- Chapter 0 - Beginning

One day.There was a me and Chilly were camping in the forest.We are having fun until night.

"The moon sure look nice there" Said Chilly."Sure isn't it?" I answered.We was counting stars and then go to sleep.

- Chapter 1 - Strange sound and Prepare

Me and Chilly still fast asleep.Sometimes later there was a strange sound through my ear.I was wake up and go for

the begining of that sound and that Chilly awake and ask "Where are you going Big m?".

"I think just saw a something strange there" I answered.Chilly has follow me.And then we go to find out.

I forgot my flashlight (Due to my behavior),But luckliy Chilly remind me about that.

- Chapter 2 - Find it out

After we prepared for find out what was that.I was have a good hearing sense.It over there.I point at the forest.

We go to the front of the forest.I saw a weird night butterfly so I follow it.But i feel like it seem scary will happen.

- Chapter 3 - Scary thing in a bush

I follow that butterfly until we got lost! Me and Chilly shake in fear."How can we go back?" said Chilly.

"Y-You ask me but I will ask who??" reply Me. We walk the way that I follow butterfly. But I feel like

we walk in the forest deeper. Suddenly I hear something scary again."What was that!?!?!?" shouted me.

Me and Chilly slowly walk into bush."Oh please for bird sake not scary thing!!!" whimpered me.

And then we found It was a BLOOD AND SKULL!!!!."AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"we

scream and run random direction so then we got even EVEN LOST!!!.We cry and rain was falling hard and a

thunder is very loud.

- Chapter 4 - The cabbin

We run and find something to hide from rain.Luckliy we found cabbin.we enter it and wipe the rain out of body.

I look around cabbin "It may little old but it dosen't matter" I said."I think we safe now!".

After we run and run we finally out of energy and fast asleep.I still panic that I can't sleep.So I keep to stay claim

and sleep.

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