laughing cruelly. "IMMOBULUS!" Shouted Moody and paralized the Hat "Finite Incantatem!" He said, and the hat turned normal. "Draco tried to Run "Not So Fast, You Little... Levicorpus!" Draco was lifted by his tail and brought to Moody's feet. "Now, what were you doing?" Said Moody. Draco slowly pulled his wand without anyone watching "Expelliarmus Maxima!" He said. Now they all knew the Expelliarmus spell, to disarm just one person, but Expelliarmus Maxima disarmed everybody in the room. Draco got up and Ran for his life. Daniel quickly got his wand and tried to shoot Draco with the painfulest spell he was able to do. "Compared to Draco's spells, That Is Useless" Said Ryan "What Do You Mean?" Said Tyler "I Know. He's been doing some difficult magic now.. That Monster spell he used on the Hat.. That Maxima version of Expelliarmus.. Where's he learning all this?" Daniel said "I have no Idea." Said Moody.

Chapter 4.16: The Pensieve

The gang was walking through the Forest, to attend Magic Creatures Care class with Hagrid, when -Believe it or not- They saw a Dead Bird just laying there. "WOW!" They all said, except Hermione "That's Barty Crouch!" Is what she said "Barty Crouch?! The Minister of Magic!" Said Tyler, and left (just him) To tell Dumbledore.

He arrived and saw Dumbledore waiting for him in his office next to a thingy that looked like a Fountain. "Proffesor! Barty--" "Is dead" Said Dumbledore. "This, My Student, Is a Pensieve. Allows you to see other people's memories. I want you to see one in Special" Said Dumbledore "Who's?" Asked Tyler "Mine. It was a long time ago" Said Dumbledore. He put his wand in his hand, waited for 3 seconds, and pulled out a memory, that looked like water. He put the memory on the Pensieve and said "Tyler. Put your head in there" "Ok, Proffesor" Said Tyler and did I.

The Memory Began.....

It looked like the Ministry of Magic. Where they judge Azkaban Prisioners to see if they can go free. "That's where they Judged My Uncle Jack.. right?" Tyler thought. Dumbledore was sitting there "Proffesor!" He said but no one heard him. The guards appeared with a Prisioner. "Igor Karkaroff! The Durmstrang Headmaster!" Thought Tyler. Barty Crouch started to talk "Igor Karkaroff. You are asking for freedom in exchange of giving us the names of some Death Eaters, right?" Crouch asked "Yes, Sir" Karkaroff then gave a lot of names. "Those people are dead" Said Crouch "Guards, take him back to Azkaban!" Crouch said "No, Wait.. There's still somebody..." Said Igor "Who?" Asked Crouch "Barty Crouch.. Junior.." Said Igor "My Son..?" Murmured Crouch. Crouch Jr, who was in that room quickly ran to the door trying to escape. Dumbledore stood up and knocked him out. The Guards took him out of the room, and Crouch Senior asked everybody to go out.

The Memory faded...

"That happened ten years ago" Said Dumbledore. "What does that have to do?" Asked Tyler "There are Rumours that Barty never sent his son to Azkaban. But freed him." Said The Headmaster "But Why?" Asked Tyler. "Because he is his Son. But, did you see Crouch Jr. Clearly?" Asked Dumbledore "Yes, Sir. He sticked his tongue out every few moments" Said Tyler "Yes, you know who else does that" Said Albus "Yes. Moody.." Said Tyler, confused.

Chapter 4.17: Cancerium Weed

Daniel saw something next to Barty... CANCERIUM WEED! "I think he killed himelf!" Daniel said, pointing to a half-eaten leaf of Cancerium Weed. Cancerium weed was a weed that could give even extremely healthy birds Cancer. "That's Canceruim Weed, a weed that if eaten, can give you cancer. but if used correctly, it can kill cancer cells as well." Daniel explained. Hermione and the rest of the class stared at Daniel. Hagrid was shocked. "Did you see this weed before?" Hagrid asked. "I did. it's a plant growing outside the village. i found that most birds with K.O.A.B. had eaten this plant. explanation? K.O.A.B. is a form of CANCER, not it's own disease." Daniel said. Daniel picked a few leaves and put them in a vial he had brought along from his lab. after Magical Creatures class, Daniel sat in his dorm mashing the Cancerium Weed into a liquid. Daniel had brought along some needed components. Brine, an air-tight lid with an airlock, and more Cancerium Weed. after the brine and extra cancerium weed was in, Daniel put the air-tight lid on the jar, added water to the airlock, and latched the jar shut. Muna had stayed a while, and when she saw Daniel's Fermento-vial, she smiled.

Chapter 4.18: Hermione Rescue

later, Daniel hear shouting and Hermione screaming on the roof. Daniel ran up there, and saw all the Birdwarts students knocked out except for hermione, and a bird in a back hood. Daniel looked at his vial of Canceruim weed... and threw it. it hit the bird in the black cape, and Daniel saw cancer cells rapidly form. Daniel ran to save Hermione, and the bird pushed her off the roof! Daniel quickly grabbed Hermione, as quick as a Yellow bird with turbo charges. he found his stare at the ground, not at hermione, and he pulled back in fright. Daniel pulled Hermione back unto the roof. "Thank you, Daniel." Hermione said. and with that, she kissed him. "that's kiss-from-Hermione number 2..." Daniel said when Hermione left.

Chapter 4.19: The Last Task

The last Task was coming, and Tyler was ready for It. "Do you know what the Third Task is?" Asked Hermione. "No. I don't Hermione.. You're my best Female Friend, and The Most Intelligent Bird I know asides from Daniel, but I told you three times I don't know what the Task Is.." Said Tyler. "I'm Your Best Woman Friend" Asked Hermione, making Tyler some signs he couldn't understand "Yes You Are!" He said. Hermione kept doing the signs with her eye. "What The--?" Tyler said, and Shar came out. "She's your Best Friend?" Said Shar "Wait. No-- Listen--" Tyler Tried to explain "No, Explain it to her, and forget about me" Shar said and left crying "I kept doing the Signs. I'm so sorry about it" Said Hermione. "It's not your fault." Said Tyler. The third task was announced and Tyle was ready to leave. "The only thing I was able to see in the Future in yesterday's divination class, Is that one of us four will die in this Task" Said Tyler. "It Can't be you,," Hermione said, sadly. Suddenly it popped onto Tyler's head "Hermione! Crouch Jr. Is the one in my dream, next to Pettigrew and Birdemort!" Said Tyler "So?" Asked Hermione "This is all Worse... Crouch Jr. COULD be Moody, with a Disguise, and I think Draco is Birdemort's right hand!" Said Tyler "Tyler.. The Task Is dangerous.. I-I-I.." Hermione stopped and kissed Tyler. "WOW, what was that For!?" Said Tyler "For Luck... I don't wanna loose you in there.." Said Hermione "I'm sure you won't" Said Tyler and left. The others were there and Tyler told 'em everything, except for Hermione's kiss. "Tyler.. I know you won't die. But.. Good Luck Out there Buddy.." Said Daniel and gave him a hug. "Yes, Tyler.. Be careful, With Everything" Said Ryan. Ron appeared and Apologized. "Listen, you may think I never thought of you.. But I gave you a chance to see the Dragons" Said Ron "What? That Was Hagrid!" Said Tyler "No, My Brother Charlie is the Guardian, and He told me about them, and I Then told Hagrid about the Dragons, and he told you" Said Ron "Ok.. Then.. Bye everyone" Said Tyler and left.

The Third Task was a gigantic maze. And the only goal was that the one who found the Cup First would win "...And Only Proffesor Moody knows where the Cup is.. If anyone wants to give up, just shoot red sparks from yor wand" Dumbledore said. "The Task will begin when the Cannon Explo--" BOOM! Dumbledore was interrupted by the Cannon again, and the four champions entered the Maze. Tyler kept looking for hours and hours. And he saw Fleur "Fleur!" Said Tyler "Tyler, Run! He's bewitched!" She said "Who!?" "Krum!" She said. Tyler saw Krum. His eyes where ALL white and he looked kinda dead. "The Imperius Curse! Somebody is using it on him!" Tyler thought he ran, and saw the Cup. he ran for it, but Cedric was running to it. They were pushing themselves until Cedric yelled "Stop! Stop Running!" "What!?" Asked Tyler "Let's both grab the Cup at the same time. It will be a Birdwarts victory anyway" Said Cedric and Tyler agreed. When they grabbed the cup, they were teleported to another place.

Chapter 4.20: The Cementery

Tyler figured out the Cup was a Portkey. "It's a Porkey. Moody bewitched it!" Said Tyler "Yes, but why would he want us here?" Cedric asked. He saw Draco and Pettigrew walking to them. Pettigrew was holding a little Baby-Like Body, but it wasn't a baby. It was Birdemort, but very weakened. "Draco.. Kill Cedric. I don't want intruders. "Yes Sir.." Said Draco. He pointed his wand at Cedric and shouted "Avada Kedavra!" Green light came out of the wand. When it hit Cedric, he fell on the floor.. Dead.

"NOOOO!" Screamed Tyler. "You.. You. You filthy piece of--" "Mobilicorpus!" Said Draco, and lifted Tyler. He put Tyler in a tomb, and tied Tyler to the Tomb with the Incarcerous spell. "Let Me Go!" Shouted Tyler. He saw the Tomb "Tom Riddle Sr." Said the Tomb "This is Birdemort's dad's tomb!" Tyler thought. Draco created a Cauldron and said "Yes, I knew you were wondering from where I knew all those spells, and Yes. The Dark Lord gave me special lessons, And I became his Right Hand!" He put Some Liquid in the Cauldron "You Can Guess What I'm making.. A Potion for reviving the Dark Lord, mwahahaha!" Draco said. "You'll Never-- Be..--" Tyler was very weakened, and sad because of Cedric. "Now.. A Bone from the Father of the Dark Lord" Said Pettigrew, who was giving Draco instructions on how to make the Potion. "A Bone from his Father, huh?" Said Draco and lifted the Tomb Tyler was standing on, and took a bone out of it, and he then put it in the Potion. "Sacrifice Feathers from his Servant." Said Pettigrew. Draco cut some of his Feathers and put them in the Cauldron. "And Finally.. Blood from the Enemy.." Said Pettigrew. "This will Hurt, Franks.." Said Draco "Bleedus!" He said, and Tyler started to cry in pain, and blood came out of his beak. "That will be enough thank you.." Draco lifted the blood with his wand, and put it on the Cauldron. "It's ready, Peter" He said. Pettigrew put the Body in the Cauldron, and after five seconds...BOOM! The Cauldron exploded and A full-size Birdemort came out. He called his death eaters and mocked at Tyler. He then freed Tyler and told him to fight him. "C'mon, try your best spell at me, c'mon!" Said Birdemort. Tyler grew in courage and shouted "Expelliarmus!" Birdemort casted a shield and Tyler was sent flying. "Ahaha! Poor Little Frankie.. CRUCIO!" He shouted and Tyler was tortured. He got up and shouted "Avada Kedavra!" and Birdemort shouted the same spell at the Same Time. A Big, Green Light was formed in both Bird's wands (It Looked Like a Chain was holding both wands) Tyler tried to lift his wand but he couldn't, So he threw his wand and grabbed Cedric's. "Accio!" He said and grabbed the Portkey. Since he was standing on Cedric, he was teleported too.

Chapter 4.21: The Truth is Revealed

Tyler reappeared in the Birdwarts castle, where everyone was watching the Maze, and everybody looked at him. The proffesors went down and asked what happened "He's back, He's back!" Said Tyler. "Who!? Who!?" Asked Snape "Birdemort is back! He killed Cedric!" Said Tyler. Moody appeared, and took Tyler to his office. "The Plan worked!" He said "You.. You're th Dark Lord's servant, aren't you, Crouch!" Shouted Tyler "Yes! It was all plane--" Moody was interrupted by Dumbledore, who disarmed him and made him drink a Truth potion. "Where's the real Moody!?" He asked. Crouch looked at the same Chest Tyler saw moving a month ago. There was the real Moody. He got out and they Sent Crouch to Azkaban. Tyler went with his friends. He hugged Daniel and Ryan, and Hermione looked at him "You were right. I didn't loose you" She said "Yes.. I was right" Hermione hugged him and she then Kissed him "Woooo!" Said Ron. Daniel hit him "Ouch". Ron said. Hermione and Tyler went back at Birdwarts and sit alone watching the sky "Didn't you have a crush on her?" Asked Ryan "Seeing One of my best friends with her.." Said Ron "What?" Asked Daniel "The Crush.. It Just.. Woof! Away!" Said Ron.

Chapter 5: Fifth Year: The Order Of The Phoenix

"The Year has ended" Said Tyler "Yes. Promise me you'll visit me at my house" Said Hermione "Why Shouldn't I?" Asked Tyler "Tyler.. I L-L-Lov--" "Shh.. You Can tell that to me next year." Said Tyler, hugged her and left.

Chapter 5.1: Draco DementedEdit

This story does not begin in the Franks House, or The Riddle House, but In a playground near Uncle Jack's mansion. (Tyler had decided to stay there for these vacations) Tyler was sitting in a Swingset, and Draco appeared. "Hey, Ty-Ty.. You still thinking about that Mudblood? Oh, That's right, It's Cedric, Cedric is your boyfriend right?! Haha!" He said. Tyler ignored him. "Cedric I Love You! Smooch, Smooch, Cedric!" Draco said, mockingly. Tyler got up and pointed his wand at Draco. "Don't you threaten me again, Malfoy." said Tyler. "Hahaha! What Are You Going To Do!? You can't perform Magic Outside Birdwarts!" Draco said. The clouds turned black, and lighting struck. (No, Thunderstruck was not playing in the Background) They began to run, since it was raining harder than a Rock. "What Did you Do, Franks!?" Draco asked, running. "Nothing!" Tyler answered. They then entered a Tunnel, wich led to Uncle Jack's mansion "Why Are You Even following me?!" Said Tyler "My Dad's Mansion is quite near Your Uncle's, Plus, What Do You Care? Blood Traitor!" Shouted Malfoy, and just then, he tripped and fell. Tyler stood there in the Tunnel, panting. Suddenly Black, Ghost-Like Monsters appeared. They Were Dementors! Guards of Azkaban who would drink everybody's happiness. Of course, Proffesor Lupin had secretly gave Tyler lessons about a spell that could defeat them in his Third Year. Tyler saw the Dementor screaming and quickly shouted "Expecto Patronum!" See, The Patronus was a really powerful shield against dark creatures, but in order to cast it, You had to be fulfilled with your Happiest Memory. The Dementor near Tyler went away, then he saw Draco, about to be killed by the Dementor. "Draco, What Are You Doing? Finish It!" Tyler said "Can't reach-- My-- Wand" He said. "Oh, I'll regret this..Expecto Patronum!" Said Tyler and defeated the other Dementor. Draco fell to the floor, unconscious. An Old Lady appeared. Tyler quickly hid his wand "Oh, Sweetie, don't hide it, They could return" Said The Lady. "Mrs. Stringson? Aren't you the Malfoys' Maid?" He said "Yes, but Do not Worry, I won't hurt you like those people." She said, and left with Draco. Tyler went to his Uncle's Mansion, and heard through the Window a Conversation. "Look at This, Narcissa! Our Son is Crazy Now!" Said Mr. Malfoy "I Do Not Know What Happened" Said Mrs. Stringson, lying obviously. "Hey, There, Ty!" Said Uncle Jack "Oh, Hi Uncle." Said Tyler "You Got Wet, huh?" He said "Yes, Uncle" Said Tyler "You Weren't doing Magic, right? You'll be expelled" Said Uncle Jack "Uh.. No-Noo.." Said Tyler and left.

Chapter 5.2: A Horrible HowlerEdit

Later at Dinner, (Tyler had Invited Ryan and Daniel and Lewis was already there since he just found out He's Tyler's Brother) A Flying Letter entered the House "Oh, Look It's A Howler! I remember I used to get a lot of them from your Grandma when I was in Birdwarts, hehe" Said Jack. The Howler opened and started talking "Dear Mr. Tyler Franks. We Have been notified you did the Patronus Charm At 6:17 PM This Evening, and you have been Expelled from Birdwarts school of Magic. Wishing you my best, Mafalda Hopkirk" Said the Howler and then It burst into flames. "Tyler.. You're--" "I Know what I Am, Uncle.. Expelled, go on. Lock me in my room, do it" Said Tyler "What Are You Talking About? I AM Mad, because you lied to me, But I'm no Anne Franks to do that." Jack said "Ugh, Mum. Le's be clear I don't miss her" Said Tyler "Who Would?" Said Daniel. Just Then Anne burst into Jack's Mansion. "I hear you've been expelled from Birdwarts, now come here! You're grounded." She said and took Tyler by his tail feathers. "Anne I Can Explain, It's my fault..." Said Jack "Shut Up, I'm not Talking to you" She said and left "She's such a-- Oh, You Boys are still here.. Nevermind." Said Jack.

Chapter 5.3: The Advance Guard/The Order Of The PhoenixEdit

Back in the Franks house, Tyler was locked in his room again. He couldn't sleep because of Birdemort's return, Cedric's death and other stuff in his head. Suddenly, the door opened, slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowly... (Yes, It was that Slow) And Jack, Moody (The Real One), Tonks (Lupin's wife) and Lupin (Ex-Proffesor and Best Friend of Jack). were there "What Are You Doing Here?" Said Tyler freaked out "Rescuing you" Said Moody "And My Mom?" He asked "Jack petrified her" Said Lupin "It was His Idea!" Jack said "Whatebird, let's just leave." Said Tyler.

They went out the House and Moody had Brooms waiting for everbody. They all mounted one and left. "Where Are We Going?" Said Tyler to Tonks, while Flying "It's a Special Place. Just follow Moody!" She said. "OK" He said.

They arrived at an Apartment building. Moody casted a spell on the Building and suddenly it grew Bigger and another floor appeared "Wow" Said Tyler "C'mon, Let's go." Said Moody. They entered. Tyler saw Snape, McGonaggall and others in there. Tyler was gonna enter, when "Tyler! So Glad You Came" Said Mrs. Weasley. "Glad to see you too Mrs. Weasley." Said Tyler. "Op-Op-Opp.. The Dinner's not ready yet. Go up, second door to the Right" She said. Tyler went up and entered the door. Daniel, Ron, And the Others were there. He said Hi to everybody. Hermione appeared and hugged him "Tyler, I investigated, You CAN'T Be expelled, It would be unfair, I mean.. You were just Saving your life" She said. "In This Times, everything could happen" Said Tyler.

They went down for Dinner. Jack and Lupin were discussing something. "Tyler, you know this place?" Asked Jack "No" Said Tyler "Well, This was my house as a Kid. But It now is the house of The Order" Said Lupin "What Order?" Asked Tyler "The Order of the Phoenix, Didn't anyone tell you?" He asked "No, Remus. Nobody told me" Tyler "Dumbledore told us not to tell you!" Said Hermione "Why would he do that?" Asked Tyler. "We don't know" Said Mr. Weasley. "So, WHat's the Order?" Asked Tyler "The Order is a group of Birds who fought against Birdemort 13 years ago. It was destroyed, but now we're bringing it back." Said Lupin. "Why?" Asked Tyler "You Know How Your Father was killed, right?" "Yes, Birdemort killed him" Said Ty. "He then tried to kill you, but since your Father sacrified himself for you, Your Father's love was enought to cover you and make you inmune to Birdemort" Said Lupin "So?" Asked Tyler. "Last Time, Birdemort searched for a Prophecy. To see if he was ever gonna kill you. This time, he's looking for it again. That's why we're forming the Order" Said Jack "Oh. Can I Join?" Asked Tyler "No-One that isn't graduated can Join, but we'll make an Exception for you and you're Friends" Said Jack "Woo-Hoo!" They said and finished eating.

Chapter 5.4: The Ministry Of MagicEdit

Mr. Weasley, who worked at The Ministry of Magic entered Tyler's room "Wake Up, Tyler. We gotta go to your hearing" "My Hearing?" Asked Tyler "Yes, You're hearing. To find out if you're expelled or not" Said Mr. Weasley "So I'm Not Expelled?" Asked Tyler "No, Not Yet".

They entered the Ministry and spent hours looking for the Hearing Room. "God, Five Minutes for Your Hear!" Said Mr. Weasley. They heard another person saying he had to go to the Hearing Room, too, So they followed him. They then arrived and saw Lucius Malfoy speaking to Fudge, The Minister Of Magic "Do What's right. Expell Him. It's Against The Rules to Make Magic outside Birdwarts" Said Malfoy as he handed Fudge some money. Tyler and Mr. Weasley waited for Malfoy to go and entered the room.

Chapter 5.5: The HearingEdit

"Now Commencing Hearing of Tyler Gregory Franks" Said Fudge. Dumbledore entered "Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. Don't forget me" Said Albus. "Dumbledore, we spoke about this, He MUST be Expelled, he has no evidence or witnesses!" Said Fudge "Actually, there's one Witness" Said Dumbledore. Tyler thought he was talking about Draco, but he was talking about Mrs.Stringson. She entered and they questioned her. She agreed that she had seen two Dementors, and Fudge still didn't believe her. "Those who are against the Defendant" Said Fudge and him and another Woman said "me" Tyler rememberd that Woman's face, it was just.. Like Grandma who cooks you Dinner. She seemed nice, but was against Tyler. "I Believe he should be expelled. He clearly made magic before School." She said "Those who support the Defendant" Said Fudge, and everybody said "Yes". "The Charges are Removed. Tyler Gregory Franks WILL Study at Birdwarts School of Magic his Fifth Year" Said Fudge (Funny how everyone constantly says "Fifth Year" Right?). Tyler tried to Thank Dumbledore, but he left before Tyler could thank him.

Chapter 5.6: Don't Do It, Draco!Edit

When Tyler got to Birdwarts, he noticed Daniel was wearing his hat again. Hermione saw Draco looking at Daniel with a look of murderous malice. Draco took out his wand and pointed it at Daniel. Daniel suddenly screamed in pain, and fell to the ground. Draco laughed. "Packback for trying to kill me" Draco said. "I didn't try to, Semi-Dulk did." Daniel said. 'SHUT IT!" Draco screamed,"CRUCIO!". Daniel screamed in pain again. Daniel took out his wand. "I'm sorry, Draco. but have to do this. Crucifio!" Daniel said. all of the students covered their ears, but Draco fell to the floor. "THE SOUND! THE SOUND! STOP... WITH... THE SOUND!" Draco screamed. Daniel let go of the button. the sound stopped. Dumbledor didn't snap at Daniel. "it's not so Unforgivable when it's not too painful." Dumbledore said. he wasn't affected by it. Draco picked up something out of his bag. it was the leftovers of Daniel's Cancerium Weed formula. Draco prepared to throw it at Daniel, whe Hermione interrupted. "DON'T DO IT DRACO!" Hermione yelled. she had a leaf of some plant.. CANCERIUM WEED! "or i'll eat this."Hermione Continued. Draco looked at Hermione, then Daniel. he threw it anyway. Daniel jumped and tackled Hermione, and took the leaves away. Daniel bit into the leaf, Daniel fell to the floor instantly. Draco smiled. Hermione screamed, and Ryan panicked. the nurse came in. This is the worst year ever. Tyler thought.

