Tyler waited and waited for the Mysterious Egg to hatch. He knew that bird eggs only took two weeks to hatch, but the time couldn't get by fast enough, as he was so anxious to see what the egg would hatch into! When ever Carla was out or not sitting on the egg, he would sit on it, and wait... And WAIT... And WAIT some more! When both he and Carla where about to go out, he would make sure the egg was secure in the heater. Then finally, 2 weeks later, Tyler and Carla went out to a fancy resturaunt, and had Ryan babysit Harry while sitting on the egg. But a few minutes after Tyler and Carla left, Ryan felt cracking under him. Ryan quickly sprang up from his seat and panicked. "Oh, NO!" he screamed. "I crushed it!" Harry quickly scooted over to watch as the Mysterious Egg hatched into a strange baby chick. It looked like an Orange Bird, but it was white with different colored spots. Relieved that he hadn't crushed the egg, Ryan called Tyler and Carla, who hadn't gotten to the resturaunt yet, and they came back to see their new baby. Tyler named the chick Dots. Harry now had a sister, and Tyler and Carla had a new daughter.

The End

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