After hanging out with Daniel and Ryan for a while, Tyler went home. Harry was sleeping, but where was Carla? "In here," Carla called. She was sitting on the master bed with the Mysterious Egg she had laid recently. "What could be inside that?" wondered Tyler aloud. "Well, maybe a BIRD?" said Carla. "Of Course! I know, but I mean, all Birds hatch from Normal Eggs!" (Except Stripey) replied Tyler. "I know.... I guess we will have to wait 'til it hatches..." Carla said, looking down at the egg.

What will hatch from that egg? Find out in part 2, "The Mysterious Egg Hatches"!

Rainbow Eggs

The Mysterious Egg

Clue: The name is the name of the pattern on the easter egg!----------------------->

Unscramble: sotD

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