Chapter 5.7: Daniel, Tasks, and Much More to Worry About.Edit

Tyler sat in the hospital wing. Hermione just stared. "I should have never done that, I'm sorry Tyler." Hermione said. "It's not your fault, that's Daniel for you. he will save someone's life even when it means his own." Tyler Said. Ryan stayed silent, this officially ruined third year for him. "Who really is to blame is Draco. something has to be done, not only because of Daniel, FOR him." Ryan said. Draco was standing in the Slytherin Room, bragging. Evan was upset. How could you be so happy about killing somebody else? Evan thought. "You pride yourself for killing my friend, and i'm not Evil." Evan said. "He shouldn't be your friend anymore." Draco snapped

Chapter 5.8: Specially Proffesor Umbridge!Edit

"Tyler, Ryan... Wake Up!" Said Lewis "What Is It?" Said Ryan "We have D.A.D.A. Lesson rght now, It's the first of the Year!" Lewis said "Ugh, No.. Not D.A.D.A. We always have a bad proffesor! Quirrell, Lockhart, Crouch, Who Is It Now?!" Asked Tyler. They went to class and there she was a Old, Pink Lady Bird. "Good Morning, Class. I Am Proffesor Dolores Umbridge and Today we'll be learning about your exams this year, the Ordinary Wizarding Level, more known as O.W.L" Said Umbridge. They were all expecting the book "Standard Book Of Spells Grade 5" Or "Curses and Counter-Courses for Fifth Graders"But No. They got "Safely Cast Ordinary Spells" By Umbridge herself. "Proffesor I Don't Know How This will help us against the Dark Forces Out There" Said Tyler "Like Who Are You Talking About!?" Said Umbridge "I Don't Know, Like Birdemort!" Said Tyler "How Dare You Say His Name!?" Screamed Umbridge "But He's Back!" Said Tyler. "The Dark Lord Is not Back" Said Umbridge "Then How Do You Explain Cedric's death?" Asked Tyler "Cedric Diggory's death was A Tragic Accident that may have been caused by You!" Screamed Umbridge "No. Birdemort's Back And I Did NOT Murder Cedric!" Shouted Tyler "Mr. Franks. You wil be having Detention with me today" Said Umbridge "I Cannot Believe that" Said Ron.

Chapter 5.9: Detention with UmbridgeEdit

Tyler went to Umbridge's office to get Detention. Now that I think Of It, I haven't seen Hagrid in a While. Wonder Where He Is.. Thought Tyler. "Good Morning Mr. Franks. You Will Be Writing Some Stuff For Me" Said Dolores. "What Do I Have to Write?" Said Tyler "You Will Write I Must Not Tell Lies" Said Umbridge "How Many Times?" Asked Tyler "I Don't Know, As Much As you need to get The Message" Said Dolores. Tyler was starting to write when Umbridge stopped him "Op-Op-Op. You Will Be Writng with This Special Pen of Mine." She said. Tyler started Writing. A Few Minutes Later, He felt a little pain in hands. It started to bleed. The Blood took the form of the Phrase "I Must Not Tell Lies" Tyler was scared. He obviously picked his stuff and left.

Back In The Common Room They Were Having a Little Party "What's All This About?" Asked Tyler "Oh, Ron was chosen Gryffindor Quidditch Team Keeper! Awesome, Rig-- Wait What's That?!" Asked Hermione looking at Tyler's hand. "Uh, Nothing" He said, "Tyler, Let Me see" She said and held his hand "She's Torturing You! You Have To Tell Dumbledore!" She said "No, He's very Busy" Said Tyler "But She--" "Shh.. Let's enjoy the Fact that Ron finally did something Good." Said Tyler

Chapter 5.10: The Birdwarts High InquisitorEdit

Hermione secretly begins to spy Umbridge, and finds out that Dolores is in the school from part of The Ministry, trying to investigate Tyler and Dumbledore, as well as Ryan. The Next Day Ron recieves a letter from Percy, his elder brother who was a Prefect in the Gang's First Year.

Ron Started To Read the Letter:

Dear Ronald,

Gongratulations for becoming a Prefect just Like Me, Charlie and Bill. Listen, I Know You're Pretty Good Friends with Daniel, Ryan and Tyler. But It Would Be Better If you, along with Dad, Mom and the Others stop hanging with them. They're a bad influence for us and the Ministry, since they invented all that Birdemort Lie.--

Ron stopped reading the letter and tore it up and then threw it in the Fire. "Percy Is Crazy" Said Ron. Now Tyler felt more Sad than ever, since nobody believed the Birdemort Theme. Suddenly the Fire began to move, It was Remus! "How Did He Get His Face In There?!" Asked Ron "He's Communicating via Floo Network, duh!" Said Daniel "Listen, Kids. I gotta tell you something. I investigated and found out Umbridge wants to Investigate the school, she really works at The Ministry. She wants to investigate Dumbledore" Said Lupin "Why, Does She think Dumbledore is making an army to attack the Ministry orSomething?" Asked Ryan "That's exactly what Fudge thinks. He thinks Albus is forming secretly an Army to take down the Ministry." Said Lupin "Now I don't have many time, I Gotta Go." Said Lupin and left. "This Only Means one thing" Said Hermione "What?" Said The Gang "We need to find a Teacher, a real Teacher."Said Hermione. They all stared at Daniel, Tyler and Ryan.

Days Later, It was announced that Umbridge was now The Birdwarts High Inquisitor, and started putting new Rules, Called Education Decrees, like:

  • No Student Can Be More than 20cms Close to Each Other
  • Music is forbidden in the Halls Or Classrooms
  • Any Student to not Respect Dolores Umbridge will be automatically given an "F" on his O.W.L.

Chapter 5.11: Dumbledore's ArmyEdit

Hermione finally convinced Tyler to teach D.A.D.A. Secretly to SOME Students, Not All. "When Will The Meeting Be?" Asked Tyler "Today, at Hog's Head, in Hogsmeade" Said Hermione "Let Me Be clear, I don't want to do this because I wanna teach some kids who think i'm a Liar some Magic. I did this because of You constantly trying to convince me" Said Tyler "You Sure?" Asked Hermione "Ok, Yes I wanna teach" Said Tyler "Knew It. Let's go" She said, and they both left.

When they enter, Tyler is stunned to see how many students want to learn from him. (He was o [1]The ListAdded by Tyler G. Franksbviously not Surprised to see his Best Friends there). "Well, You Know Why We Gathered Here Today, Right? For a Teacher, a real Teacher" Said Hermione. She explained all that Concept about The Trio defeating Birdemort, Tyler being able to Cast The Patronus, Daniel defeating the Basilisk and Ryan fighting Death Eaters at the Quidditch World Cup.

At The End, They all agreed to have the classes on secret, and signed their names in the List of The Group, calling it "Dumbledore's Army":

Chapter 5.12: Daniel Wakes UpEdit

Tyler and Ryan were in Transfiguration class, when a nurse from the hospital wing came in. "Daniel's better now!" she said cheerfully. Daniel hopped in, looking good as new. "Daniel!" Ryan, Tyler, and Hermione exclaimed. "Yeah, i'm back!" Daniel said. "i thought i was dead, but an hour ago i was having dreams, so i think i was in some sort of dream state." Daniel exclaimed. "That would make sense, you didn't have to eat it. i had put a Sleeper potion on it, that instead of killing me, i would enter a dream state un i was healed." Hermione proclaimed. Draco groaned, and looked at Daniel with anger of a failed plan. Draco all of the sudden came up with plan that would take care of all three problems...

Chapter 5.13: Educational Decree Number Twenty-FourEdit

The D.A. (Dumbledore's Army) kept practising on secret, but one day, Umbridge managed to overhear a conversation between Neville and Ron "So, Ron. How Come you didn't go to the D.A. Practice yesterday?" Asked Neville "I forgot, what happened" Asked Ron "The Trio taught us the Obliviate spell, and we practised Immobulus again" Said Neville. Since Umbridge was the High Inquisitor she put another Educational Decree, the Number twenty-four. "All Student Organizations at Birdwarts are prohibited, Decree Number Twenty-Four" Announced Umbridge.

"Now, Let Me clear something, How Come is it Called Dumbledore's Army, isn't that the Minister's fear? That Dumbledore will take over the Ministry" Asked Hermione "Ask Fred and George. They Came Up WIth The Name" Said Ron. "Forget that, we need another place to Practise.." Said Tyler "What Happened To the Old Room?" Asked Ryan "Umbridge closed it, It will soon be Detention Class" Said Daniel. Dobby, who now worked at the Birdwarts kitchens appeared. "I suggest the Room of Requirement" Said Dobby "And Where Is That?" Evan asked "Well, on the Eight Floor Corridor, Do You know that big, Old Wall?" Asked Dobby "Yes" They Said "Well, It's said that if someone who has Faith stands in there for ten seconds, a door will open to a secret room, called the Room of Requirement" Said Dobby "Thanks Dobby!" They said and left.

They stood in front of the wall, waited ten seconds and It opened. They called the rest of the Armyand began practising. They separated and all taught different spells and charms:

  • Tyler taught the Patronus Charm (Expecto Patronum) and the Protecting Charm (Protego) to 6th and 5th Years
  • Daniel Taught the`Reductor Curse (Reducto) and the Impediment Jinx (Impedimenta) to 7th and 4th years
  • Ryan taught The Stunning Spell (Stupefy), The Disarming Charm (Expelliarmus) and the Knockback Jinx (Flipendo) to 3rd, 2nd and 1st Years.

Chapter 5.14: The Worst Quidditch Practice EverEdit

On The Quidditch Practice for th Gryffindor team, Ron was supposed to train with the Rest of the Team. He was now Keeper instead of Oliver Wood, since he graduated last year. The Slytherin team invaded the Quidditch field again like in the gang's Third Year "This Brings Me Memories" Said Daniel "Lots of 'em" Replied Kashy. Ron began to practice, but was very nervous and couldn't catch the Quaffles. The Slytherin team then began Mocking him with a Song:

Weasley cannot save a thing,
He cannot block a single ring,
That's why Slytherins all sing:
Weasley is our King.
Weasley was born in a bin
He always lets the Quaffle in
Weasley will make sure we win
Weasley is our King.

Chapter 5.15: The Snake In The Dream AttacksEdit

About halfway through the School year, Hagrid returned to Birdwarts injured, so the gang decided to visit him. "So, What Happened To You, Hagrid?" Asked Lewis "See, Dumbledore sent me in a Mission" Hagrid replied "What Mission?" Asked Evan "Giants. He sent me to the lands of the Giants to see if they could join us and fight You-Know-Who" Hagrid said "And they did this to you?" Asked Hermione, pointing Hagrid's injuries. "No, Other Death Eaters apparated to join the Giants, too. I was forced to battle 'em, I luckily escaped" Hagrid said "Well.. At the end, did the Giants join you?" Asked Ryan "No. Thy joined Birdemort, those filthy traitors" Said Hagrid. "That's Stupid!" Said Kashy. "Yup, well.. Lookit that! 9:00 PM! You Guys should go to Bed! Don't you have Transfiguration tomorrow?" Asked Hagrid. "Yes" They said and left.

Back in the Gryffindor common room, Tyler was having nightmares again. In the nightmare, he was walking in a hall that looked familiar. Next to him was a Snake, a very big Snake. The Snake tried to open a Door, but Tyler quickly woke up. He stared at Daniel, sleeping normally. The same to Ryan and Lewis. He then looked at Ron, Sleeping upside down and snoring. "Ugh.." Tyler thought. Tyler went back to sleep.

The dream began in the same Snake trying to open the same door. the Door then opened, and Mr. Weasley was there. "Give It To Me" Said a voice "No, I Don't Have It" Said Mr. Weasley "Fine" Said the voice "Nagini, Attack!" SHouted the voice, and the Snake attacked Mr. Weasley pretty bad. Tyler woke up again, and woke Ron up "Ron, Is Your Dad Okay!?" Asked Tyler "Uh.. Yeah, Mate. Why Do You Ask" Said Ron "I had a dream. He was attacked by a Snake" Said Tyler "He's Ok. You just had a weird dream" Said Ron "No, You Don't Understand. This dream is like the one I had with Pettigrew and Barty Crouch Jr." Said Tyler "We'll see Tomorrow" Said Ron, and they went back to sleep.

Sure enough, the next day, Ron recieves a letter from his mom saying that Mr. Weasley has been severely injured and that they found Snake Venom in his Blood.

Chapter 5.16: St. Mungos Hospital for Magic MaladiesEdit

With permission of the Headmaster, the Gang goes to spend Christmas with the Weasleys. "Where's Mr. Weasley?" Asked Tyler "Oh, Dear. He's at St. Mungos Hospital" Said Mrs. Weasley "Can we go see him?" Asked Hermione. "Yes, Yes" Said Mrs. Weasley.

They arrived at the Hospital and saw all the Beds for the Patients. "Look At That!" Exclaimed Evan and pointed at one of the Beds. Lockhart was there. "Hey, Hey, Franks! Weasley! Johnsons!!!" He exclaimed "He's regaining his memory" Said the Nurse "He claims to have defeaten a Basilisk with you people, is that right?" Asked the Nurse "Nah, Us? Basilisk?" Asked Tyler mocking him. "Yes! A Basilisk, you don't remember me! I teached you at Birdwarts!" Exclaimed Lockhart "No, We Don't Know You Sir" Said Daniel "Oh, Wait! I Remember him! He's the one who sold me a 50 Cents Ice Cream on the street that day, Remember!?" Said Ryan "Oh, Yeah!" The Gang said mockingly. "You'll pay for that!" Said Lockhart, and the gang left. They kept going and found Quirrell. "Look, Guys, Quirrell!" Said Daniel "Hey, Didn't Birdemort kill him?" Said Ron "What do you know, you were petrified!" Replied Ryan. Quirrell wouldn't respond, or move, or even blink. "What's wrong with him?" Tyler asked the Nurse. "He was cursed by an unknown spell to us. He has been like this since 3 Years Ago, We investigated, and he'll be Ok in about a Year" Said the Nurse "Trust us, we know since when he is like this" Said Tyler. They finally reached Mr. Weasley "Are you Ok?" They asked "No, That was a big snake" Said Mr. Weasley "What did the Snake want" Asked Kashy. "Nothing.. Nothing" Said Mr. Weasley.

Chapter 5.17: Draco is Daniel?!Edit

Daniel hopped through the halls, when he felt somebody grab him. he saw Draco and the rest of the Slytherin Group except Evan standing there. "i'm going to eliminate you, Redmond!" Draco said Murderously. "but first, COPIUSO LOOKAM!" Draco shouted. a Brown newboy cap appeared on Draco's head, and glasses exactly like Daniel's appeared, except to Draco's Perscription. Draco's eyes instantly turned from Green to Powder blue. HE WAS AN EXACT COPY OF DANIEL! "knock him out" Draco said. all the other draco students said the knockback jinx, and Daniel fell down.

Chapter 5.18: OcclumencyEdit

Tyler started noticing that every dream he had, came true. But only the ones were Birdemort appeared. He consulted Dumbledore about it, and Dumbledore replied "See, When Birdemort tried to kill you as a baby, and your father sacrificed himself for you, some of Birdemort's powers were transferred to you. This means he can see in your mind and you can see his. That's why he tried to steal the Philosopher's stone when you were here. He opened the Chamber when you were here. And One More Thing. Only You can kill him or he can kill you. This means, at the end, only one will remain" Said Dumbledore

Since that moment, Snape started giving Tyler lessons of Occlumency, on how to stop Birdemort from watching Tyler's mind. "Focus, Franks, Focus!" Said Snape "I Can't Proffesor, It's Hard" Said Tyler "The Dark Lord doesn't have Time, he'll just cassually look in that empty head of yours" Said Snape "But, Proffeso--" "Imperio!" Said Snape in order to look in his mind, pretending to be Birdemort (Yes, Dumbledore aproved this).

The Lessons continued like this for a long time, Until Tyler managed to stop Birdemort

Chapter 5.19: "Expelled? Make It Worth It"Edit

One day, Umbridge finally discovered the Army, and took them to Dumbledore's office. "So, Dumbledore.. Forming an army to take over the Ministry!" Said Fudge "No, It was us wh--" "No offense, Tyler. But the Paper clearly says DUmbledore's army, not Franks'" Said Dumbledore "Guards, escolt Proffesor Dumbledore to Azkaban!" Said Fudge "I have no Intentions of going to Azkaban, Fudge.." Said Dumbledore and POOF! Dissappeared. "You Won't Deny, He has Style" Said Mr. Weasley. Fudge and Umbridge left angrily.

Since Dumbledore left, Umbridge was now the Headmaster.

One day, the gang had a visit to Hogsmeade, a little village VERY near Birdwarts. The gang was talking, when they saw Daniel (A.K.A. Draco in disguise) spying on them "Daniel, Come sit with us" Said Evan "Yeah, Man" Said Tyler. Daniel slowly walked to them and sat. "Why do we still hang out with this Mudblood?" Murmured Daniel "What?" Said Tyler "Ermm. Nothing" Said Daniel "Daniel, did you insult Hermione with the M Word?" Said Tyler "No.." Said Daniel "You Know I Like Her, So You Better Stop. You're my Friend" Tyler said "Fine, It was just one time" Said Daniel "So you really called her a Mud-- That Term?!" Asked Tyler "Who Cares!?" Screamed Daniel "I DO!" Screamed Tyler. Draco-Daniel pulled his wand and shouted "Everte Statem" and Tyler was sent flying "Dude, What the Heck!?" Screamed Lewis "Daniel why did you do that?" Asked Ryan "None O' Your Business!" He said Ryan got up and started arguing with him. Soon, everybody was against Draco-Daniel. Tyler got up "Expulso!" He shouted, and fireballs were launched "Protego" Casted Ryan "He's still my brother" Said Ryan "But He's Crazy Now" Said Andrew. Hermione tried to talk to him "Leave me alone, you Mudblood!" Said Daniel "What!?" Screamed Hermione "Flipendo!" Casted Hermione and Daniel floated in the air and fell. Soon they all started fighting, and Umbridge appeared. "Doing Magic Outside Birdwarts, huh?" She said "Dumbledore used to allow us to do Magic here" Said Hermione "Well, Do I look like Dumbledore!?" Said Umbridge "Harmonia Nectere Passus" Said Umbridge and the gang's package appeared on the ground "You Shall Not Return to Birdwarts ever again, you are now Expelled!" Said Umbridge "Look at what Daniel got us in to" Said Ron. Daniel slowly walked away. Tyler thought What is going on with him.. I wish I could read his mind.. Wait a Minute.. I Can! Tyler looked at Daniel and said "Expelled? Make It Worth It.. Imperio!" Tyler was now looking in Draco's head When will this finish, I should have killed Franks and the rest right now... Good thing I chose Daniel to take his identity. Imagine if I would've been Weasley.. *Shivers* "That's It.. That's Not Daniel!" Said Tyler "He's Draco!" He screamed "Immobulus!" Casted Ryan "Sorry, Bro" He said then "Who Are You?" Asked Kashy "Daniel!" He said "Tell the Truth!" Said Kashy "Fine, I'm Draco!" "Knew It. Revelio Truiselvious" Said Ryan and Draco was Draco again. "You Little Cockroach!" Screamed Hermione "Where's Daniel!?" Asked Evan "At Birdwarts Castle, Second Floor, Third Class." Said Draco. "Thank You... Everte Statem!" Said Lewis and sent Draco flying away.

Chapter 5.20: Hello Daniel, Goodbye UmbridgeEdit

The gang entered Birdwarts castle again and went where Draco told them Daniel was. They entered. "There He Is! Daniel!" Said Ryan "Ugh..." Said Daniel "You Okay, Brother?" Asked Ryan "Ugh.. Who Am I?" Said Daniel "He lost his memory.." Said Tyler "I remember a blue light, and then nothing else" Said Daniel "That's it! They used the Obliviate Spell on him.. Finite Incantatem!" Said Hermione, and Daniel returned to normal. "Quick, Let's go" Said Tyler "Why?" Asked Daniel "Thanks to Draco, we've been expelled!" Said Hermione "Not Surprised" Said Daniel.

They went to the Corridors and encountered Umbridge "What Part Of Expelled don't you Understand.. Come to my office" Said Umbridge and lifted them with the Levitation Charm and walked to her office. "Tell Me what were you doing back here!?" She shouted "Nothing!" They said "Fine.. We'll have to use some truth potion on you.. Snape!" She called and Snape entered. "You Called Me, Headmistress?" He said "I need truth potion to interrogate this Children. "I Am Afraid you used it on Mrs. Chang to interrogate her about the Army" Snape said, looked at Tyler and winked his eye. Tyler couldn't help it but to smile a little. "Fine. You Can Leave Severus" She said. "I'm afraid, Franks.. That If you don't tell me the truth, I'll have to use the Cruciatus Curse on you" Said Umbridge "No!" Said Hermione "Cruc--" "Fine, I'll tell you!" Said Hermione. "What Is It, Then?" Asked Umbridge "We-- Ugh-- Were Looking for Dumbledore's secret weapon" Said Hermione "Fine. You two follow me and tell me where it is" Said Umbridge. Hermione and Tyler walked Umbridge to the Forbidden forest. "Improvising for me?" Asked Tyler "Yea-- Ugh, No- I Mean Yes, for you and the gang too" Said Hermione. "Sure?" Asked Tyler "Fine... I did it because I'm in Lov--" Hermione was then interrupted by Umbridge. "Where Is It!?" She asked "Almost there" They said. They reached the area were the Beasts were. "Fine, Stand there" Said Hermione. Umbridge stood where Hermione told her. Hermione screamed and a lot of Magical Beastes started to run. They took Umbridge with them, and escaped. "You... Are Wicked Brilliant" Said Tyler "he.. Thank You.." Said Hermione "So, what was it you were going to say?" Tyler asked "That I Lov--" She was interrupted again by the rest of the gang. "Where's Umbridge?" Asked Daniel "Couple of beasts kidnapped her, no great deal" Said Tyler "Cool" Said Evan. Tyler then had a vision, Birdemort Torturing Jack and Remus "Quick.. We gotta go fight Birdemort at the Ministry, he's torturing my Uncle" Said Tyler "Ok, Let's Go" Said Hermione "But How?" Asked Kashy. "Apparating" Said Ryan "Everybody, Hold Hands" Said Ryan. They did it and apparated at the Ministry of Magic....

