Pranking Time!

Many Birds think Daniel, Tyler, and Ryan are Inoccent, but underneath, they're Pranksters, and Major ones, and they were about to pull the Biggest Prank in Bird-History. it was an Ordinary day, when Ryan collasped and "Died". it scared everyone. Tyler Pulled Edna's Tail. "YOW!" Edna Yelled. Daniel Got up and laughed and Said "PRANKED YOU!" Everyone Stared at them. Edna Stepped back. a Cage Fell "pranked you agian!" Daniel Said. The Pranks went for Weeks, and the Most Hilarious is where Daniel tied the Dining Room table to a Goat-Bird and then Ryan told Tyler to Spank it when he Winked. The Prank Worked Perfectly. They Stopped for a Week, but where Secretly Planning another full week of Pranks.

What will Happen? Find out in Part 2!

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