Chapter 5.21: The Hall Of PropheciesEdit

The Gang arrives at The Ministry, in the Department of Mysteries. They saw a lot of Prophecy Orbs on shelves, millions of shelves. Suddenly, Death Eaters arrived "Expelliarmus!" Said one of them. "Protego!" Casted Ryan. "Well, Well. If it isn't the Gang of Idiots that I hate, SOO Much" Said Draco "Not this time, Malfoy!" Said Daniel "What are you gonna do?!" Asked Draco "This! Petrificus Totalus!" Said Daniel "Protego Horriblis. I Don't think so, Redmond" Said Draco "Trappus Ebublio!" He then casted and a bubble surrounded the Gang. Tyler inflated, but nothing happened. Kashy exploded, and still nothing happened. "Death Eaters Go!" Said Draco and all the other Death Eaters left. "You may wonder where they are going. To release some Friends from Azkaban, mwahahahahahahahahahah!" Said Draco (I Just added the Evil Laugh so it would be funnier) 5 Mins. Later, they were back with other Death eaters in Azkaban Robes "That's Bellatrix Lestrange! Remus' Cousin! she also took me away from my Parents!" Said Ryan "And That's Antonin Dolohov! That Evil Death Eater!" Said Kashy. "Now, All Birdemort wants. Is the Prophecy Orb between you and him.. It tells the future of who will die, and who will live. Although we all know you three die, Obviously" Said Draco pointing at the Trio. "Now, Stay here, quiet, while I and my death eater friends find the Prophecy" Said Draco and left. "Now's a good time" Said Ron, pulling out some Candy "Candy, Really!?" Said Hermione "No, It's Explosive Candy, Fred and George made it" Said Ron, and put the Candy on the Bubble's roof. "It's Sticky Too!" Said Ron "Oh Really?" Asked Ryan sarcastically. The Bubble exploded, and the gang ran for their lives. Daniel found Draco and fought him. Ryan found Bellatrix and fought her. The rest of the gang confronted Death Eaters. They defeated them "Look, Tyler! There's your name in that Orb!" Said Lewis "Thank you for finding the Prophecy!" Said Draco and walked towards it "Quick, Lewis, Grab It and Go!" Shouted Tyler "Accio!" Said Lewis and grabbed the Orb "If I'm Not Getting It, nobody is!" Shouted Draco, and blasted the shelves, making all the Orbs fall "RUN!" Evan shouted, and they left.

They entered a door, and fell into a big, Rocky room with a big Arch in the Middle. "What's that?" They asked "None of your business" Said Lucius Malfoy "Death Eaters, Grab 'em" Said Draco And the Death Eaters grabbed a member of the gang. Lucius grabbed Tyler, who had the Prophecy. "It' Simple. You Give me the Prophecy, Or I'll Kill You" Said Lucius "Don't give it to him, Bro!" Said Lewis "Shut Up!" Said Antonin, who was grabbing him. Tyler slowly gave Lucius the Prophecy, not being able to do anything better. Just then, Mad-Eye Moody, Tonks, Remus, Jack, and other members of the Order appeared "Not My Godson, You Idiot" Said Remus, and hit Lucius, smashing the Prophecy into pieces. Mad-Eye then released the gang and they fought against the Death Eaters. Remus and Tyler fought Lucius And Draco, but then.. In a far away rock, "Avada Kedavra!" Was heard. Green light flew toward Remus, and he fell to the Ground, dead. Lucius and Draco dissaparated. Tyler cried while Jack held him, sheding a tear or two.. Tyler then followed Bellatrix, who walked trough the door as if nothing happened. Jack tried to hold him, but wasn't able to.

Chapter 5.22: The Only One He Ever FearedEdit

Tyler, Daniel and Ryan bravely follow Bellatrix, who is trying to escape. "Crucio!" Yelled Ryan, and Bellatrix fell to the ground. Tyler pointed his wand at her. "Kill Her... You Know the spell" Said Birdemort, standing behind him. They all stood quiet for a moment and then looked at Birdemort "Expelliarmus Maxima" He slowly said, calm and softly, and the trio's wands were sent flying away. Dumbledore then appeared in the Ministry's Chimney, via Floo Network. "It was foolish of you to come here, Tom. In a few moments the Minister will arrive" He said "And by that time, You... Shall be dead" Said Birdemort. Dumbledore pushed the trio and they hid behind a wall. Dumbledore casted a spell and so did Birdemort. Both spells crashed, and a giant enery ball was formed (Priori Incantatem). They stood there for a minute, and then Dumbledore raised his wand, and the ball dissappeared. Birdemort then casted "Fiendfyre!" And a Giant Fire Dragon appeared. It tried to Attack Dumbledore, but he was quick enough to defeat it "Sectumsempra!" Said Dumbledore, and the Dragon dissapeared in half. Dumbledore then levitated the water from the Fountain, and trapped Birdemort in it. He smashed the water ball in the wall, and Birdemort fell. Birdemort casted the Killing Curse, and Dumbledore blocked it. Dumbledore casted three spells at a time, Birdemort caught them at the same time, and rejected them with full Power. All the Windows and doors Shattered. Birdemort then grabbed the rest of the Windows, and threw them at Dumbledore, But he transformed the pieces into water drops. Birdemort looked at Tyler, and dissappeared.

Ryan walked to Dumbledore, but then suddenly, PLOP! He fell to the ground. His eyes turned all white, he started shaking and his voice sounded like Birdemort. He was possesed! "You Foolish Old Man! I shall possess this Bubble-Gum Bird, and destroy everything in his body, mwahahahahaha!" Said Ryan, possesed by Birdemort. "Ryan, Focus. Keep him out" Said Daniel "It's like my lessons with Snape... I remember.. Ryan, think of the best moments of your life! Fight Fear with Happiness!" Said Tyler. Ryan thought of when he was sorted into Gryffindor. When he found the Philosopher's stone. When-- Well, You Get It. Birdemort escaped his body, and stood next to Dumbledore. The Minister entered, and saw Birdemort, who quickly dissappeared taking Bellatrix with him.

"He's back" Said Fudge. He apologized with Dumbledore, and he was Headmaster again. Once that happened, the gang was allowed back in Birdwarts.

Chapter 5.23: The Second War BeginsEdit

Dumbledore then explains to Tyler, back at Birdwarts about the Prophecy, and how him only could defeat Birdemort, and why he's the Chosen One. "When your father sacrificed himself for you, the Powers of Birdemort itself went to you, and that's why because of you having his powers, can defeat him" Said Dumbledore.

On the way back home, arriving at the Train station, Tyler saw Jack, Moody and Tonks talking to Anne. He walked towards it "I'm sorry Tyler. You were right. Now I believe you really are the Chosen one" Said Anne "Don't worry Little Fella' We made her promise she'll be a good person now" Said Moody. "Bye, Tyler. We'll see each other soon" Said Ron "Bye, Daniel and Ryan. You will be missed a lot" Said Ron "Can I finally say it?" Asked Hermione "Oh, Yes You Can" Said Hermione. Harry walked to Hermione and jumped on her back "Awe U my mama now?" He asked. Hermione and Tyler looked at each other. "Yes, I Am" Said Hermione, and kissed Tyler "Boy, That Escalated Quickly" Said Jack... "Is this the beggining?" Asked Daniel to Ryan "Of what?" Asked Ryan "A Second Wizarding War. Is It?" Asked Daniel "I Think So" Said Ryan.

They all said Goodbye and left.

Chapter 6: Sixth Year: The Start Of A War

Chapter 6.1: At Spinner's EndEdit

It begins on the Malfoy's house.. Narcissa (Draco's Mum) and Bellatrix (Her Sister) Are watching the news. "This morning, a Bridge in Angry Bird Island was destroyed by several Death Eaters, marking the beggining of a Second Wizarding War" Said Fudge in the TV. "I'm also announcing, that Mr. Rufus Scrimgeour will replace me as the new Minister of Magic" Said Fudge. "We better go" Said Narcissa, and they both left.

They arrive at Spinner's End, and enter a house. Snape was there. "Hello, Severus" Said Narcissa "Hello, Narcissa... Bellatrix" Said Snape "Hi, Sev.." Said Bellatrix. "Since you're proffesor at Birdwarts, I would like to ask you a favor" Said Narcissa "What Is It?" Said Snape "I want you to protect my son, Draco. The Dark Lord has given him a Task. Can you please protect him?" She asked "Well.. Yes" Said Snape "Swear It" Said Bellatrix "The Unbreakable Bow" Said Bellatrix "Fine" Said Snape. Severus and Narcissa stood next to each other, while Bellatrix pointed her wand at them. "Do You, Severus Snape, promise to protect Draco Malfoy until his task is done, and in case he fails, will you do the Task?" Asked Bellatrix "I Promise" Said Snape. Light came out of? Bella's wand and covered them both "Now.. If you break the Promise.. You.. Die" Said Bellatrix.

Chapter 6.2: Will and Won'tEdit

Lewis and Tyler are messing around in their house, when a knock on the door appears. "You Open It" Said Tyler "No, You Open It" Said Lewis "No You!" "No, You!" Finally Anne interrumpts. "I'll Open It, Just-- Stay Quiet" She said "Fine" They said. She opened it and saw Dumbledore. "Hello There Anne.." He said "Wow, Dumbledore!?" She asked "Yeah, That's Me. Feels like we haven't seen each other in 20 Years" Said Dumbledore.

They sat in the couch. "Listen, Tyler. I'm so sorry for the Death of Remus" Said Dumbledore "My Husband named him his Godfather.. Did you know that? They were very close friends" Said Anne "Yeah, I Know. In fact, that's why I'm here for" Said Dumbledore. "This.. Is Remus John Lupin's Will" Said Dumbledore. He started to read it. "to Tyler and Lewis, I leave my house at 12 Grimmauld Place. It also has it's House Elf, Kreacher" Said Dumbledore, reading "But, wasn't he Just Tyler's godfather?" Asked Lewis "He said he actually thought of you both as their Godchildren" Said Dumbledore "Sweet!" Said Lewis. "Well, That's All" Said Dumbledore. "Lewis, Tyler. I need you to come with me" Said Dumbledore. They both agreed and left. [2]Number 12, Grimmauld Place- Tyler and Lewis new house!Added by Tyler G. Franks==Chapter 6.3: Horace SlughornEdit== They went out the door. "Grab my hands" Said Dumbledore. Tyler grabbed the left and Lewis the right. Lewis saw that Dumbledore's right hand was black, like burned, But didn't really care. They apparated out of there, and Apparated on another place, called Godric's Hollow. They saw an old, destroyed house "Let's Go" Said Dumbledore. "What?" Said Lewis "You'll get used to it" Replied Tyler. They entered...

"Proffesor, Why are we going there?" Asked Lewis. "An old friend lives there. We gotta convince him to go work at Birdwarts again" Said Dumbledore "Oh. But, He lives in this -- Trash Can?" Said Lewis, looking at the house all destroyed. "Well.. You can say so" Said Dumbledore. Dumbledore pointed his wand at a purple couch "Come On, Horace. We know you're there" He said "What?" The brothers asked themselves. The couch started moving, and it transformed into an old, Grey Bird. "You want to take me to Birdwarts again?" Said The Bird "Horace.. Long time no see. Kids, this is Horace Slughorn, an ex-Proffesor at Birdwarts" Said Dumbledore "And Horrace.. These are Tyler and Lewis Franks. They're Step-Brothers" Said Dumbledore "Ergh.. Hi" Said Slughorn. "What happened here?" Said Dumbledore pointing at all the Destroyed house "Death eaters, they came looking for me" Said Slughorn. "Guess You'll be safe Working at Birdwarts" Said Albus "Fine.." Said Slughorn. They waited for Slughorn to pack his stuff, and went out. "I'll take you to the Weasley's. Your always welcome there" Said Dumbledore. "But, Proffesor.. Our stuff..?" Said Tyler "It's already there." Said Dumbledore. They apparated in the Weasley's house.

They arrived in a puddle near the Weasley's. "Ugh, Couldn't he leave us closer to the house?" [3]The Weasley's HouseAdded by Tyler G. FranksAsked Lewis "Yeah, Now I'm all wet" Said Tyler and started walking. Meanwhile, in the Weasley's.. Ryan, Autumn, Muna, Daniel and Hermione were there. Ryan went to the Kitchen. He saw Tyler's big bag that Said DO NOT TOUCH UNLESS YOU'RE ME And Lewis' bag too. "Hey, Ron?" He shouted "Yeah?" Ron replied "Are Tyler and Lewis in there?" Said Ryan "No!" Said Ron "Lewis?" Asked Daniel "Yeah, Have any of you seen 'em?" Asked Ryan "Not here" Said Muna "Not here either" Said Hermione. Autumn looked in the Window. "Wait.. I see them, they're outside" She said. "Really?" Said Ryan. "Yup" She said. They went with them and hugged them. They then went upstairs and talked about how Lucius Malfoy was imprisioned in Azkaban.

Chapter 6.4: From Weasley's Wizard Wheezes to Borgin and BurkesEdit

After spending a week in the Weasley's the gang go to Diagon Alley to buy school supplies. After all the boring shopping, they go to Fred and George's Business, the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. They see a lot of cool stuff, and Tyler buys some Magic Dust, allowing him to quickly escape a scenario and a pair of Extendable ears. Hermione buys a Pink Pygmy Puff as a pet, and Ryan buys some Puke Pills, to escape from classes. Ryan notices Draco outside. "Pst.. Tyler" He called "Yes?" Said Tyler "See Draco there?" Said Ryan "Ugh, Draco" Said Tyler "Can I borrow your Invisibility cloak and go spy on him?" Asked Ryan "Sure" Said Tyler, and handed it to Ryan.

Ryan slowly walked with the Cloak On, Trying to spy Draco.. And he went to Borgin and Burkes, a Dark wizarding shop. [4]Ryan putting on the Cloak to spy on DracoAdded by Tyler G. FranksHe heard Draco talk about repairing "The Object" and Draco showed the Owner a Mark, that Ryan thought was a Death Eaters Dark Mark. He went back inside and told everybody. They couldn't think of what "The Object" was, but they knew the Mark was of a Death Eater, wich Draco obviously was.

Chapter 6.5: The Slug ClubEdit

Back on the Birdwarts Express, Tyler, Ryan, Lewi-- Everybody is sitting quietly on their cab, when Slughorn knocks on the slide door "May I borrow Tyler, Ryan, Daniel and Hermione?" He asked. "Um.. Sure" They said. They followed Slughorn to his cab. And saw some other students there too, "This, Is the Slug Club. A club for the smartest Birds in your school" Said Slughorn. The reunion ends, and the gang goes back to the Train. Ryan, who still had Tyler's invisibility cloak calls the rest of the Trio to go investigate Malfoy.? [5]The Trio spy on Draco.Added by Tyler G. FranksThey slooooooowly walk to where he is sitting and stay quiet "So, I might not come back to Birdwarts next year, the Dark Lord has given me a task" He said. Suddenly, Draco switched themes and started talking about other stuff. Then, the gang arrived. Draco's friends got up "Coming Draco?" They said "Be there in a while" He said. He got up and walked to the door to lock it "Didn't your mum tell you not to spy on people?! Petrificus Totalus!" Said Draco. and a loud thud was heard, and Draco took the Cloak "Oh, Three Birds, I hit the Jackpot!" Said Draco. He kicked them in the nose, put the cloak on, and left. Muna, Autumn and Hermione then entered. Muna and Autumn put on their goggles, just in case. They saw something in the floor. "What's That?" Muna asked and touched the cloak, and then removed it "Oh, We found them!" Said Autumn "Really!?" Said Hermione and saw them "Finite Incantatem!" Said Autumn. and the Trio went back to normal.

Chapter 6.6: The Half-Blood PrinceEdit

Back on Birdwarts, Dumbledore announces that Snape is finally gonna be D.A.D.A. Teacher, and Slughorn is taking his place at Potion's Master. Daniel and Tyler had never taken Potion's class, since Snape was the teacher, but since Slughorn was the new teacher they agreed to take the class. At their first class, Slughorn tells everybody to take their potion books "Uh.. Proffesor, we don't have books" Said Daniel "Fine, go on and grab those two from that library" Said Slughorn. They saw two books, a Brand new one, and an old used one. Tyler and Daniel ran as quick as possible to get the new book, but Daniel won. Tyler sadly looked as he had the old book. Upon closer inspection, Tyler notices his book has written in the front page: This book is property of the Half-Blood Prince But doesn't really care. Slughorn announces that whoever brews a Lava potion correctly, will win a bottle of Felix Felicis, a Potion that grants the drinker extremely good luck for a whole day. The gang follows the Instructions on the book, except Tyler because his book has sentences written all over:

  • What the gang's book says: Apply Juice of ten Jelly Beans
  • What Tyler's book says: Apply juice of ELEVEN Jelly Beans

Tyler then succesfully brews the Potion and wins the Felix Felicis.

[6]Left: The Rest of the Gang's books Right: Tyler's Old BookAdded by Tyler G. Franks

Chapter 6.7: The Sleuthwing of GravityEdit

Daniel hopped up to the roof of the castle, when he saw something flying around the left turret (tall room with a cone-shaped roof). it landed and watched Daniel. it was a Grenade Sleuthwing mixed with a Gravity Sleuthwing. a parcel was tied to it's chest with the words? THE ABARKAR OF GRAVITY printed on it. "Please take out the package"? the sleuthwing said in Sleuthwingese. Daniel pulled out the package in the bag on the Dragon's chest, and took it to Dumbledore, where once Daniel gave it to Dumbledore, it instantly exploded. Daniel fell to the floor, and? CRACK!? Daniel's glasses went flying right of his face, and a student stepped on them. Dumbledore looked at Daniel, who was too surprised to care, or even know, his glasses had gotten stepped on. "You got fooled into a dirty trick, my friend." Dumbledore said as Daniel finally got out of his daze from the explosion. Daniel saw his glasses cracked, and ran away.

As Daniel hopped away, students started running away. Daniel couldn't stop bumping into things, other students, walls, clay lockers, and ? finally he hit against a door and turned around saw what the students were screaming about. Despite his positively BLURRY vision, Daniel could see the Sleuthwing that gave him the package had followed him. Draco saw Daniel against the door without his glasses, and laughed. "KLUTZ!" Draco laughed, then walked away. Daniel took out the only other thing that he brought along that was like his glasses, his Hawkeye mask. Daniel had put Contact lenses in his Hawkeye Mask to see what he was shooting at. Daniel hopped along, getting laughs from fellow students, and jeers from Slytherins. The Sleuthwing had stopped following him after that. Draco bumped into Daniel, knocked off his mask, and stepped on it. He picked up the Contact lenses, and crushed them. Daniel simply sat down, there was no use walking if he couldn't see where he was going.

Chapter 6.8: The Quidditch Players ElectionEdit

Tyler, Ryan and Lewis happily hopped through the halls and heard Draco talking "I'm finally finishing you" He said "Avada Keda--" "Expelliarmus!" Interrupted Lewis. Tyler opened the Half-Blood Prince's book, and read one of the pages Levicorpus: Levitates a Bird by It's tail. Can throw it somewhere else Said in the book "Levi--? Levicorpus..?" Casted Tyler and Draco was lifted. As Tyler moved his wand, so did Draco. Tyler finally threw Draco in the air, and rescued Daniel. "My Goggles" Said Daniel "Don't Worry. Accio Goggles" Said Ryan, and Daniel's goggles appeared. They put them on Daniel and went to Quidditch's First Practice. The new players were about to get picked.

Lewis and Tyler, Both Captains told the Keepers to try to catch Several Quaff;es They were gonna throw. They told the Beaters to hit the Bludgers and all that stuff. Finally, only two keepers were left: Cormac McLaggen and Ron. McLaggen was beating the Magic outta Ron, so Kashy and Evan decided to help a little. Everytime a Quaffle was going in McLaggen's direction, they would cast the Confundus spell, making him dizzy and confused. Eventually, Ron got to be the keeper, and Evan and Kashy chest bumped.

Chapter 6.9: Silver and OpalsEdit

The gang goes to Hogsmeade one day and find Slughorn "Hello, Franks.. Redmonds.. Wallaby" He says "I'm Weasley, Not Wallaby!" Said Ron "Hahahaha!" Laughed the gang. They go to the three Broomsticks and drink a soda or something. But Ryan sees Draco going out in a hurry. Then they go back to Birdwarts, and on the way, they find Katie Bell and Angelina Johnson, two members of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. Just as the gang aproaches to say Goodbye, Katie is lifted into the air, and then she's shaked all over the place and then she falls [7]Katie is lifted into the Air and drops the Collar. The gang and Angelina can do nothing but watch...Added by Tyler G. Franks"Katie!" Screamed Angelina "What Happened?!" Asked Daniel. "I told her not to, But she put it on!" Angelina said "What?" Asked Daniel "The Collar! She was supposed to give it to Dumbledore!" Said Angelina "Wait, You wanted to give THAT To Dumbledore?!" Asked Tyler "She told me that Somebody told her to. She didn't tell me who!" Screamed Angelina. "Mmmh.. Weird" Said Ryan.

They took Katie to the Hospital, and Snape and McGonaggall examined the collar "It was Cursed" Said Snape "Yes. Do you know who gave it to her?" Asked McGonaggall to Angelina "No. She just said that a Person told her to give it to Dumbledore. She barely touched it" Said Angelina "If she barely touched it. What could have happened to Albus if he had put it on" Asked McGonaggall  "He would've died" Said Snape.

Chapter 6.10: The Secret RiddleEdit

Dumbledore calls Tyler to see a Memory, just like the one he saw two years ago, about Igor Karkaroff. But this time, It's about another person "I want to show you a Memory. Of when I first met Birdemort.. Or, Tom Riddle at least" Said Dumbledore "Why Is it you wanna show it to me?" Asked Tyler "No reason" Said Dumbledore. He poured the Memory on the Pensieve, and Tyler saw in it.

(In the Memory)

Dumbledore was walking in the street and reached an Orphanage, called "Wool's Orphanage". He entered. "Excuse me, I would like to see Tom Riddle" Said Dumbledore "This way, Sir. Are you Mr. Dumbledore?" Asked The Lady. "Yes, I Am" Said Dumbledore. They entered a room, and a little Kid was there. "Hello, Tom" Said Dumbledore "Are you a Doctor?" Asked Tom "No, I'm a Teacher" He said "That's not true. You're a doctor and you came to examine me, right?" Asked Tom. "No, I'm a Magician. A Magician Teacher" Said Dumbledore "Prove It" Replied Tom. "Fine" Said Dumbledore, and then Tom's closet burst in flames. "Go, Open It" Said Dumbledore. Riddle slowly walked and opened his closet. He took out books, and money "Stealing is not good Tom" Said Dumbledore "I didn't steal it.. Well.. Not on Purpose" Said Tom "What do you mean? Did it just appear in your closet?" Asked Dumbledore "Yes" Said Tom "Do you think you have Special Powers?" Asked Dumbledore "I can speak to Snakes. I can hurt others without trying to." Said Dumbledore. "Well. I can take you to Birdwarts.. And teach you how to control those powers" Said Dumbledore. "Ok" Said Tom..

(Back In Birdwarts)

"Is that all, Sir?" Asked Tyler "Yes.. You can go now" Said Dumbledore.

Chapter 6.11: Felix FelicisEdit

It was Herbology Class, and the gang was excited about Slughorn's Christmas Party. Tyler, Lewis and Ron, Players of the Quidditch team were worried about Katie not playing, so they decide to recruit Dean Thomas "No, Not Dean! He's been Smooching my Sister!" Said Ron "He's the only choice!" Said Tyler "Yeah, we promise he won't bother at all" Said Lewis. "Fine" Said Ron. They then turn around, and guess what they saw? Dean and Ginny Smooching. "Ew.. Gross" Said Tyler "Yuck! Not in Public.." Said Lewis "See!? See!? Ugh, I can't stand that guy!" Said Ron "It's Ok..." Said Tyler, But It was too late. Ron walked towards Ginny and separated her from Dean "What are you doing!?" He said "Well, Isn't It obvious!?" She said "You.. You Can't Just kiss him!" Said Ron "My love life is none of your bussiness! You're just upset 'cause you've never kissed anybody before!" Said Ginny. Ron stood in awkward silence while Ginny and Dean walked away. The next Quidditch Match, while Tyler stood flying in his broom, looking for the Snitch, He noticed Ron all sad, and not doing anything "Ron, The Quaffles!" Said Tyler "Nah, I feel bad.. Even Ginny gets to kiss somebody." He said "Well.. We better hope we don't loose" Said Tyler and went looking for the Snitch. They lost 170-200, Thanks to Ron.

The next week, the gang warns Ron that they must not loose this match against Slytherin, or their possibility to win the house cup is gone "I just can't.." Said Ron "C'mon... Ok, What about this... I promise to take it easy on you!" Said Evan "Nah.." Said Ron "Fine.." Said Evan. Tyler then grabbed a cup, and Poured Some Felix Felicis on it. "Here, Drink It" Said Tyler "What's That?" Said Ron "My Luck Potion. Drink It, It will help" Said Tyler, and Ron drank it [8]Ron "Drinking" the Felix Felicis PotionAdded by Tyler G. Franks"How do you feel now?" Said Ryan "Great!" Said Ron, and him, Tyler and Lewis headed to the Field.

Ron then stopped EVERY Single Quaffle Slytherin threw at him, and they eventually won! They won 240-180, and the Gryffindors had a party in their common room. And Ron confessed his Love feelings for Lavender Brown, whom kissed him and Ron got sooooo Happy he-- Well, Oh Nevermind! "You wasted your Potion on him?" Asked Kashy, But Tyler didn't answer "That's Cheating" He said "Not like causing a Confundus charm on McLaggen" Said Tyler "That's Different!" Said Kashy "Fine, here, look" Said Tyler, and showed Kashy his full glass of Felix Felicis "You just made him believe he drank it" Said Kashy "Yup" Said Tyler "Nice" Said Kashy

Chapter 6.12: The Unbreakable BowEdit

Almost ready for Slughorn's Christmas party (Two days away) Tyler helps Hermione look for some books in the Library. "So, Ron just kisses Lavender in front of my face!" Said Hermione "And how does that bother you?" Asked Tyler "She KISSED him in front of my face, that's DISTURBING!" She said "Yeah, Guess you're right" Said Tyler. Hermione looked at a girl "See that Girl?" She whispered "Yeah?" said Tyler "That's Romilda Vane. She wants to give you a Love Potion so you go with her to the Party" Whispered Hermione "Doesn't she know I'm going with you?" Tyler said "Psst! She only wants you because she thinks you're the Chosen One!" Said Hermione "Well, I AM The Chosen One" Said Tyler in a weird voice, and Hermione hit him in the head witha Newspaper "Ow! Just.. Kidding.." Said Tyler.

Back at the Party, Daniel tries a Candy, but spits it out as it tastes disgusting "What the Bird is that?!" He asked "I dunno" Said Ryan. They then see Draco snickering, and tell Hagrid about it. He takes Draco out, but Snape interferes. [9]Snape taking Draco away from HagridAdded by Tyler G. FranksHe takes Draco to an empty class, and the Trio follows "Listen, I promised your mom I was gonna protect you, but that doesn't mean you can go and do Stupid Things everytime!" Said Snape "Leave me alone!" Said Draco and left. The trio returned to the Party kinda freaked out about Snape HELPING Draco.

Chapter 6.13: A Very Frosty ChristmasEdit

At the Weasley's, the gang celebrates Christmas as always. The trio tells the Weasleys what they heard about Snape helping Draco "Nah, Maybe Snape just wanted to know what Draco's plan was" Said Mr. Weasley "I don't think so, sir. He looked very angry" Said Ryan "Mmmm.. Oh, Look! The Minister Scrimgeour!" Said Mr. Weasley. The minister entered and asked Tyler if he wanted to work at the Ministry, but Tyler, remembering all his bad experiences at the Ministry denied the work, and Scrimgeour left dissapointed.

Chapter 6.14: A Sluggish MemoryEdit

Dumbledore called Tyler and Lewis again to see some memories he found "This, are the memories of Tom Riddle" Said Dumbledore, and put one on the Pensieve "Take a look at this one" Said Dumbledore, and they saw through the Pensieve.

They see an older Tom Riddle, asking his Uncle Morfin Gaunt about his family. Morfin says that Tom's father was a Muggle, and that his mom never actually liked Tom's father, Tom Sr. Morfin said that the only reason she married Tom Sr. was because he was giving her Love Potions, and that's why they never loved Tom. Tom quickly ran to his parents' house and killed his parents, and he also took Tom Sr.'s Gold Ring.

"He killed his mum and dad" Said Lewis "Yes, but I think this memory is more important" Said Dumbledore and pured another memory into the Pensieve...

In this memory, young Tom Riddle asked Proffesor Slughorn about a Dark Magic called Horcruxes. "Proffesor, yesterday I saw something at the Library that made me curious" Said Tom "Yes, Tom?" "I heard about some Horcruxes.. Do you know what they are for?" Asked Tom "No.. Tom!? How do you know that!? Get out, now!" Said Slughorn, and Tom left.

"That's Slughorn's memory" Said Dumbledore "That's All?" Said Tyler "Yes. I believe that's not the real memory. That was modified by Slughorn. Tyler. Lewis. What I want you to do is make Slughorn give you the REAL Memory, since it can help defeat Birdemort Once and for all" Said Dumbledore "Sir.. What's a Horcrux?" Asked Tyler "A Horcrux.. Is an object in wich a Dark Wizard puts a part of his soul... So that when he dies, he can be brought back to life with help of that Object" Said Dumbledore "So, you believe Slughorn DID Actually tell Tom about the Horcruxes and that's how he's been coming back?" Asked Tyler "Yes.. But We're not sure. That's why I want the memory" He said "Ok, Sir. We'll get it" Said Lewis, and they both left.

They entered Slughorn's classroom, (They already explained everything to the gang, and they went with them) and Slughorn saw them "My, My... What are Ten Birds doing all in my classroom right now?" Asked Slughorn "Actually, proffesor.. Yesterday I saw something in the Library that made me curious" Said Lewis, repeating Tom's exact words. "Yes, Lewis?" Said Slughorn "I heard about some Horcruxes.. Do you know what they are for?" Asked Lewis. Slughorn stood quiet for a moment and looked at them "No.. Not really.." Said Slughorn "You Sure?" Asked Ron "Yes, I Am!" Said Slughorn "Is that what you told Tom Riddle!?" Asked Ron, stupidly. "Ron!" Said Evan and pushed him "Tom Riddle.. Dumbledore sent you, didn't he!?" Asked Slughorn and left. "Ron, You're an Idiot" Said Ryan "I'm Sorry... It's just that I keep thinking about Lavender" Said Ron "Ugh.." Said Daniel, and they left.

Chapter 6.15: Birthday SurprisesEdit

Two days after Ron's Birthday, the Trio, Lewis and their respective Partners enter the Common room and find Ron smiling stupidly in Tyler's bed. "What the..?" Asked Tyler "Ron, what are you doing in My bed?" Asked Tyler "I'm sorry... It was my birthday two days ago... and I had to.." Said Ron. "Yes, we already gave you Presents remembe-- Oooooh.. You also had a treat, didn't you?" Asked Tyler, pointing at some chocolate wrappings in the floor. [10]Ron looking at the Window with Chocolate Wrappings all over the roomAdded by Tyler G. Franks"Hehe... they were for you.. I'm sorry.. It's just that.. I think I'm in Love..." Ron said and hugged Tyler "I hope not with me.." Said Tyler "Don't tell me... Lavender again?" Said Hermione. "Who's That?" Asked Ron "Your Annoying Girlfriend, duh!" Said Daniel. Muna looked next to Tyler's bed and saw a box with a letter "I think I know what's wrong.." Said Muna, holding the pink, heart-shaped box "They WERE Actually for you, Tyler" She said "Hermione?" Asked Tyler "Nah, that wasn't me" Said Hermione. Tyler looked at the box and saw the letter with a Picture of Romilda Vane that said "For Tyler. Hope you like them" "I told you she liked you!" Said Hermione. Tyler smelled the only Chocolate left "Uhmm.. What are you doing?" Asked Autumn "Smelling" Said Ryan, and Tyler snapped his invisible fingers "This is a love potion! She wanted me to drink it, but Ron did it for me!" Said Tyler "How did you know what Potion it is by smelling it!?" Asked Daniel "I read it in the Half Blood Prince's book" Said Tyler "Ok, That's enough. You go everywhere with that book, I think you even sleep with It!" Said Hermione "Nuh-huh! I sleep with Mr. Cuddles, Y-- I mean.. I.. erh.. Sleep alone.. yeah.." Said Tyler "....Point is: We gotta get rid of that book, It may be cursed like Riddle's diary!" Said Hermione "Uh.. We'll take Ron to Slughorn and see if he can Cure him" Said Daniel, and left with Muna, Autumn, Ryan, Lewis and obviously Ron.

Chapter 6.16: The Unknowable RoomEdit

The gang proceeds to take Ron to Slughorn's office. Slughorn accepts to help Ron, and tells the gang that "The Past Is Past" Something that Ron finds stupidly amusing. "Well, now that you are here, how would like a little of this new non-alcoholic Champagne?" Said Slughorn "Sure, Why Not?" Said Evan. Slughorn pured the Non-Alcoholic Champagne on the gang's glasses, and tried to cure Ron. Nobody drank the Champagne until Ron was finally cured. Slughorn cured Ron, and he didn't seem to remember the incident "For Ron!" Said Daniel, and Ron drank his glass, but suddenly he fell to the ground, started shaking, and white liquid came out of his mouth. The gang put their glasses in the table, and looked at Ron, Smart enough, Kashy looked through Slughorn's Cabinet to see something that could rapidly cure Ron "According to the Book, you should give him a Bezoar!" Said Tyler "Bezoar, Right" Said Kashy, pulled a bezoar and put it in Ron's mouth "Swallow, Swallow" He said. Ron, swallowed, and he stopped shaking. They took him to the Hospital.

Meanwhile, Ryan is still thinking about Draco constantly dissappearing from Birdwarts.. Until one day, the Trio run into Dobby and Kreacher "Oh, Sorry! I didn't see you there" Said Dobby "You Idiot!" Said Kreacher. "It's Okay" Said Tyler "So, I can't find Malfoy anywhere" Murmured Ryan "Excuse me? You looking for Mr. Malfoy?" Asked Dobby "Yes" Said Daniel "Well I constantly see him dissappear into the Room of Requirement" Said Dobby "That's It! That's why I never find him! He hides there, or.. does something there" Said Ryan, and the gang ran to the Room of Requirement. See, the Room of Requirement shows only what a Person needs, and since the Trio didn't know what Malfoy needed, they couldn't fi [11]Draco and the ClosetAdded by Tyler G. Franksnd him. Meanwhile, Draco stood in the Room of Requirement, and saw a Closet. He opened it, put a Little Spider in it and closed it. He then said some Magical Stuff and waited. He then opened the Closet, and the Spider was dead. He grunted and left.

Chapter 6.17: Aragog's BurialEdit

The gang keeps trying to get Slughorn to give them the real Memory, but they never get it. "I can't get the Memory..." Said Tyler "All you need is luck" Said Daniel "Yeah, you-- That's It! All I need is Luck!" Said Tyler, and grabbed his Felix Felicis bottle "Didn't I drink that?" Asked Ron "Long Story Made short, You didn't" Said Autumn "Aw.. Man" Said Ron. Tyler grabbed the bottle and Drank It. "Ugh, Tastes like a Chocolate and Bacon Smoothie.." Said Tyler "Guess that didn't have that much Luck! Hahaha, you get it?" Said Ron "No. Please.. Don't" Said Muna "Ok..." Said Ron. Tyler ran out the Common room "Wait, where are you going?" Said Daniel "To Hagrid's. He called me early this morning" Said Tyler "So? What does that have to do with Slughorn?" Asked Ryan "He said he was gonna be there too" Said Tyler and left.

He hopped through the halls and went to Hagrid's, he saw him cry. "Hagrid, what's wrong?" Asked Tyler "He's Dead" Said Hagrid "Who?" Asked Tyler frightened. "Aragog! He was sick, and now he's dead" Said Hagrid "Oh, I'm sorry.." Said Tyler, and Slughorn arrived. They explained Slughorn Aragog's situation and they asked him if they could save Aragog with a Potion "No can do.." Said Slughorn.

They entered Hagrid's house and Hagrid drank some beer and he appeared to be Kinda Dazed and Confused. "You Wan' sum.. Tylerrr?" Asked Hagrid "Uh.. No" Said Tyler. Slughorn explained to Tyler that he would never give him the Real memory, bu Tyler insisted "Loo-- Lo-- Look at me!" Shouted Tyler "That Dang Memory! That memory could help us defeat Birdemort! Ok? Now, two options, Proffesor: 1. You give me the Memory and we defeat you-know-who (I wish it was that easy Thought Tyler) or 2. we die in his hands." Said Tyler. "Ok.. I'll give it to you. But promise me you won't think bad of me when you see it" Said Slughorn. Slughorn took the memory and put it in a jar, wich Tyler took to Dumbledore.

Chapter 6.18: HorcruxesEdit

Tyler took the memory to Dumbledore, and they both watched it.

"Proffesor, Yesterday I saw something in the Library that made me curious" Said Tom "What Is It Tom?" Asked Slughorn "I read about some Horcruxes.. Do you know what they are?" Asked Tom "Yes.. I'll explain, but promise me this is a Homework or just academic information.." Said Slughorn "Oh, of course, Proffesor!" Lied Tom. "Well, a Horcrux is an object in wich a Dark Wizard puts a part of his soul so that when he dies.. He can be revived in that form.. The only Wizard who tried it had one Horcrux.." Said Slughorn "And, how do you make a Horcrux?" Asked Tom "Doing the worst thing ever.. Killing" Said Slughorn "And.. What If a person made 6 Horcruxes?" Asked Tom "Six!? That would mean you would have to kill Six People, Tom! Tom, Promise me this is only Academic" Said Slughorn "Of Course.." Said Tom, and left.

"So.. Did Tom make the six Horcruxes?" Asked Tyler "We Believe so.. I also believe that we had already found two of the Horcruxes..." Said Dumbledore "Really!?" Asked Tyler "Yes. In Fact, we already destroyed them" Said Dumbledore "And what were them?" Asked Tyler. Dumbledore opened his cabinet and pulled out a Ring and a Diary. "The first one is this.. Tom's Mother's Ring. Quirrell used it to return him to life in your second year, and then you killed him. Remember?" Said Dumbledore "And the Second one.. Tom Riddle's Diary. He came back and opened the Chamber through the Diary, that's why you killed him with the Diary." Said Dumbledore "But, How did he come back in my Fourth Year?" Said Tyler "He used another of his Horcruxes, Salazar Slytherin's Locket. He stole it from his Grandma and transformed it into a Horcrux. Tyler, you know why in your second year you felt a disturbance when you were near the Diary? And remember how I told you you could feel things Birdemort can feel?" Asked Dumbledore "Uh.. Yes?" Said Tyler "This means, you can FEEL Horcruxes... And I need you to help me find the Locket.. Ok?" Asked Dumbledore. "Yes, Sir.." Said Tyler

Chapter 6.19: SectumsempraEdit

The next day, the gang visits Ron at the Hospital, and Muna, Autumn and Hermione lie to Lavender about Ron doing some stuff, and she breaks up with Ron. "So, what did he drink?" Asked Dumbledore "A non-alcoholic Champagne I had.. A student told me that it would be a great present for you, but I couldn't resist and I tried it. well.. Ron did" Said Slughorn "So, you planned to give it to me?" Asked Dumbledore. "Yes, but I didn't know it was poisoned" "And who gave it to you?" Asked Dumbledore "I Don't know, I don't remember who It was" Said Slughorn, and they left.

Back at the Great Hall, Hermione sees Katie Bell has recovered, and the Three girls run to her and ask her who gave her the Necklace. "I don't know. A boy Imperiused me in the Three Broomsticks Restaurant, and He told me to give it to Dumbledore" Said Katie "Do you know who It was?" Asked Autumn "No. I think he erased my mind in those details. I THINK he was a Red Bird" She said "Malfoy.. Ryan was right" Said Muna.

Meanwhile, Draco was still looking at that Cabinet, and he put an Apple in it. He closed it, and said the Magical Words. He waited for it to come back, and he opened it. He saw the Apple had a Bite in it. "The Signal... It Works" Murmured Draco. He decided to try another Spider in the Cabinet. "Now... The apple worked, why Shouldn't you.." He put the Spider and did the same Process in the Cabinet again, but when he opened it, the Spider was dead "Still doesn't work on Humans... AAAAAGH!" Said Draco, and Ran crying to the Bathroom.

The Trio saw Draco and followed him. Draco stood in the Sink, in front of the Mirror, he washed his face and said, "It has to work.. It's the only way to get them In... He'll kill if it doesn' work" Just then, the Trio entered "What's wrong Draco?" Asked Daniel "Your Face! Confringo!" Shouted Draco, and Almost hit Daniel, but he covered it. The trio ran through Birdwarts' ginormous Bathrooms while Draco casted spells at them "Crucio!" Said Draco "Protego!" Shouted Ryan. "Hold him for a while, there's a spell in the book!" Said Tyler. Ryan and Daniel protected themselves, as Tyler searched the book "Here It Is...Sectumsempra: For enemies.. Ryan, Try Sectumsempra!" [12]Top: Ryan casting the spell while Dan and Ty cover themselves Down: The effects of the spellAdded by Tyler G. FranksSaid Tyler Sectumsempra!" Shouted Ryan, and Draco fell to the ground, he had two ginormous bleeding scratches on his chest. "We.. Better Go" Said Daniel "Yes.." Said Tyler, and they left. "Just then, Snape entered, and saw Draco and the Trio leaving. He cured Draco "Vulnera.. Saramenti" Slowly casted Snape, and Draco went to normal.

Chapter 6.20: The CaveEdit

Dumbledore asks The Trio and Lewis if they can go on a mission with him to find the Locket, One of Birdemort's Horcruxes, and they agree. They all go to the top of the Astronomy tower, and Dumbledore said, "Now, Listen. You'll go with me with one condition. You'll do EVERYTHING I say, Ok?" Said Dumbledore "Yes, Sir" Said the Four Birds "If I say Hide, you Hide, If I say Run, you Run. If I say escape and leave me here to die while you save your lives, you do it" Said Dumbledore "Yes, Sir" "Now, grab my hands, we'll apparate to the cave." Said Dumbledore "But, Sir.. It's Impossible to apparate at Birdwarts.." Said Daniel "Well, Being Headmaster has some Benefits." Said Dumbledore, and they dissappeared.

They appeared in the Middle of the sea, in a small Rock. "That's It... The Cave" Said Dumbledore. They apparated again, but this time they entered the cave. The door -Or, at least a gigantic rock- was closed. Dumbledore took a little knife, and cut two feathers. "Sir!" Said Lewis "In order to enter, you need a little sacrifice" He said. "You know how I know the Horcrux is here?" Asked Dumbledore "How?" Asked the Birds "When tom was at Birdwarts, he commited the Mistake to tell me that If he ever were to hide something valuable, he would hide it in here Said Dumbledore, and they entered. "Lumos.. Maxima" Casted Dumbledore, and the whole place had light. "We have to cross this little Lake" Said Dumbledore, and pulled out a boat that was already there. They entered, and rowed the Boat until the reached Land again. "Here It Is" Said Dumbledore. They saw a big cauldron with Water, and a glass. The water was grey, and it looked awful. "The Horcrux is there" Said Dumbledore. Tyler felt something.. "Yes.. I think.. I feel something" He said. Lewis touched the bottom of the Cauldron, but the Locket wasn't there. "It doesn't appear until someone drinks the Water." Said Dumbledore "Remember the Condition with wich I brought you with me? This Potion might paralyze me, or even Kill me. You HAVE to make me drink it ALL" Said Dumbledore "Why Can't anyone of us drink it?" Asked Ryan "'Cause I'm old, and much less valuable" Said Dumbledore. He grabbed the glass and started to drink it. He swallowed it, and started shaking and fell to the ground. Daniel and Lewis grabbed Dumbledore while Ryan and Tyler went to get the water and give it to Dumbledore. FINALLY, He drank it, and the Locket appeared. Tyler grabbed it "W--Wa--Water.. G-Give Me W-At--Water.." Said Dumbledore "Yes, Yes.. Water.." Said Ryan "Aguamenti" Said Ryan and pointed at the Cauldron, but when he tried to grab the water, it dissappeared. "Lewis, grab water from the Lake!" Said Ryan, and tossed the glass to Lewis. He grabbed the Water, and Dumbledore drank it.

Just then, Thousands of green monsters called Inferis appeared out of the water, the quartet tried to fight, but It was impossible. Just then, Dumbledore got up and set them ALL on fire. He then got on the boat "What are you waiting for? Let's go!" He said and they escaped

Chapter 6.21: The Astronomy TowerEdit

The Five birds return to Birdwarts in the Astronomy tower. "Quick, Hide.. Someone's coming" Said Dumbledore. Tyler pulled out his cloak and hid the Quartet in there "Don't make a sound" Murmured Lewis. Draco appeared. "Lovely evening, Isn't it Draco" Said Dumbledore. Draco pointed his wand at Dumbledore "Who's with you?! I heard you talking!" Shouted Draco "I talk to myself. I find it highly amusing and relaxing" Replied the Headmaster. "Let's make It easy... Av--Ava--" Said Draco. "Draco.. You're trying to kill me? Don't do it.." Said Dumbledore "Don't you understand?! I have to kill you! Or You-Know-Who will Kill me" Said Draco "Listen.. Draco.. We can work this out" Said Dumbledore, just then.. Bellatrix, Fenrir Greyback, Quirrell and other death eaters appeared "Quirrell? Didn't the Dark Lord petrify you?" Asked Dumbledore "Yes, But now I'm new a--" Quirrell was interrupted by Bellatrix shouting, "Kill Him, Kill Him!" "And, Draco. How did the Death eaters entere Birdwarts?" Asked Dumbledore "The Vanishing Cabinet! at the room of requirement! I've been fixing it since! There's another one in Borgin and Burkes, If you enter it, you can appear here!" Said Draco. "Draco.. Don't kill me.. You're no assassin." Said Dumbledore "How do you know what I am? There's things that would shock you!" Said Draco "Like cursing the necklace? Or Slughorn's Champagne? Draco..Years ago, I met a boy who made ALL he wrong choices. You can change" Said Dumbledore "Kill him, Draco.. Kill him.." Said Bellatrix. Dumbledore pulled out his wand "Expelliarmus!" Said Draco, and he grabbed Dumbledore's wand. "Go, On Draco.. Kill HIm.... NOW!" Shouted Bellatrix, and Snape appeared "No" He said. "Severus... Please..." Said Dumbledore. Snape looked at Dumbledore in the eye for the last time, and "Avada Kedavra" He coldly said, with a shivering body. Dumbledore fell of the Balcony, dead. Bellatrix shouted and laughed in the Balcony, while creating the Dark Mark in the sky.

Chapter 6.22: Fighting the PrinceEdit

After that, the Quartet follows the Death Eaters in the grounds of Birdwarts "He Trusted You!" Shouted Tyler, but Snape ignored him "You were his Best Friend!" Shouted Daniel, While Bellatrix set Hagrid's Hut on FIRE. "Fight back, you Coward!" Shouted Tyler. Snape turned around and Sent Tyler flying with Everte Statem "DON'T.. CALL ME.. COWARD" Said Snape. Lewis looked at Snape "Crucio!" He shouted. but Snape repelled it "Petrificus Totalus!" Shouted Daniel, but It was repelled. Ryan looked at Snape and remembered the Sectumsempra curse. "Sectumsempra!" He shouted. Snape repelled it and shouted "You dare to use my own spells against me?! I, the Half-Blood Prince!?" Asked Snape. Snape attacked them all. They ran away, with nothing else to do. They return to Birdwarts only to see that Bellatrix has destroyed the Great Hall.

Chapter 6.23: The White TombEdit

They take Dumbledore to a White Tomb, and they place it in an island near Birdwarts. McGonaggall asked Tyler what he was doing when Dumbledore, but Tyler, under Dumbledore's order, doesn't tell her.  After the Funeral, attended by almost every Wizard in Angry Bird Island, and many other characters, such as Strawdina and Strawben, Anne, Bob, Ernie, Rainbow Bird and even Mighty.

Then, at the top of the Tower was the gang. Daniel hugging muna, Tyler with Hermio-- You know where this is all going. Tyler looked at the Locket "At least we have that." Said Lewis "No. It's a Fake" Said Tyler "What?" Asked Hermione, and Tyler opened it. and pulled out a little note in it, and read it:

To the Dark Lord,

I know I will be dead before you read this, but I wanna tell you that I discovered your secret. I stole the Real Horcrux and intend to destroy it as soon as I can. I'll face death in order to you to face it too.


"That's It" Said Tyler "Now.. We have to find the Horcruxes" Said Muna "Yes. And we will" Said Daniel "This is the beggining of an Epic Battle" Said Ryan. "A battle we'll win" Said Lewis "Of Course" Agreed Evan.

Chapter 7: Seventh Year: The Deathly Hallows

Chapter 1: The Dark Lord Ascending

As Snape walked to the Malfoy manor, he finds Lucius Malfoy and start to talk "The Dark Lord is discussing where the boy is" Said Lucius "Good for him. I know" Said Snape, and entered the room. "Severus.. Take a seat" Said Birdemort. "Who knows when will the boy be more vulnerable?" Asked Birdemort "Tomorrow. His family is gonna move to Grimmauld Place 12. He'll stay a few more days on his house." Said Snape "Fine. Then we'll kill him tomorrow, and I will be invincible" Said Birdemort. "But, there's one problem.." Said Birdemort "My wand and the boy's are sisters. This means we can't kill each other, just hurt. Anybody would like to offer me their wand?" Asked Birdemort. "You, Lucius?" He asked. Lucius gave Birdemort his wand. "Tomorrow.. The Boy.. DIES!" Said Birdemort, and the whole place cheered.

Chapter 2: The Ten Tylers

The Next day, Back at the Franks, empty home, Anne and the Chidlren were ready to leave. "Why do we have to leave now?" Asked Freddie "Death Eaters.. They know where we are" Said Anne "Tyler's not coming?" Asked Freddie "No.. He.. Decided to stay along with Carl and Lewis, I don't know why" Said Anne. "Goodbye, Freddie.. Or should I say, Fred?" Said Tyler "Goodbye, Bros..!" Said Freddie-- Er.. Fred. "Bye" Said Lewis. Tyler hugged Anne and remembered her "You know tha--" "Yes, Tyler. If death eaters arrive, I can use any spell" Said Anne. "Then, Goodbye" Said Tyler, and Anne left.

A Minute later, the Order arrived. At least the remaining members. "Ok, Hurry, Hurry. We have no time" Said Moody, entering. Tyler and Lewis greeted their friends as they listened to Moody "Listen, Tyler. The Dark Lord is planning to kill you tonight" Said Moody "We All Created a Plan to get you out of here" Said Mr. Weasley, pulling out a Polyjuice Potion glass. "What's the Plan?" Asked Tyler "9 of us will transform into you with Polyjuice Potion" Said Moody "No, you can't.. What if he kills you?" Asked Tyler "He won't." Said Mr. Weasley. Moody gave the glass to Daniel, Ryan, Kashy, Lewis, Evan, Ron, Muna, Autumn and Hermione and they drank it. They soon transformed into Tyler, all of them "We're identical" Said Evan and Ryan at the same time. "Each of us will go with one member of the Order. Tyler with Hagrid, Daniel and Mr. Weasley, Ryan and Tonks, Ron and Kingsley, Hermione with Mrs. Weasley, Autumn with Fleur, Muna and Jack, Kashy and Fred, Evan and George. Mundungus! You'll go with me along with Lewis. I'm gonna keep an eye on you..." Said Moody. They went out, and went on the Broomsticks, except Tyler and Hagrid who went in a Flying Motorcycle (Originally Remus')

Tyler fought next to Hagrid while he drove the Motorcycle. Until, Birdemort finally appeared. He casted the Stunning Spell at Hagrid, and shouted, "Avada Kedavra!" Tyler quickly casted "Expelliarmus!" And green and red light was respectevily thrown out of each wand, and a Green and Red ball of eneregy was formed (Priori Incantatem) Birdemort, using Lucius Malfoy's wand took a look at it, and saw the Wand cracking, as the Energy ball almost surrounded Tyler. Lewis saw from behind, and escaped from Moody "Where are you going!?" He asked "I gotta save my bro. Bro, I got Your Back!" Shouted Lewis "Expelliarmus!" He shouted and Birdemort's wand was thrown into the air, Causing him to stop and scream in anger. "Goodbye, Baldymort!" Shouted Lewis.

Chapter 3: A Fallen Warrior

"Revelio Truiselvious!"  Birdemort casted at one of the Tylers, which just happened to be Daniel. Daniel fell, because he didn't HAVE a Broomstick, nor did he ever want one unless he needed it. Daniel grabbed the tail of a Black Sleuthwing that was flying up, and flew it at Birdemort.  "AVADA KEDAVR-AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" screamed Birdemort as the Black Sleuthwing hit his broom, and the spell hit the Sleuthwing. it fell, dead. Daniel closed his eyes, when he felt himself rising in the Air again. he opened his eyes. he was caught by  Onyx, his Black Sleuthwing! she had caught him in midair and was heading back into the fight! "Onyx, you speedy girl!" Daniel laughed. They all arrived at the Weasley's, like they do every year. Molly and Ginny are already there, "Tyler, Hagrid, you have arrived!" Said Mrs. Weasley. They entered the house and saw that Evan and George were already there, and George was laying in the Couch, bleeding. "What happened to him!?" Asked Tyler. "Snape cut his ear..." Said Ginny. "Oh, No!" Said Hagrid. Muna (Still Looking Like Tyler) and Jack arrived. "Muna!" Said Tyler "Is Daniel here yet?" She asked "No, But--" Tyler was interrupted by Jack, smashing him in the wall and pointing his wand at Tyler "Who was it you saw the first time I took you to my Mansion!?" Jack asked "What The--" "Answer!" Shouted Jack "Uh.. Ergh.. Autumn! It was Autumn!" Shouted Tyler. Jack let go of Tyler and relaxed "We've been betrayed... Turns out there were actually ELEVEN Tylers, and he betrayed us" Said Jack "Who!?" Asked Mrs. Weasley "Mundungus Fletcher" Said Jack. The rest arrived. "We've been betrayed!" Said Fred "Yes, And.. another thing.." Said Lewis "What?" They asked "Mad-Eye's.. dead" He said, and the whole clan gasped "Who Killed him..?" Asked Autumn "Fletcher... When I left to save Tyler, I took another look and Moody, and saw Fletcher shooting green light from his wand, then.. Mad-Eye fell.." Said Lewis "That Stinky Pig!" Shouted Kingsley.

Chapter 4: The Will Of Albus Dumbledore

Two days after spending nights in the Burrow, Bill and Fleur's wedding is just a two days away, and Tyler's birthday is the next day. Tyler has been having nightmares/reading Birdemort's mind of Birdemort looking for someone named Gregorovitch. The next day, Tyler doesn't really recieves gifts, because of the Situation everybody is in. As the Weasleys set out the Roof of where Bill and Fleur are getting married, Fred sees the Minister, Rufus Scrimgeour. "Is that.. The minister?" He asked "Yes.. He wants to see the boys" Said Mr. Weasley. The minister entered and saw Ron, Hermione, Tyler, Ryan and Daniel, and he sat them in the couch "What is it you want, Minister?" Asked Tyler. "I have come to read you The Will Of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore" Said The Minister. "To Ronald Billius Weasley, I leave my Deluminator. An item I created to find light in the darkest places." Read the Minister as he gave Ron a little thing that looked like a Lightsaber's base. "Cool.. What Is It?" Asked Ron. He pressed the Button, and the lights in all the house turned off. He pressed it again, and they came back on "Sweet..." He said "To Hermione Jean Granger, I leave my copy of The Tales Of Beedle the Bard Hoping she finds it interesting" Read the Minister "To Tyler Gregory Franks, I leave the Snitch he caught in his first Quidditch Game" Read the Minister "To.. Ryan Jeffrey Redmond I leave The Diary of Tom Riddle, hoping it will give him Ideas on how to destroy You-Know-Who" Said The Minister "And, To Daniel Eric Redmond I leave the Lightsaber he used in his third year to destroy the Basilisk, although, the Location of said Lightsaber is unknown" Read the Minister "That's all.Good Luck" Said the Minister, and left. "My.. Snitch?" Asked Tyler "The Diary...?" Asked Ryan "Dumbledore knows what he does" Said Hermione "Guess you're right" Said Daniel

Chapter 5: The Wedding

The day of the Wedding, Tyler looked for a place to sit before the party started. "Excuse me, Can I sit here?" Asked Tyler. "Oh, Yes, Yes.. Of Course" Said An Old Bird "You're Elphias Doge, right? I read your article about Dumbledore. I found it pretty good" Said Tyler "Thanks, Thanks." Said Elphias "You knew him pretty well, right?" Asked Tyler "Oh, ho! Of all the people, I knew him the best" Said Elphias "Well, that's if you don't count his brother Aberforth" Said Ron's Aunt, Muriel. "Dumbledore had a brother?" Asked Tyler "Oh, Yes.. They weren't pretty good friends, but Bathilda Bagshot usually took care of them" Said Muriel "But, didn't Bathilda live in Godric's Hollow?" Asked Tyler "Yes, So did the Dumbledores, but they had to move after Dumbledore Sr. Killed three muggles.." Said Muriel "He what?" Asked Tyler "Are you sure you knew him well?" Asked Doge "Not anymore.." Said Tyler. Just then, Kingsley's Patronus arrived in the Middle of the Party, sending a Message "Escape from here, now. Birdemort has taken over the Ministry and he killed Rufus Scrimgeour he's coming to the Wedding, Escape Now!" Said Kingsley via Patronus. Just then, Death eaters arrived, and the whole place went on Fire. Tyler, Ron, Daniel Hermione and Ryan were ready to fight "Run, he's coming for you!" Shouted Jack. The five heroes hugged and dissapparated from there.

Chapter 6: A Place To Hide

They arrive in Muggle Angry Bird City. "We have to find somewhere to hide" Said Ryan "Yes, But first, we have to change" Said Hermione "This are the only clothes we have" Said Daniel "Not really.." Said Hermione, as she pulled out a pink purse. She put her hand in the little purse, and pulled out clothes for everybody. "How the Bird?!" Asked Ryan "Indetectable Extention Charm.. I can fit anything in there" Said Hermione "Awesome" Said Ron. A Thud was heard in the purse "Ooops. That must have been the books" Said Hermione.

They entered a Cafe. and the Waiter appeared "What would you like?" Said the Waiter "Three Dr. Peppers and Two Sprites" Said Hermione. "Birdemort has take over the Ministry, and we can't even find the Real Locket" Said Ron. Two Birds dressed as mechanincs entered. They were quiet... "DOWN!" Shouted Daniel, and they hid under the Table, just in time for one of the Mechanics to shout, "AVADA KEDAVRA!" They started shooting spells "Petrificus Totalus!" Said Hermione, and one fell to the ground dead "Stupefy!" Shouted Ron, and the other one fell unconscious. Ron saw the first Bird "This one's Rowle. He was at the Astronomy tower when Snape killed Dumbledore "This One's Dolohov." Said Ron "Yeah, I saw him in the Wanted Posters" Said Ryan "Where do we go now!?" Asked Daniel "Uh.. My parents' house?" Asked Hermione. "No.. they know where that is" Said Ryan "I know, Grimmauld Place No. 12! That place is hidden, and my mom's in there!" Said Tyler "That's It! Said Ron.

They arrived, and Tyler casted the spell in order to make the house appear. "There it is, Let's go" Said Tyler, and entered. Anne heard the door opening "Who could it-- BOYS, QUICK! HIDE!" She said, and Fred and Jackie hid in their rooms "Who's there!?" She shouted "Mom, It's me" Said Tyler "Oh, Tyler you had me so worried!" She said, and hugged him "Daniel, Ryan, Ron! Hermione!" said Anne "Hi, Aunt Anne" Said Daniel. The first thing they did was go to sleep. Ron found a room "Remus John Lupin.." This was Remus' room. he saw another room "Regulus Arcturus Lupin.. Regulus.. Arctu-- R.A.L... R.A.L.!" Shouted Ron "Guys, come here! and Bring the Locket!" Shouted Ron

Chapter 7: Kreacher's Tale

The gang goes upstairs with Ron, and they agree that Remus' brother is R.A.L. And they start searching all over the room or house for the real locket. "Ugh, We can't find it" Said Ron "Call Kreacher! The house-elf! He might know" Said Daniel "You're right. Kreacher!" Shouted Ryan, and Kreacher apparated "Yes.. My Master..?" Said Kreacher. Tyler showed Kreacher the Locket "Do You know what this is?" He asked "Master Regulus' Locket.." Said Kreacher "There's another one, right? Where is it?" Asked Tyler. "Years ago, Master Regulus and Kreacher went to a cave to substitute the real Locket with a fake one. Master Regulus told Kreacher to try to destroy the original Locket, but as much as Kreacher tried and tried, Kreacher couldn't destroy the Locket, and then, Master Regulus was killed" Said Kreacher "And who has the Real one!? Did somebody steal it?" Asked Ryan "a Year ago, a Bird came to the house and stole a lot of things, He stole Master Remus' One-way mirror. This is all that is left" Said Kreacher, handing Tyler a piece of a mirror, wich Tyler put in Hermione's bag. "Did he steal the Locket too?" Asked Daniel "Yes..." Said Kreacher "And Who was it?" Asked Daniel "A guy.. named.. Mundungus.. Fletcher" Said Kreacher "Kreacher.. Go get him.." Said Tyler, and Kreacher dissaparated.

Jack then talked to the gang via Floo Network, and told them that the Birdemort-controlled Ministry is now searching For Muggle-Borns and "Blood Traitors" Since they want a world full of Pure-Bloods.

an Hour later, Hermione was teaching Ron how to play Fur Elise on the piano, while Jackie baked Brownies that tasted like rocks, Freddie took a nap, Anne knitted a sweater, and the Trio played New Super Mario Bros. U. They heard a door opened, and footsteps. They quickly ran to the Kitchen and saw Kreacher grabbing Mundungus by the tail, and Dobby grabbing him by the Hair. "Master Ty.. Master Dan... Masters! Dobby saw Kreacher going after Fletcher, and Dobby decided to help" Said Dobby "Kreacher got Mundungus" Said Kreacher "Expelliarmus!" Shouted Hermione, and grabbed Mundungus' wand. "What Do You Want!?" Shouted Fletcher "The Locket! Where Is It?" Asked Tyler "When you came to steal here, and don't deny it, you took a Locket like this one, where is it?" Asked Daniel "I sold it, I sold it" Said Fletcher "To Whom!?" Asked Hermione "To.." Fletcher saw a newspaper in the Table, and saw Umbridge in there "There, That Lady! I sold it to that Lady in the Pink outfit!" Said Fletcher "That's all we need to know, Obliviate" Said Hermione. "We gotta go to the Ministry and take the Locket from her" Said Ron "Yes, uh. Just let me leave a note to my mom" Said Tyler. He wrote the note, and they left.

Chapter 8: At The Ministry Again

The five heroes keep spying on five workers from the Ministry, Mafalda Hopkirk, Reg Cattermole, Albert Runcorn, Marvin Gaunt and David Cresswell. They hid in the garage of an empty home and waited for one of them to arrive. The first one to arrive was Albert "Stupefy" Murmured Tyler, and Albert fell to the ground. They carried him to the garage and layed him there. They did the same with the other four workers, and layed them. Hermione pulled out a Polyjuice Potion glass she had in her purse, grabbed a hair from each worker, and put it in there. "Now, remember: Each of us will try to get the Locket. Do NOT Talk unless necessary, remember, we don't have their voices." Said Hermione, and they drank it.

Tyler, Ron, Ryan and Daniel went to the first entrance, wich was in the Men's bathroom at a public bathroom. Hermione entered via the Women's bathroom.

Ryan and Tyler/Albert and David worked together, so Ryan and Tyler had to spy Umbridge from the same spot. They walked through a series of Pigs working in some books, called Mudbloods and the Terrible Things They Do "Gee, these people really hate Mudbloods" Said Ryan "Yes, Oh Look.. Umbridge's office. Maybe she has the Locket there..." Said Tyler. They saw a door that said Dolores Umbridge. Chief Of The Muggle-Born Registration Commission And saw, believe it or not, Mad-Eye's Fake Eye glued (or something) to the door. "How could they.." Said Tyler "How are we going to enter, the whole building watches this door" Said Ryan "That's the Problem.." Said Tyler "Oh, Remember those little Gas-Spraying Robots I bought in the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes Last year?" Asked Ryan "Yeah, you still got 'em?" Asked Tyler "Yup" Said Ryan as he left a Little tiny robot fell. The robot walked through the Tables and multiplied, and multiplied, and multiplied until there were like 100 Robots in there. Ryan pressed the button, and green smoke appeared from the Robots. "Quick, Let's go!" Shouted Ryan and entered the door. "Uhmm.. Accio Horcrux!" Said Tyler "It may not work in here.." Said Ryan. They started to check the Cabinets and Tyler saw a book List of Muggle-Borns/Half-Bloods to eliminate Said the Book. They saw an Image of Mad-Eye Moody with a giant X on it, then an Image of Dumbledore with an X, Then Hermione, but this image said Too Dangerous. They left because they couldn't find the Horcrux.

Chapter 9: Retrieving The Locket

Meanwhile, Daniel, Hermione and Ron were going down to the Third Floor. and Yaxley (A Death Eater) appeared, and greeted Cattermole/Ron "Cattermole. It's Still raining in my office" Said Yaxley "Have you tried an Umbrella?" Suggested Ron "You do know, I'm going downstairs to interrogate your Mudblood wife, don't you? I mean, if MY wife was about to be banned from Magic, I would fix my chief's office Inmediately" Said Yaxley, and left. They stayed on he Elevator "Oh, My! My wife is downstairs, all Alone!" Said Ron "Ron.. You don't have a wife" Said Daniel "Oh.. Right.." Said Ron. The three went down to where Cattermole's wife was being interrogated, and guess who was interrogating her? Umbridge, and sure enough, she had the Locket on. Daniel saw Dolores' Patronus sitting next to her, and on the roof, he saw like 12 Dementors, that looked ready to attack "Oh, Cattermole, Hopkirk, Gaunt! I was waiting for you. Gaunt, could you send a message to Cresswell and Runcorn that I'm waiting for them?" Asked Umbridge. "Reg! Reg!!" Screamed Cattermole's wife, as Ron slowly walked next to her. Daniel conjured a Patronus and sent a message with it to Ryan and Tyler.

Ryan and Tyler were walking dissapointedly to the Bathroom, when Daniel's patronus arrived "Ryan, Tyler. we're in the Court with Umbridge. She has the Locket, and luckily, she wants you here. Hurry up!" Said the Patronus, and the duo ran to the Court.

"Runcorn, Cresswell. Am I happy to see you.. I might need you to take Mrs. Cattermole out of here in a minute" Said Umbridge, and pulled out a wand "Mary Juliette Cattermole, Wife of Reginald Arthur Cattermole and Mother of Benjamin James Cattermole?" Asked Umbridge "Yes" Said Mrs. Cattermole "A Wand was taken from you when you entered the Ministry, Is THIS that wand?" Said Umbridge while showing her the wand. "Yes, It Is" "Can you tell us who you stole it from" Asked Umbridge "I didn't It's mine. I bought it at Ollivander's when I was eleven" Said Mrs. Cattermole "You Lie!" Shouted Umbridge 'I don't, It's Mine" Said Mrs. Cattermole. "YOU LIE! And we don't like Liars, OR Mudbloods here at the Ministry... Dementors, Attac--" "Stupefy!" Interrupted Tyler and stunned Umbridge. Daniel took the Locket from Umbridge "Listen, Run. Escape from the Country" Said Ron to his "Wife" "Yes, Yes.." Said Mrs. Cattermole and kissed her "Husband" Just in time for the Polyjuice potion to finish. The real Cattermole arrived "Mary... who's that man?" He asked "Er.. Uh... Nice meeting you!" Said Ron and they started to run. "Hey.. That's Tyler Franks and the Redmond Brothers!" Said a worker in the Ministry "Tyler?" Said another Worker "Stop Them!" Shouted Yaxley, and the Police started to run along with Yaxley "Stop Them!!!!" Shouted Yaxley as the gang got in a Floo Network, and Yaxley followed them.

Chapter 10: The Thief

The five Birds managed to escape from the Ministry, and appeared in a strange forest, but Ron was bleeding. "W-What Happened to him!?" Asked Tyler with the Locket in his hand "Well, Yaxley followed us, and he cursed Ron, but I managed to escape!" Said Hermione "Tyler.. Ryan! Grab some medicine from Hermione's bag" Said Daniel. Tyler looked in the purse "Accio Medicine!" He said, and grabbed the Medicine "Here, Here" Said Tyler. Hermione poured the Medicine on  Ron's back. "There.. There... Just one more.." She said. Ron was cured, but still had to be very careful and use some Crutches Hermione had in her purse. "Now, Listen.. I have no idea where we are right now, but we are NOT in Angry Birds Island" Said Hermione "And what's the plan?" Asked Daniel "DON'T YOU SEE!? WE DON'T HAVE A DANG PLAN!" Shouted Tyler "T-Tyler..?" Asked Ryan "It's The Locket. It's cursed. Take it off, Tyler" Said Hermione, and Tyler took it off "Better?" Asked Hermione "Better.." Said Tyler "So, My plan was to NOT return to Birdwarts" Said Hermione "But.. Kashy, Evan, Lewis, Autumn and Muna.. They're still there" Said Daniel, as Ron sloooooowly grabbed the Locket from the bag "But we can't go, Snape is the Headmaster" Said Ryan. "Then we'll stay here. Let's build the Tent" Said Hermione "What Tent?" Asked Tyler. Hermione looked at the Purse "Seriously?" Said Daniel

That night, Tyler had Nightmares of Birdemort entering Gregorovitch (The Wand Maker)'s House. "Where Is It?!" Asked Birdemort "I Don't know.. A Boy! A boy took it from me years ago!" Said Gregorovitch "You're alive.. for now!" Said Birdemort, and Tyler woke up. He wakes up to see Daniel, Hermione and Ryan discussing something on the Table "What are you talking about?" Asked Tyler "Well, Ryan saw the Diary.. and thought that we destroyed the Diary with a Basilisk fang, right?" Said Hermione "Um.. Yes?" Said Tyler "And remember how you got that fang?" Asked Daniel "Yeah.. You cut it from the Basilisk with Dumbledore's Lightsaber" Said Tyler "Don't you see? This means the Lightsaber has Basilisk Venom, and It can destroy--" "Horcruxes" Interrupted Ron "Yes. I'm still here" Said Ron "Doesn't It feel bad? That Dumbledore gives you a Darn Task, but does not tell you how to complete It!?" Said Ron "Ron, Calm down" Said Daniel "No, I'm not calming down, I'm just very angry for that! Our mission is beggining to be Hopeless if we don't find that dang Sword!" Said Ron "Ron, you're using the Locket, take it off!" Said Ryan "No, I'm not! You know what!? It doesn't even make sense staying here with you!" Said Ron, and left the Camp "Ron, Wait!" Said Hermione, but he dissaparated "It's not his fault.. It was the Locket's" Said Daniel "I Know" Said Ryan "Look, at least he left the Locket!" Said Tyler.

Chapter 11: Godric's Hollow

The next morning, Hermione was reading the book Dumbledore gave her, And saw something weird "Daniel.. look" She said "What is that?" Daniel asked "Look at this symbol. It's not from the book, somebody drew it with a pen"

The Sign

 Said Hermione "Uh.. Yes.. Wait a Min.." Said Daniel "What?" Asked Hermione "That symbol.. At Bill and Fleur's wedding! Xenophilus Lovegood, Luna's father was using it as a collar!" Said Daniel "So?" Asked Hermione "He might know what it is!" Said Daniel "Good idea" Said Hermione. "But first we gotta find the Lightsaber" Said Daniel "Guys, Guys!" Said Ryan as he ran up to them with Tyler. "What if Dumbledore left the Lightsaber at Godric's Hollow, I mean.. What better place to leave it at, but the creators' Birthplace!?" Asked Tyler. "Sure!" Said Ryan. "Good, um.. Let's go!" Said Daniel. They disarmed the tent and put it in the Purse "Let's go.." Said Hermione, and they dissapparated together.

They appeared at Godric's Hollow, and saw a church with a Graveyard in there "Hey, guys... I think it's Christmas..." Said Hermione. Tyler looked at the Graveyard "Do you think he's there?" Asked Tyler "Who?" Asked Ryan "My dad" Said Tyler "We can look for him" Said Daniel. They started looking at the graves, and Hermione found one IGNOTUS PEVERELL Said the Grave she  looked down and saw the same Sign in the Grave. "Uh.. Tyler?" She said. She looked around and saw the Trio looking at a Grave Tyler Gregory Franks Sr. R.I.P. Said the Grave. "Well, we gotta go.. And look for the Sword" Said Tyler. They started to walk and saw Bathilda Bagshot. "That's Bathilda.. Maybe she knows" Said Daniel "Mrs. Bagshot?" Said Ryan. But she didn't answer "Mrs. Bagshot?" Asked Tyler "Let's just follow her. Maybe that's what she wants" Said Daniel. They followed her, until they found the Franks' old, destroyed home. "That's... My house" Said Tyler "It's still destroyed" Said Daniel

Chapter 12: Bathilda's Secret

They keep looking at the house for a moment, and Bathilda is looking at them "Look, she wants us to follow her" Said Hermione. They entered her old, disgusting house and Tyler saw a photo of a young boy. "Mrs. Bagshot... Who Is that Boy?" Asked Tyler, but she didn't answer. Bathilda looked at Tyler, and slowly said "Kosha.. Mess sen lesutt" In parseltongue, meaning "Come, but without the others" Tyler thought he was gonna be given the Lightsaber of Gryffindor. They stopped in a little room "Besho.. Quesse kilsah (Look over there)" Said Bathilda, pointing at the wall. Tyler looked at the wall, and Bathilda's body suddenly started to melt, and Nagini, Birdemort's snake came out! Nagini tried to attack Tyler, but he dodged. "Flipendo!" Casted Tyler, but Nagini blocked it. She jumped at Tyler, and bit his wand, breaking it into two "GUYS, HELP!" He screamed. Hermione, Ryan and Daniel ran upstairs "Confringo!" Shouted Daniel, and hit Nagini. "Come at me, Snake!" Said Daniel, but just then,  Birdemort appeared. "Let's Go!" Shouted Hermione. They quickly hugged and dissapparated "AAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Screamed Birdemort, and Destroyed the whole house with Anger.

Chapter 13: The Silver Doe

They apparate at The Forest of Dean, and set the camp there. Meanwhile, Tyler sits to look at his Broken Wand. "Gosh.. What Am I gonna do now?" He thought. Hermione walked to him "Tyler.. you wanted to know who that boy in Bathilda's house was, right?" Said Hermione "Yeah?" He said "Look, I found out in this book. His name is Gellert Grindelwald. He looks a little older now, this Pic was taken two years ago" Said Hermione. "What's that book called?" Asked Tyler "The Life Of Albus Dumbledore Written by Reeta Skeeter" Said Hermione "So, Grindelwald knew Dumbledore?" Asked Tyler "Yes. They were great friends, and they were against Mudbloods" Said Hermione "What?!" Asked Tyler "They WERE. Now they're not! They changed" Said Hermione "Ok.. Just go in and warm up.." Said Tyler "Sure. Here.. have my wand. You need it" Said Hermione, and left. Daniel and Ryan sat next to Tyler. Suddenly, a Patronus arrived in shape of a Doe. It stood on top of the Frozen Lake, and pointed at the bottom and then It dissappeared. The Trio walked to the River. Daniel looked at the very bottom, and saw what he thought was A Lightsaber base. "Can It be..." He thought "Guys! Guys!!! It's Godric Gryffindor's Lightsaber!" He said. The Trio broke the ice, and took a dive for it. Meanwhile, Hermione was studying the Horcrux, and it escaped. It hopped to the Lake, and just when the Trio was about to grab the Lightsaber, it tied them and started to choke them. They saw a Bird walking over the ice, and the Bird took a dive, too. That Bird pulled the Horcrux, and untied it from the Trio. Ryan swam quick to the Lightsaber, grabbed it and went to the top. "Agh... *pant* Who are you... Hermione?" Asked Daniel "No, I-- Wait Seriously?" Said the Bird. Daniel looked closely. "Ron?" Said Daniel "Well, yeah.. I--" "No Time for Asking, destroy the Horcrux!" Said Tyler. "Listen, I'll open the Horcrux speaking Parseltongue, and whoever has the Lightsaber will destroy it.. All right?" Said Tyler "Ok.." Said Ryan as he held the Lightsaber "Assha.. Dezieth" Said Tyler and the Locket opened, revealing a Dark Hurricane in form of Birdemort's Body. "Ryan, destroy it!" Shouted Daniel. The Hurricane blew the Lightsaber out of sight.

"Ron, The Lightsaber!" Shouted Daniel and Ron slowly grabbed it. Suddenly, three figures came out of the Hurricane, representing Dan, Ty and Rye. "What are YOU going to do? You can't do anything right" Said the Daniel figure "Least loved by the Mother who crawled a Daughter. Your mother conffesed she would rather have me as a child" Said The Ryan figure. "Who would want to be your friend, compared to us?" Said the Tyler figure. "Ron, None of that is true! Destroy It!" Shouted Ryan. Ron bravely got up, turned on the Lightsaber.. "AAAAAGH!" He screamed as he ran to the center of the Hurricane, and cut the Horcrux in two. Suddenly, the Hurricane dissappeared "Ooof.. Close One.." Said Ron. "Why did you come back?" Asked Tyler "The Horcrux.. Once I took it off, I slowly began to regret leaving" Said Ron "Then what Hermione said is true. The Horcrux was controlling you" Said Daniel "Anyway, Let's go" Said Ryan.

Chapter 14: Xenophilus Lovegood

They go back to the Camp, and Tyler wakes Hermione up "Hermione, Hermione! Good news.. Actually, Great news!" Said Tyler "Uh.. What?" Asked Hermione "1. Ron Is Back!" Said Tyler "What? Ron? Ron!?" She said. Ron looked at Hermione "Hey.." He said "Ronald Weasley! You leave for a month, come back and you say HI?!" Asked Hermione "I'm sorry... I regreted leaving when I took the Horcrux off" Said Ron "I knew it.. But how did you come back" Said Hermione "With This. It has more powers than I thought" Said Ron, grabbing his new Deluminator "When I was looking for you, It slowly started to speak, and guided me here" Said Ron "Really?" Asked Ryan "Really. Call me crazy, But I think That's why Dumbledore gave this to me" Said Ron "Guys. I think we should go to Xenophilius Lovegood's. He was wearing the sign in his collar at the wedding. He must know what it is" Said Daniel "Ok, Let's go" They said.

They knocked on Lovegood's house. "Excuse me, Mr. Lovegood.. I'm Tyler Franks. We met at the wedding" Said Tyler "Oh, Sure Come on In!" Said Lovegood. Minutes later, they sat down and had tea. "So, what you are asking me is if I know that symbol?" Asked Lovegood. "Yes, do you know what it is?" Asked Daniel "Well, Have you read the Tale of the Three Brothers?" Asked Lovegood "Yes, I have it right here.." Said Hermione, and pulled out her book of The Tales Of Beedle the Bard, and Started to read it.

There once were 3 Brothers, who were trying to get past a long river. They pulled out their wands... -Read Hermione- ...And created a bridge. Suddenly, the Death appeared, frustrated, because people normally drown in the River, but he gongratulated them and gave each one a reward. The First one asked for the most powerful wand ever. The second one asked for a Resurrection stone, to bring loved ones from the death, and the Third one asked for an Invisibility cloak, to hide from his enemies. The first brother went to his enemies' houses, and killed them all.. But then, one day he was assasinated by a new enemy he gained while killing other people. He was killed, and the Death took him. The second brother brought the girl whom he was gonna marry before she died back to life, but after realizing he couldn't touch her, he commited suicide, and so, the Death took the Second brother. The Third brother hid from the Death for years, until he finally died of age, and greeted Death like an old friend.

Chapter 15: The Deathly Hallows

"I don't understand -Said Ron while sipping his cup of tea-... What does that have to do with the symbol?" "I'll show you" Said Lovegood and went upstairs a while. They sat in silence. "Oh, Tyler!" Said Ron "Yeah?" Asked Tyler "You lost your wand in that duel against Nagini, right?" Asked Ron "Ummm... Yeah.." Said Tyler. Ron pulled a wand out of his backback. "Here, try this one! I stole it from a Snatcher when I left you.." Said Ron, excited. "Let's try it out.." Tyler pointed at the candle. "Engorgio!" He said. The flame suddenly became about two times the size of Hagrid. "Reducio!" He shouted, and the flame went back to normal. Then Lovegood came downstairs again, with a pen. He grabbed a piece of paper and drew a Triangle "This.. Is the Cloak of Invisibility..." He said. He then drew a line between the top of the Triangle and the middle of the bottom line. "....The Elder Wand..." He said and finally drew a circle around the Elder Wand "...And the Resurrection Stone. -Said Lovegood, while grabbing his cup and sitting back down- It is said, that if one masters the three hallows, he will be... The Master Of Death" "Does this mean... -Tyler said while getting up excitedly- That my Invisbility Cloak could be one of the Deathly Hallows?" "Perhaps.." Said Lovegood as he finished his tea "Yes!" Shouted Tyler. They looked at him in silence. "Sorry..." He murmured. "You... You have a daughter, right?" Asked Daniel "Oh... Yes.. My Little Luna..." Said Lovegood. "Did she go to Birdwarts this year?" Asked Daniel "Oh.. Oh.. Yeah.. She.. Uh.. Went to Birdwarts..." Replied Lovegood with a slight, nervous chuckle. "She shouldn't have.." Said Daniel, worried. "She shouldn't have? Why?" Asked Xenophilus. "Birdemort is going there.." Said Daniel "Bird--" Lovegood was interrupted by a loud Boom, and Death Eaters flying around the house "I have them Here! I have them here!" Shouted Lovegood "Wh--What!?" Said Ryan, mad. "The Death Eaters -Said Lovegood nervously- They kidnapped Luna, and they told me that if I sell you to them, they'd bring 'er back to me!" "Well, Then You Ain't getting back Luna!" Shouted Ryan as he hugged the four others and dissapparated.

Chapter 16: Birdemort's Taboo

They apparated in a little forest. "That Lovegood.. Such a Coward!" Ron shouted. "Yes, But I still don't get it why Death Eaters appeared JUST When we said Birdem--" "DON'T SAY IT!" Hermione interrupted Tyler "Why?" Asked Tyler curiously. "Bird-- You-Know-Who turned his name into a Taboo: Everytime you say it, Death Eaters appear." Said Hermione Matter-A-Factly. "That's really dangerous.." Said Daniel "..At least we learned what the sign meant..." Said Ryan trying to cheer them up "Yeah.. You're right. Let's put the tent and rest for a while.." Suggested Ron "This Time I'll do the Protective spells.." Said Daniel.

During sleep, Tyler is having dreams of Birdemort searching the Elder Wand.. "Where Is It???" He could hear Birdemort asking... "AAAAAAGH!" He got up "W-What happened?" Asked Daniel "My Dream.. Birdemort... He--" "TYLER!" Interrupted Daniel.. "What? Oh, Blast It! The Taboo!" Tyler suddenly realized. They quickly woke everyone up, disarmed the tent and started to run. "It won't be long time before Death Eaters arrive!" Shouted Ron "Then we better RUN!" Shouted Ryan. Suddenly, they heard an apparition noise behind them. "Stop right there...." Gently said a Death Eater, Scabior. "I wonder if you could be the ones we're looking for.. We've been apparating at thousands of places just because stupid people accidentally say the Dark Lord's name..." Said Scabior. He looked at Tyler from behind. Hermione knew they were gonna recognize him.. She slowly pointed her wand at Tyler, and whispered, "Beako" Tyler's beak suddenly bented down, and it looked all broken. "Eeeew... I don't think this really is you..." Said Scabior "Sir... The Boy in the cap.. I believe he really is a friend of the boy" Suggested another Death Eater. "Fine. Let's take them, then.." Said Scabior. Hermione looked in her purse, when the Gryffindor Lightsaber slipped. "I'll have this..." Said Scabior, picking the saber up.

Chapter 17: Malfoy Manor

After long hours of waiting Tyler saw they were walking by Jack's mansion "Tyler.. Your Uncle" Said Hermione, Handing her purse to Tyler. "He's not there" Replied Tyler. They finally arrived to Malfoy Manor and Bellatrix gave them a welcome (Well, in her way) and entered them to the Manor "Well hello there.." Greeted Lucius Malfoy. "These are the ones we caught. I think they're the ones the Dark Lord is looking for" Said Scabior "Gee... I don't know.. The last time I Saw them was 3 years ago.. Draco!" Called Lucius, and Draco came to him. "Yes, Dad?" He asked "Do you know if this is the boy the Dark Lord is looking for?" Asked Lucius "Gee.. Erm.. I.. Don't.. I'm not sure.." Lied Draco. "Draco.. Imagine if we were the ones that gave the boy to the Dark Lord.. Imagine.. Our Reward..." Insisted Lucius "I'm just.. not sure..." Said Draco "Fine Then. -Lucius said ignoring Draco- We'll call him.. Lord Birde--" "WAIT... WHERE DID YOU GET THAT!?"  Interrupted Bellatrix pointing at Scabior holding the Saber. "It fell from the Girl's Purse. It's mine now..." Said Scabior. "I don't think so... Crucio!" She tortured him, and grabbed the saber, and finally, she kicked him in Scabior's big, Pig Snout. "Wormtail! -Bellatrix Screamed- Take the boys to the Dungeons! Except... the Girl.. I'm gonna have a little girl-to-girl Talk with her..." She said with her creepy smile.

Wormtail took the four Birds to the Dungeon, but they found out they weren't the only ones there. Tyler saw Lewis "LEWIS!" He screamed, and ran to hug him. "Guys!" He said. They hugged. "Who else is here?" Asked Ryan. "Mr. Ollivander, the Wand Maker, Griphook the Goblin and Luna!" Said Lewis "Mr. Ollivander... How are you?" Asked Ryan "Alive..." Replied Ollivander. Suddenly, they heard screams from upstairs "...THIS SABER WAS SUPPOSED TO BE AT MY VAULT AT GRINGOTTS! HOW DID YOU GET IT!?" Asked Bellatrix. "..This one is a fake, I swear!" Lied Hermione to save her guts. "ARE YOU LYING TO ME!?" Asked Bella "No, I swear!" Cried Hermione "Wormtail.. Bring me the Goblin!" Said Bellatrix. "Yes.. Ma'am.." Said Wormtail. He went to the Dungeon and pulled Griphook out. "HOW DID SHE ENTER MY GRINGOTTS VAULT?!" Said Bellatrix "She didn't.. This is a fake Saber.." Said Griphook, helping Hermione. "You.. LIE! -Shouted Bellatrix- Wormtail! Take him back!" Screamed Bellatrix "Yes Ma'am" replied Wormtail and took Griphook "..WHAT ELSE DID YOU TAKE FROM MY VAULT!? TELL ME!" Shouted Bella "Nothing, Nothing!" Cried Hermione "LIES! CRUCIO -She tortured Hermione- WHAT ELSE DID YOU TAKE!?" Asked Bellatrix "Nothing.." She cried "Take her to the Dungeon..." said Bellatrix. Wormtail took her. "What did they do to you!?" Asked Tyler "She tortured me.." Said Hermione. "That..." Grunted Tyler.

Suddenly, Dobby apparated in there "Dobby!? What are you doing here?" Asked Ryan "Dobby came to save his friends...." Said Dobby. "Fine.. Uh.. Take Griphook, Ollivander, Luna, Lewis and Hermione.. They're too weak.." Said Ryan "Yes, sir.. But.. where do I take them?" "To my Brother and Fleur's house. They told me we could use the house for emergencies." Said Ron "Yes, sir" Dobby hugged them all, and Disapparated away.

Upstairs, Wormtail, who had all the Wands confiscated, heard the Dissapparating noises, and went down to investigate. Just when he opened the door, The four Birds jumped at him, took their wands, stunned Pettigrew, and escaped. Lucius, Bellatrix, Narcissa and Draco followed them, while Dobby apparated at the other end "Masters, hurry up!" Shouted Dobby "Stupefy!" Casted Daniel, and Lucius was sent away. "Flipendo!" Ryan shot Narcissa. "Expelliarmus Maxima!" Casted Tyler, and Disarmed Bellatrix and Malfoy, and grabbed their wands. They ran onto Dobby, and just as they were about to apparate, Bellatrix shoot her knife at them, and they dissapparated along with the knife.

Chapter 18: Shell Cottage

They arrive near the Shell Cottage, Bill and Fleur's house. "Hermione.. We're safe.. Are you okay?" Asked Tyler "Yes, I--" "Master Tyler..." Interrupted Dobby holding his stomache "What Dobby?" Tyler walked towards him "The.. Knife..." Dobby pointed his stomache "Oh God No.. No, no, no..." Tyler held Dobby who panted heavily. Daniel and Ryan ran towards them "Dobby... You've been so Brave.. Thank you very much.." Said Daniel "It.. Is.. Always.. -Dobby panted heavily- Nice.. To.. Help.. Friends..." Said Dobby. "Don't... Don't worry we'll try to see if Bill and Fleur have something to cure you..." Said Ryan "No... This...Is.. A Nice.... Place.. To be With... Friends.. for ...Last... Time..." Dobby suddenly stopped breathing. "He's.. Gone.." Said Ryan "I Know..." Tyler sniffled. "I want to bury him. Not with Magic, Like Normal People.." Said Tyler. And so, they buried him, and wrote on the grave, Here Lies Dobby, A Free Elf.

When they entered the Cottage, Bill and Fleur greeted them "Is everything Ok? What happened?" Asked Bill, and the Trio told him the story. Soon, they were just sitting around in the couch, with nothing to do. Suddenly, Daniel got it: "I Know where the next Horcrux is!!!! I KNOW!!" He excitedly shouted "Where!?" They asked "It's in Bellatrix's vault at Gringotts!" Replied Daniel "And how do you know?" Lewis asked "When she asked Hermione what else did she take from her vault, she seemed very worried.." Said Daniel "Well, Who Knows? Perhaps It IS In there..." Said Hermione "But how are we gonna break in there?" Asked Ryan "Yeah, the last time someone managed to break in, was Quirrell, 7 years ago in search for the Philosopher's Stone." Said Tyler "You ask him, Tyler.. You know him" Said Hermione "All right" He agreed.

He entered the room, alone. "Mr. Griphook.. How are you?" He asked "Alive..." Replied Griphook. "I.. Listen.. I need to break into Gringotts.." Tyler said. "What?" Asked Griphook "a Part of You-Know-Who is in there, I need to go and destroy it.." Said Tyler "It's Impossible.." Said Griphook "Alone, Yes. With you, No." Said Tyler "The Lightsaber.. That Is My Price." Said Griphook. Tyler thought a while. "..Mhm... All right. Speaking about the Lightsaber, is this really a fake? Bellatrix said she had the original in her vault" Said Tyler "No. This one's the real one. Only a Goblin can spot the few differences." Said Griphook "Then why would she have a fake one in her vault?" Asked Tyler "Snape put it in there. He was supposed to give the Saber to Bella, but he decided to put it in her vault.." Said Griphook "Why would Snape give Bellatrix a fake one?" Asked Tyler "There are always weird things happening in Gringotts, you know?" Said Griphook "All right.."

Tyler went out and asked Ollivander some stuff "Mr. Ollivander. I got this two wands.. Are they safe to use?" Asked Tyler handing him Bellatrix's wand. "Mmmh.. This wand is.. Bellatrix Lestrange's.. Use it Carefully.." He said. "And this one?" He handed Ollivander Draco's wand. "Mmmm...This wand.. It WAS Draco Malfoy's.. Use it well." Ollivander said. "Was? Not anymore?" Asked Tyler "Perhaps.. if you disarmed him.. It may be now yours, too.." Said Ollivander. "What if.. I want to give a wand to someone?" Asked Tyler "The wand chooses the Wizard, Mr. Franks, but if you really want to give a wand to someone. The only thing I can figure, is being Disarmed or killed by the person you wanna give that wand too." Said Ollivander. "Thank you.." Said Tyler and left

"All right Lewis, I'm gonna give you this wand. Disarm me" Tyler said "What?" Asked Lewis, confused "Just do it with this wand.." Tyler handed Lewis his wand, and held Bellatrix's wand "Expelliarmus!" Lewis disarmed Tyler "There, the wand is yours." Said Tyler. "Thanks." Said Lewis

"So, we need a plan to break in.." Said Daniel "I.. Have a Polyjuice potion ready, in the living room" Said Hermione. "Good, who are you gonna transform to?" Said Ryan "I.. When Bella tortured me, She dropped hair all over me.." Said Hermione "Ok, so you'll go disguised as bella wich is Great. "Tyler, how much people can your Invisibility cloak hold?" Asked Lewis "Four." Said Tyler "Ok, Me, Ryan, Daniel and You will go in there, and Griphook with Hermione-Bellatrix" Said Lewis "Great!" Said Ryan.

Chapter 19: Breaking Into Gringotts

"And I?" Asked Ron. "You'll go with us in the Cloak. I think you can fit if we all Squeeze" Said Tyler "All right" Said Ron Hermione put the hair in the Potion, and drank it "Glurgh... Tastes Awful..." She said. Suddenly, her red feathers turned black, her brown eyes turned green, and her beak became bigger. "So... How do I look..?" She asked "Awful" Said Tyler "Then It worked, let's go" She said "We're counting on you, Griphook. If you can get us to the Vault, the Saber's yours" Said Daniel, And they Dissapparated.

They apparated at the entrance of Diagon Alley, and Tyler, Ron, Ryan, Daniel and Lewis quickly hid under the Cloak, leaving only Hermione and Griphook. A Death eater passed by "Madam Lestrange" He greeted, and left "Good Morning" Replied Hermione "What are you saying!? You're Bellatrix Lestrange, not a First-Year Girl!" Said Griphook "You're right. Sorry." She said.

They entered the Building. Hermione looked at the Goblin that lets people pass to their vaults, Bogrod "Madam Lestrange. Griphook.. How are you doing?" Asked Bogrod "I would like to go to my Vault" Said Hermione "May I see your wand, please?" Bogrod asked "And Why Should I do that!?" Asked Hermione "You know. Bank's politic, because of these Dark Times..You get it.." Bogrod said. "Well, No I don't get it! Why can't I pass without using my wand!?" She asked. Griphook slowly leaned to Tyler "They know she's an impostor..." He whispered. Ryan looked around. The Police-Pigs were getting slowly closer to them. Bogrod looked at her and sighed, "Mrs. Lestrange.. I'm gonna have to call the police if you do not show me your wand..." He said. Hermione stood in silence not knowing what to do. Tyler picked his wand out the cloak, and aimed at Bogrod.. "Imperio.." He whispered. Bogrod took a big sigh. "You can pass now....." He said, and went along with them.

They boarded the little cart that takes them to the Vaults, And Hermione-Bellatrix saw a waterfall that was in the middle of their way. "Griphook.. What's that!?" She asked "I have no idea!" He said. They passed, all wet and the cart stopped. Suddenly an alarm started to sound and the car exploded, and they fell "WAAAAAAAAH!" They screamed "AAAARESSTTOOOO MMOMMEEENTUUUUUM!" Daniel casted, and they stopped just when they were about to touch the floor "Nice work, Dan.." Said Ryan "Thanks" Said Daniel. "Wait.. Hermione.. You're back to normal!" Said Tyler. "That was the Fall of Doom. Clears all Potion effects and Spells" Said Griphook. Bogrod looked at them "What The Heck are you doing here!? Thieves!" He said "Imperio!" Casted Ryan. "Nice work, you too" Daniel chuckled "Ha, Thanks" Said Ryan. They walked, and walked towards Bellatrix's vault, until they reached it. "Ok. Griphook. Your Turn.." Said Lewis. Griphook put his hand on the door, and opened it. It was FULL Of Gold stuff, and they saw the Fake Lightsaber, too. "Where is the Horcrux, Tyler. Can you feel it close?" Asked Ron. "Mmmh.. There, There It Is!" Tyler pointed at a little, gold cup. Hermione turned around, and knocked a little plate. Suddenly, the plate started to multiplicate, and so did the other stuff, and soon, they were almost flooding in gold stuff! Tyler grabbed the Horcrux, it fell and Griphook catched it "Griphook! Give it to Her!" Said Tyler "The Saber for the cup!" He said "Hermione, give it to him!" Said Ryan. Hermione tossed Griphook the saber, and he tossed Hermione the cup. "I said I'd bring you in.. I didn't say anything about getting out!" Said Griphook and left "That Stupid Coward!" Exclaimed Ron.

"Guys, Let's go! He didn't really close the door!" Exclaimed Lewis. "Yup, Let's go!" Said Daniel. They quickly escaped. "Let's go, quick!" Said Tyler "Tyler, wait!" Said Hermione "The Dragon!" Said Ryan. He pointed and saw a big, red Dragon. "This wasn't the way we came here!" Exclaimed Lewis. "Griphook locked the other entrance so we couldn't escape!" Said Ryan "That Stupid Goblin!" Said Ron. Suddenly, Griphook appeared from behind the Dragon, and looked at them, waving the Lightsaber with an evil smile. "I'm gonna Kill you, Griphook!" Said Ron. "Oh, no you won't -Griphook screamed from behind the Dragon- Police, Help! Help!" He said, and ran away. "Any Ideas?!" Asked Daniel "Well.. I.. Uh.. I got one, but It's... Crazy!" Said Hermione "What Is It!?" Daniel asked "Follow me!" Hermione pointed at the Dragon's chain, and destroyed it with the Blasting Curse. "Jump!" She said. They jumped on the Dragon, wich flew away with them, destroying the whole bank.

Chapter 20: The Final Hiding Place

Just after the gang escaped, Birdemort arrived. "They're not here anymore..." Birdemort spoke in Parseltongue to Nagini. "How.. are you sure?" Nagini replied "I've killed everybody in this place.. They're nowhere to be found.." Said Birdemort. "I must stay close to you.. right?" Asked Nagini "Yes.." Said Birdemort. The Saber that was in Griphook's hands (the real one) Suddenly vanished...

Back with the gang, The Dragon flew across a blue, deep sea, wich seemed very close to Hogsmeade. "Is.. Is that Hogsmeade!?" Asked Tyler "I believe so!" Said Ryan. "Let's drop!" Said Daniel "Ugh.. Fine!" Said Ron, and they all jumped from the Dragon to the sea. Just as Tyler jumped, he read Birdemort's mind. He saw Birdemort screaming in terror, knowing that they were collecting his Horcruxes, and heard Birdemort speak, "Ravenclaw.. Ravenclaw...".

They swam to the ground, and Tyler told everybody what he saw in Birdemort's mind. "So.. You think One of his Horcruxes is in Birdwarts?" Asked Ron "Yes, We gotta break in to Birdwarts, today." Said Tyler "And how?" Asked Ron "The secret passage from Honeydukes..." Said Daniel. "Yes! Let's go!" Said Tyler.

As they arrive to Honeydukes, Hogsmeade, an Alarm starts beeping. "What the Bird!?" Asked Ryan, and Suddenly they heard voices coming from other houses. "They're Here! They're Here!" Said a Bird "Let's go! we have to give them to the Dark Lord!" Said Another one. "Quick, Hide!" Said Daniel. The two Mysterios Birds looked around for them, but gave up, and left. "Pssst! Pssst!" Said somebody standing in the door of a house. "C'mere!" He said. And So, The Birds followed..

Chapter 21: Entrance to Birdwarts

They followed the Bird, who quickly entered his house "Did.. did you see him..?" Asked Hermione "I Know.. He looked exactly like--" "Dumbledore" Lewis interrupted Tyler.

"You are fools to come here!" Said The Bird "Excuse me.. But who are you?" Asked Daniel "I Am Aberforth.. Albus' Older Brother." Said The Bird "And.. What was it you were saying?" Asked Ryan. "You are fools to come here! What do you want to do here!?" Asked Aberforth "Your brother gave me a mission.." Said Tyler "That Ain't no Mission! That's a suicide attempt!" Said Aberforth "We were sent to destroy Horcruxes" Said Daniel "See? Did he tell you where they are? What they are? My brother always wanted people to do what he didn't want to!" Said Aberforth. "I trusted the man I knew.. And I don't care about what happened between you and your brother." Said Tyler "We need to get into Birdwarts, now" Said Daniel. Aberforth looked at a painting of a Lady Bird "You know what to do.." He sighed. The picture smiled, and left the Picture. "That's your sister Ariana, right?" Asked Hermione "Yes" Agreed Aberforth "She died at a young age, right?" Asked Hermione. "Well.. One day, she was running through our fields, and some boys kicked her. She lost her Magical abilities. Then My Father killed those three Muggles. She was kept at home, under control of Albus.. One day, Albus and another boy had a duel, she got in the way and died. At least that's how Albus told the story. I'd really like to know what happened" Said Aberforth, and left. "At least he helped us.." Said Lewis. Suddenly, the Girl in the Picture, Ariana returned "Look, she's back" Said Ryan "She's coming with someone else.." Said Tyler. Suddenly, the picture opened like a door, and Evan and Kashy were there "Guys!" They screamed, and hugged. "We've come to get you in to Birdwarts, now let's go!" Said Kashy "Do you regularly use this passage?" Asked Ryan "Yup, everyday. We come and hang out and eat with Aberforth" Said Evan "Why?" Asked Lewis "Birdwarts has changed a lot with Snape as the Headmaster..." Said Kashy. They noticed scratches in both Evan and Kashy's faces. "What happened to you?" Asked Tyler "Oh, The Carrows did it" Said Evan "The Who?" Asked Ryan "The Carrows. Brother and Sister. They're D.A.D.A. Teachers, and today's lessons was the Cruciatus Curse against first graders. We refused to do it, and they did this to us" Said Kashy "That's Terrible!" Said Hermione "I Know.." Said Kashy "We reunited Dumbledore's Army... We've all been staying in the Gryffindor Common room, even us Ravenclaws!" Said Kashy "And Slytherins!" Said Evan.

Chapter 22: Snape Escape

As they reach Birdwarts, they found all their friends such as Autumn, Fred and George, and Even Seamus. "Guys, look what we have here!!" Said Evan "I hope it isn't Aberforth's soup, we can't swallow that stuff!" Said Seamus "Even better.." Said Kashy, and Tyler, Daniel and Ryan walked in. "Woohooo!" Everybody cheered. "Hey, Neville.. Tell the rest of the Order that Tyler has arrived" Said Kashy "All right!" Said Neville

"Ok, so.. What's the plan?" Asked Autumn "We don't have a plan" Said Ryan "But we need to find something little, easy to hide.. I believe it has something to do with Ravenclaw.." Said Tyler, reffering to the Horcrux. "All right, And where Is it?" Asked Fred "We don't know" Said Daniel "And What Is It?" Asked George "We don't know either" Said Ron "Listen, we know it doesn't help a lot, but--" "It doesn't help at all" Seamus interrupted Tyler. "I know!" Said Luna "What!?" Asked Tyler "Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem!" She said "What's a Diadem?" Asked Ron "Like a Tiara.. But Luna.. No one alive has seen it.." Said Hermione. Suddenly, an alarm sounded "Uh Oh! That's Snape's alarm! It always means he wants to see us in the Great Hall..." Said Fred "He doesn't know you're here.."  Said George. "Let's hide in my cloak.." Tyler said to Ryan and Daniel.

And so they went to the Great hall.. The Trio hiding in the cloak. Snape arrived. "Now I know you're wondering why I gathered you here.." Said Snape "I have heard that Tyler Franks was spotted in Honeydukes, and that he somehow got in here.. Now.. If anyone was to help him.. He or she will suffer.. a lot" Said Snape "If anyone knows of the whereabouts of him.. Step forward." Said Snape. Tyler breathed, and stepped forward. The whole school was surprised. "It seems, proffesor, that even with your Death Eaters, you have a security problem!" Said Tyler, and the door opened, revealing The Order: Weasleys, Kingsley, Tonks, and everybody else. "..And It's quite big, Headmaster.." Said Tyler. "How dare you stand where he once stood! Tell them! Tell them how you looked at him, the Man that trusted you, and you looked him in the eye.. And Killed Him!" Shouting Tyler reffering to Dumbledore.

Snape pulled out his wand, and shot a Fireball directly to Tyler. Just then, McGonaggall stepped in, and protected Tyler. The whole place took a step back. "Traitor.." McGonaggall murmured. They kept on like that for some time. McGonaggall shooting fire to Snape and Snape counterattacking. Snape finally gave up and fleed through the Great Hall window. "COWARD!" Screamed McGonaggall, and the school cheered because of Snape's escape. "Franks.. It's good to see you.. What do you need?" McGonaggall asked Tyler. "Time.. and an Army.. You-Know-Who has gathered Trolls, Dementors, Death Eaters, Snatchers... What do we have?" Asked Tyler "Well, If I gather Students, The D.A., The Order and the Statues from the Castle, it would be more than a 1,000 People!" Said McGonaggall "Ok, That's Perfect, Let's go!" Said Tyler and ran away with Daniel and the rest. Suddenly Birdemort's voice was heard...  The voice started to Talk: I know that you are preparing to fight. Your efforts are futile. You cannot fight me. I do not want to kill you. I have great respect for the teachers of Birdwarts. I do not want to spill magical blood. Give me Tyler Franks, and none shall be harmed. Give me Tyler Franks, and I shall leave the school untouched. Give me Tyler Franks, and you will be rewarded. You have until midnight.

A Group of Slytherins stepped forward. "Well, what are you wating for?! Take him to You-Know-Who!" Said Pansy Parkinson. They stood in silence "Mrs. Filch!" Called McGonaggall. "Yes, Ma'am?" Asked Filch "Take Mrs. Parkinson and the rest of Slytherin to the Dungeons, as a grounding!" Said McGonaggall "Yes, Ma'am" Said Flich. The gang ran to find the remaining horcruxes.

Chapter 23: The Great Battle of Birdwarts

Meanwhile, McGonaggall led an army to the front door. She looked at all the statues. "Piertotum.. Locomotor.." She casted. The statues started to move and came to life. They walked next to McGonaggall. "Birdwats is threatened! Cover the Boundaries, Do your duties to the school!" She said, and the Statues walked to the main entrance of Birdwarts waiting to attack. "You do realize, that we can't stop You-Know-Who, right Minerva?" Asked Proffesor Flitwick. "But we can delay him.. And call him by his name Filius, he's gonna try to kill you anyway.." Said McGonaggall. Mrs. Weasley, Flitwick, Slughorn and Tonks covered each corner of the castle, casting protecting spells, like Protego Maxima, Fianto Duri Or Repelle Incantatum. Lewis and Evan were following McGonaggall. "You two.. Blow up the Bridge!" Said McGonaggall "What?" Said Evan "Blow Up the Bridge from the Quidditch field, that way no one can get in!" Said McGonaggall "Ok, Proffesor!" Said Lewis, and he and Evan ran to the Bridge.

Back at Birdwarts, the whole school ran in panic, Death Eaters were about to arrive! "Tyler, where are you going?!" Asked Ryan "To the Ravenclaw Common room, maybe the Horcrux is there!" Replied Tyler "Ok, me and Daniel were thinking -Said Ryan as they ran upstairs- You destroyed The Diary with a  Basilisk fang, right?" "Yeah?" Asked Tyler "Well, Me and Ryan know where to find one!" Said Daniel "Oh, Ok... Hurry Up!" Said Tyler as he ran upstairs. Kashy saw Tyler. "Tyler, you won't find it there!" Said Kashy "I better search, Kash!" Said Tyler "Tyler, Listen to Me!" Screamed Kashy. Tyler stopped and looked at him "Hermione said the Diadem hasn't been seen by anyone alive.. Isn't it obvious?  You have to talk to a ghost!" Said Kashy "But.. What Ghost..?" Asked Tyler "Helena Ravenclaw.. She's Rowena Ravenclaw's daughter. C'mon, I'll take you to her!" Said Kashy, and they left.

Meanwhile, At The Bridge...

The Bridge ended just when the Protective field casted by Tonks started. Lewis and Evan stood alone in the Bridge, and about 500 Hundred Snatchers stood at the other side, with Scabior as their leader, outside the protective field. They ran to attack them "Uh Oh.." Said Evan. Lewis and Evan closed their eyes, thinking they were about to die, but suddenly, the Snatchers that touched the field were desintegrated! Lewis chuckled and looked at Evan. "Oh Yeah? You and Whose Army!?" He asked.

At the fifth entrance of Birdwarts, Birdemort and his Death Eaters arrived. "Destroy it" Said Birdemort. The Death Eaters shot Killing Curses at the Protective field (It was the only curse that could destroy it. Slowly, but It worked) Some Minutes later, the Field was completely destroyed, granting everyone access to Birdwarts.

Scabior smiled at Lewis.. "THIS ARMY, AAAAAGH!" He screamed as he ran toward them both. "Run, Run and Destroy!" Said Evan. Lewis and Evan ran while casting Exploding Curses at the Bridge.. As they almost reached the end, Lewis tripped. Evan jumped and made it to the end, Alive "LEWIS!" He screamed "Levicorpus! Ugh, I hope this works!!!" Evan said. He pointed his wand, and Lewis was hanging from the Tail. Evan put Lewis in the ground, safe. "You Okay?" He asked "Well, That went well.." Said Lewis. They chuckled and entered Birdwarts to fight Death Eaters.

Chapter 24: The Lost Diadem

Kashy took Tyler to Helena Ravenclaw. "Aren't you coming?" Tyler asked "No, I think it's better if you two talk alone..." Said Kashy. A Ghost appeared "Who are you?" The Ghost asked. "Tyler Franks.. You're Helena Ravenclaw, right?" Tyler asked "I do not answer to that name." Said Helena, and turned around "I'm sorry! You're the grey lady, right?" Asked Tyler "Yes.. What Is It You seek from me?" Asked Helena "I need to know your mother's Diadem's Location!" Said Tyler "What? Are you gonna curse it with Dark Magic too!?" Asked Helena "What do you mean?" Asked Tyler "A Long time ago, a boy with a strange name cursed it with real Dark Magic" Said Helena. "Tom Riddle.. So It IS A Horcrux.." Said Tyler "You Know? Mmmh.. Smart Boy.. Do you want to know where it is?" Asked Helena "Yes, Please" Said Tyler. "Room of Requirement. The entrance to where the Diadem is is there" Said Helena, and dissappeared "Well, Uh.. Thanks" Said Tyler and left.

Meanwhile, with Ryan and Daniel.. They were walking to the Girls' Bathroom entrance, where Myrtle died. Daniel rubbed the correct faucet, and spoke in Parseltongue in order to open the Chamber Of Secrets. "How Did You???" Asked Ryan "Hehe, Tyler talks in his sleep, have you noticed?" Asked Daniel "No, Of Course Not..." Said Ryan. They entered the Chamber and saw the Skeleton of the Dead Basilisk. "Let's grab two fangs, In case something happens to one" Said Ryan "Ok.." Said Daniel, and each grabbed a Fang. Suddenly, a Light came from the roof, and the Gryffindor Lightsaber appeared, and fell on Daniel's hands. "Wha!?" Said Daniel "The Lightsaber!" Exclaimed Ryan "Have you noticed the Lightsaber only appears when I'm in trouble?" Asked Daniel "Oh, I think I know why.. I think you have a far, far, far, far X50 Relationship with Godric Gryffindor. So the Lightsaber appears to you only.." Said Ryan. Daniel pulled out the Horcrux Cup from his hat, and layed it on the ground. "Destroy it" He said "I can't.. You do it" Said Ryan "I know.. Both" Said Daniel. Each grabbed a fang, and stabbed the Cup. While Birdemort screamed in Terror, knowing a part of him was destroyed. "We did it!" Said Ryan "Neat... Now let's go pop some Death Eaters!" Said Daniel, and they left the Chamber.

Back with Tyler, Kashy was waiting for him outside the room. "What did she say?" Asked Kashy. "The entrance to where the Diadem is is in the Room of Requirement, let's go!" Tyler said. Him and Kashy battled his way to the Room of Requirement, defeating Snatchers and Death Eaters in what would soon be a Destroyed Birdwarts. They entered the Room of Requirement, and started to look for the entrance "Here, look!" Kashy saw a pile of old Books "Books?" Asked Tyler "No!" Said Kashy, he moved the books revealing a Tube. Tyler looked closely at the Tube. "This.. Is Daniel's Tube.. It takes you to his Lab" Said Tyler "Well, She said the entrance was here, right?" Said Kashy "Ok, Let's go." They hopped on the Tube, and were transportated to Daniel Labs. Tyler looked at the Lab.. "Can you feel the Horcrux?" Said Kashy "Actually.. I can..." Said Tyler. He looked all over the lab, until he saw a really big box that said Lightsaber Supplies "Uhm.. There!" Said Tyler. He opened the box, and took out all the Saber Crystals, Handles, Grips and Hilts, until he saw a Diadem "The Diadem!" Gasped Kashy. Tyler grabbed the Diadem. "Ok, now let's go!" He said as he hopped on the Tube and went back to Birdwarts.

Chapter 25: The Battle Continues

Ryan and Daniel ran and battled their way to the Room of Requirement, looking for Tyler and Kashy, and Daniel dropped the Saber. Just then Lewis passed by. "The Saber.." He murmured, and picked it up and Ran away. Daniel and Ryan finally reached the Room, and Bumped into Tyler. "Guys, Guys! We found the Fifth Horcrux!" Said Tyler "Great!" Said Daniel. Suddenly, Draco apparated, along with Crabbe and Goyle. "Well Hey, Franks.. What are you doing here?" Asked Draco "I could ask the same to you, Malfoy!" Said Tyler "I would like you give me something back.. My Wand.. I know you have it" Said Draco "And what's wrong with the one you have?" Asked Tyler. "It's my mothers... It works fine, but It doesn't.. Understand me.." Said Draco "Well, you Ain't having it. RUN!" Screamed Tyler and They all ran away "Avada Kedavra!" Shouted Crabbe, aiming at Daniel, but missed as they ran away. Ryan stopped "Hey, that's my brother you were about to Kill, Come here!" He shouted as he ran back to Crabbe. Kashy, Tyler and Daniel stood in awe. Ryan came back running seconds later "Run, Run, RUUUUUN! GOYLE SET THE WHOLE PLACE ON FIRE!!!" Shouted Ryan, and they Ran for their lives. They reached to the end of the room and the fire was about to get them. "What do we do now!?" Screamed Kashy. Daniel looked to his left and saw 5 Broomsticks "Here, take this!" He screamed. Tyler took two Broomsticks instead of one. They jumped on the Broomsticks and flew away

"Stop the Fire, Idiot!" Screamed Malfoy "I can't it's stuck!" Screamed Goyle. Draco sighed and started to climb to the top of a big pile of trash in the Room. Crabbe followed him. Goyle started to climb, but he tripped and fell to the fire. "Wait!" Said Tyler as they passed near Draco and Crabbe "Take this, Save yourselves!" Screamed Tyler, and tossed a Broomstick at Draco to save himself. "Ok, Let's Go!" Screamed Daniel. Draco and Crabbe followed them in the Broomstick Tyler gave them. They got out of the room "Tyler, Quick!" Daniel tossed Tyler a fang, Tyler grabbed the Diadem, and quickly stabbed it. Ryan got up and kicked it to the Room of Requirement and the Fire ceased.

Meanwhile, Birdemort felt extreme pain. "AAAAAAAAAAAGH!" He screamed as he pointed the Elder Wand that he had stolen from Dumbledore's Tomb and casted a spell. At the middle of the spell, the Wand stopped "Ugh!? What!?" He asked himself. "My Lord.. Perhaps the wand doesn't truly work because you're not it's true owner" Suggested Lucius. "The True Owner... Call Him! Tell Him I'll meet him at the Boat House!" Screamed Birdemort "Yes, My Lord!" Said Lucius. Birdemort looked at Nagini. "They've destroyed another one.. This means that you, My friend.. Must stay close to me" Said Birdemort.

Tyler saw Birdemort's mind.. He saw the Boathouse. "You-Know-Who.. He's in the Boathouse.. And.. His Snake! His Snake is the Sixth and last Horcrux! We need to go and destroy it, then it's only me and him!" Said Tyler "All right, Let's go!" Said Daniel "I'll stay and help the others" Said Kashy "All right.." Said Ryan, and they battled their way to the Boathouse.

Chapter 26: The Half-Blood Prince's Tale

Birdemort was waiting at the Boathouse for the True-Owner-Of-The-Elder-Wand to arrive. Snape entered the Boathouse "Severus.." Said Birdemort "Yes, My Lord?" Asked Snape. "The Elder Wand. Why Is it failing me?" Asked Birdemort. "It hasn't. You've been doing excellent things with that wand" Said Snape, as Birdemort rubbed Nagini's head. "No, Severus.. The wand was property of Dumbledore's.. You killed Dumbledore, therefore, the wand is yours.. And If I want it to truly work for me.. I have to.." Said Birdemort "..Kill.. Me.." Said Snape, scared "Exactly, Severus.. Very Smart Man.. But you must understand that I HAVE to kill the boy and I need the wand. Snape gulped. "You've been a faithful Servant, Severus.. But Only I can live forever.. Sectumsempra!" Birdemort cut through Snape's body, as Ryan did to Draco a year ago. Snape fainted. "Nagini. Dinner" Said Birdemort, as the Trio arrived. Nagini attacked Snape thrice, and Birdemort dissapparated with Nagini "Darn It, we Lost him!" Murmured Ryan. Tyler entered the Boathouse. Snape cried in pain, and saw Tyler. "Tyler.. Take.. My Tears.. Take them to The Pensieve. You Must Learn... The Truth.." Said Snape, pointing his tears "Quick, Daniel, Ryan! A Glass, something!" Exclaimed Tyler. Daniel grabbed a bucket. "Here" He said. Tyler put Snape's tears in the Bucket. "Tyler.. look at me.. You.. Have.. You Have Your Mother's.. Eyes.." Said Snape, and stopped breathing. "Well.. He's dead" Said Tyler "Hurry, take the tears to the Pensieve!" Said Ryan. Birdemort's voice was heard speaking again. "Tyler Franks.. You Great Coward.. Letting your Friends die in battles for you.. Instead of facing me yourself... I now command all my forces to leave... Tyler Franks.. Meet me at the Forbidden forest in an hour.. Let's end this..." Said Birdemort. "Tyler.. You have one hour.." Said Ryan "I Know.." Said Tyler, and left to Dumbledore's office in the Seventh Floor, where the Pensieve was.

He opened the Pensieve, put the Tears in it, and saw what The Truth Was.

(These whole scenes are in the Pensieve)

Snape (as a kid) Sat next to Anne (Ty's mom). "My mom sometimes tells me I'm a freak" Said Anne "Why?" Asked Snape. Lily opened her beek, and a flower came out "Anne.. You're a Witch!" Said Snape "A Wicth?" Asked Anne "Yes.. My father is one. He does things like that. He told me that if anyone can do magical stuff, he deserves to go to Birdwarts, School of Magic!" Said Snape "Neat, Thanks Severus!" Said Anne. Snape smiled.

The scene changes to the Sorting ceremony between Tyler Sr., Jack (Tyler's uncle), Anne, Remus and Snape. Anne tried on the hat. Snape had already been sorted into Slytherin "Please get her on Slytherin.." Snape murmured. "GRYFFINDOR!" Screamed the Sorting hat. Anne went happily to Gryffindor as he passed near Severus, completely Ignoring him. Snape went totally sad.

The scene changes to Snape and Anne walking in the Birdwarts hallways, as Tyler Sr., Jack and Remus pass between them, dropping their books, with Snape's voice in the Background saying, "The Boy is like his father.. Lazy.. Arrogant.."

Scene changes, this time a conversation between Snape and Dumbledore. "The Dark Lord thinks the Prophecy of the boy who could kill him means Anne Franks' son!" Said Snape. "So?" Said Dumbledore "I beg you to Protect Her.. I mean.. Them! Protect them!" Said Snape "All right.." Said Dumbledore

Scene changes, to Snape crying in Dumbledore "He killed her!" Said Snape "She didn't die, Anne, you know? Anne is alive.." Said Dumbledore. "But I can't go out of Birdwarts, I need to see her!" Said Snape "I'm telling you.. She's all right" Said Dumbledore. "I don't trust you! You didn't protect them!" Said Snape "Tyler and Anne put their Faith on the wrong person" Said Dumbledore. Snape cried "But.. The Boy survived.. If you truly loved Anne.. You could take care of him and protect him.." Said Dumbledore "All right.. But NO ONE Must know... This must stay between us, Dumbledore.. Swear It!" Said Snape

The Scene changes to Snape examining Dumbledore.. "Albus.. When you put on the ring.. The Horcrux Ring.. It cursed you.. You'll die in weeks" Said Snape "Well.. We both know that you-know-who has given Draco Malfoy the Task to kill me.. But we know that he won't.. It must be you to kill me... So that when you kill me, You-Know-Who will trust you, and then you can betray him" Said Dumbledore "All right. I must go now.." Said Snape "There's one more thing.. Tyler must know that when his father sacrified himself in order to save him, a Part of Birdemort added itself to Tyler.. This means.. Tyler..." Said Dumbledore.. "Is.. A Horcrux.. So.. You kept him alive so he could die at the Proper moment, and we could defeat Birdemort.." Said Snape. "Exactly" Said Dumbledore "Brilliant" Said Snape.

The last scene is Snape seating on his office.. thinking. He had the Gryffindor Lightsaber. He saw the Lightsaber.. He put the Lightsaber inside his Patronus, and send it to where Tyler was hiding. That's how Snape helped them find the Gryffindor Lightsaber. The Memory ended

(Outside the Pensieve)

Tyler thought. Snape was a Double agent! That's why Snape saved Tyler on his second year from Quirrell.. That's why Snape pretended to not have any truth potion when Umbridge asked him for some more to use on Tyler. Snape sacrified himself for Tyler. Snape sent them the Sword of Gryffindor to save them. He was a Real Hero! Tyler realized he WAS A Horcrux. That's why he was so similar yet so different from Birdemort. Tyler knew he had to Die. Tyler sat down and cried, while holding the Snitch Dumbledore gave him.

Chapter 27: The Forest Again

He wiped his tears, and got out of the office, and Daniel and Ryan were waiting for him "What did you see?" Asked Daniel "Turns out Snape was the bravest man I'll ever Know" Said Tyler "What?" Asked Ryan "He always saved me from anything. He was a double-agent. He sent us the Saber" Said Tyler "Speaking of wich, I lost it" Said Daniel "Ugh, well we still have the fangs" Said Ryan. Tyler started to leave "W-Where are you going?" Asked Daniel "To The Forest. I MUST Die if we wish to defeat Birdemort. "No, No! Tyler I don't wanna loose you!" Said Ryan "Sorry.. I have to. When I die, I want any of you to kill the Snake. That way, Only Birdemort will remain, and you will kill him.." Said Tyler "But Tyler.. The Prophecy we saw Three Years Ago.. It said only you could defeat Birdemort, or only he could defeat you" Said Daniel. "Prophecies are not always correct" Said Tyler, hugged them and they walked him to the Entrance. When they pass the great hall, they see Ron crying on Hermione's shoulders. "What happened?" Asked Daniel. Ron pointed at the floor. Fred's dead body was lying there. "Oh, I'm so Sorry!" Said Ryan. Tyler kept walking and saw Tonks' dead body lying in the floor. First Fred, Now Tonks. Tyler walked fast to the door, and walked out to the Forest..

As he walked through the Forest, he grabbed the Snitch wich said I Open at The Close. Tyler looked at it "I'm ready to die." He whispered, and kissed the Snitch. The Snitch opened, revealing the Resurrection Stone. Tyler gasped, and grabbed it. Just then, the Spirits of Remus, Snape and His Dad appeared. He looked at them. "Dad" Said Tyler "Son, you have been so Brave" Said Tyler Sr. "Thanks Dad.." Said Tyler. He looked at Remus "Remus.. Does It Hurt? Dying?" Tyler asked "Not At All. It's just like falling asleep" Said Remus. He looked at Snape "Proffesor Snape.. You have been the Bravest Man I ever knew" Said Tyler "Thanks, Mr. Franks. I also believe I have found peace with your Dad and your Godfather" Said Snape. "Great.. But.. Promise me.. You'll stay with me" Said Tyler. Remus pointed Tyler's chest. "We'll be with you.. In there. In your heart" Said Remus "Until The Very End" Said Tyler Sr. Tyler put the Stone in his pocket and kept going on. The Spirits dissappeared. He finally reached the place where Birdemort was. Some Death Eaters had Hagrid tied to a tree "Tyler! No! What are you doing here!" Screamed Hagrid. Birdemort laughed "Tyler Franks.. The Boy Who Lived.. Has Come To Die..." Said Birdemort. Tyler breathed heavily "AVADA KEDAVRA!" Screamed Birdemort. Tyler instantly fell to the Ground. Birdemort laughed maniacally, not realizing that Tyler was still breathing.

Chapter 27: King's Cross

Tyler woke up in what seemed King's Cross station, only.. Everything was white. Dumbledore looked at him "Wake Up, Tyler, Wake Up" Said Dumbledore. "P-Proffesor?" Asked Tyler "Well, Yes, I Am" Confirmed Dumbledore. "Am I in Heaven?" Asked Tyler "Well, where do you think you are?" Asked Dumbledore. "It looks Like King's Cross.. Only Cleaner.. and No Trains" Said Tyler. "You're In Limbo. A Place between Life and Death" Said Dumbledore. They started to walk and talk "So Is it True, Proffesor? I'm a Horcrux?" Said Tyler "You were. The Horcrux you were was just destroyed by Birdemort a minute ago, and now you can go ahead and defeat him" Said Dumbledore "But, How? I'm dead" Said Tyler "Yes, but.. What was it in that Snitch I gave you?" Asked Dumbledore "The.. Resurrection Stone.." Said Tyler "Yes. If you want to.. You can come with me to Heaven, and meet Your Dad, Remus, Tonks and Snape.. Or you can choose to go back to Life and fight with the Resurrection Stone." Said Dumbledore.

Tyler thought "Meh, I'll someday die, So I'll go back, and defeat Birdemort!" Said Tyler "Well, I guess I'm gonna move on. Since Snape killed me, I've been waiting for this moment. Goodbye, Tyler" Said Dumbledore "But.. Proffesor! How Do I go back?" Asked Tyler "Just.. Sit down and wait for your train" Said Dumbledore, and left. Tyler sat down. I have to go back, hurry up, Train! Tyler thought.

Chapter 28: The Flaw In The Plan

Birdemort ordered Hagrid to carry Tyler's (supposedly) dead body to Birdwarts, and so did Hagrid.

When they arrived, everybody went out to see what happened. Hermione saw Hagrid carrying Tyler "Who-- Who's that Hagrid's carrying? Who Is It!?" She screamed "That's.. Tyler." Said Ryan "Oh, No!" Hermione cried. Daniel sobbed, so did Kashy, Lewis, and Evan. Ryan, for some reason, had his eyes closed and seemed to be concentrating very deeply. Birdemort looked at everyone "Tyler Franks.... IS DEAD!!! AHAHAHAHA!" He screamed. Birdemort turned around and looked at his Death Eaters "He Is Dead!" He said, laughing. "Now, If anyone wants to Surrender to us.. Please Come Here!" Said Birdemort. Draco was standing on the other side "Draco.. Come here.. Come.." Murmured Lucius. Draco stood there "Draco.. Come here.." Said Narcissa. Draco slowly walked to them, and Birdemort hugged him "Well Done, Draco.. Well Done.. Now go" He said. "Anyone else?" He asked. Lewis stepped forward.

"I must say I expected something better" Said Birdemort. His Death Eaters laughed. "What's your name, boy?" He asked "Lewis.. Lewis Franks-Redmond" Said Lewis "Lewis.. I'm sure we'll find you a place in our army..." Said Birdemort "I don't want a place. I want to kill you for killing my brother!" Exclaimed Lewis. "Haha! Don't you understand? It's Over! I Won!" Screamed Birdemort. "No, It's Not Over.. IT'S NEVER OVER!" Lewis shouted as he Turned on the Lightsaber Daniel dropped. Birdemort gasped "AVADA KEDAVRA!" He shouted, and Lewis covered with the Saber. Suddenly, Ryan opened his eyes. "Daniel!" he said. "I'm feeling something!" "What?" asked Daniel.  Just then Tyler fell from Hagrid's Arms, Alive. "Remember how the three of us could never die when we where close together?" Ryan said. "That's it!" said Daniel. "Actually, it was this ressurection stone," said Tyler. "Well, that killed the moment," Ryan sighed. "Franks, Take This!" Said Draco as he tossed a Wand to Draco "Now we're even!" He said. Tyler smiled. "Everte Statem!" He shouted as he ran inside Birdwarts "WHAT!!??? CONFRINGO!!!" Birdemort shouted trying to destroy Tyler. Some Death Eaters, including the Malfoy family fled from Birdwarts "What!? Cowards!" Screamed Bellatrix. All the Birdwarts Heroes ran inside followed by Death Eaters, to continue the Battle. Nagini followed Daniel and Ryan, who ran upstairs.

Daniel pulled out a Fang, But Nagini jumped over him and destroyed it. Ryan had the other fang, but Just as he was about to stab Nagini, she Moved, causing Ryan to fail and drop the Fang. Daniel ran towards Ryan.. They saw Nagini about to eat them. Daniel Casted a Cruciatus curse at it, but it failed. Just as they were about to get eaten by Nagini, Lewis arrived and beheaded Nagini with The Lightsaber. Daniel opened his eyes "Gee, Thanks, Lewis!" He said "No, Prob, Now let's go and fight some Death Eaters!" Lewis Said "All right!" Said Ryan.

Tyler put on his Cloak, and Birdemort could not see him. Birdemort grunted and went back to the Great Hall, where the Order of The Phoenix, Students and Dumbledore's Army fought Death Eaters. Bellatrix fought Hermione, Ginny and Autumn at the same time. She shot a Killing Curse at Ginny, who dodged it just briefly. Mrs. Weasley saw it, and stepped forward. "Not My Daughter, You PIG!" She screamed. "Hahaha! And A Granny like you is gonna fight me? Hahahaha!" Screamed Bellatrix. They fought, until Mrs. Weasley Petrified Bellatrix "Reducto!" She screamed, and Belltarix exploded into pieces "Hhm!" Said Mrs. Weasley. Tyler entered the Great Hall in his cloak. Birdemort, fully angered because his Most loyal servant ever just got killed, tried to destroyed Mrs. Weasley, but Tyler stepped in and blocked the Killing Curse Birdemort had just casted. "There You Are, COME HERE!" Screamed Birdemort. "I Don't Think So!" Said Tyler, and ran out of the Hall. Birdemort angrily followed him while he casted Curses and Tyler blocked them. As they ran Birdemort screams, "You're no Lucky! I have the Elder Wand, I just killed Snape! It belongs to me know!" As they reached to a dead end, only remains a window, that if someone jumped off, he would fall Directly to the Birdwarts Main Entrance. "The Wand is not yours!" Said Tyler. Birdemort grabbed Tyler by his tail, about to throw him out the Window "And Can I please know why? I killed Snape!" Said Birdemort. "The Wand's Alligeance was never to Snape, but to Draco. He disarmed Dumbledore, and then I disarmed him at Malfoy Manor.. The Wand Is Mine!" Screamed Tyler "That.. THAT CAN'T BE!" Said Birdemort "Oh, Yes.. Tom.. Let's finish this all the way we started it, TOGETHER!" Screamed Tyler. Tyler hugged Birdemort, and dropped out the window, and they fell directly to the floor. They quickly got up and grabbed their wands. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" Screamed Birdemort "EXPELLIARMUS!" Screamed Tyler. They got stuck In Priori Incantatem again. The Energy ball slowly went towards Tyler, meaning Birdemort was about to kill him.. Suddenly..As the Energy ball was about to touch Tyler, The Elder Wand wich Birdemort had killed Birdemort, instead of Tyler, and Birdemort desintegrated, remaining only ashes. Tyler couldn't believe it. He had finally defeated Birdemort! after Seven years of Trying to Kill him, he just had killed him. His theory was correct: Since the Elder Wand was Tyler's, It refused to kill it's master, causing it to attack Birdemort instead of Tyler. Even better: Tyler know had the Elder Wand, The Invisibility Cloak, and the Resurrection Stone, He was the Master of Death.

All of Birdwarts got out. They all cheered and chanted For Tyler, Daniel, Ryan, Evan, Kashy and Lewis, Our Heroes!!!! Tyler Kissed Hermione and they had a great Party.



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