" Ditch your duties and let's go play some pigball!" asked Jeremy to Mort the helmet pig. "Not right now, kid. I gotta watch over the files for the next egg stealing operation." Mort told him. Jeremy thought eggs were stupid, but he left him to his duties. Then he went for an afternoon walk. While he was walking, he saw a pig with a soilder hat and sniper rifle. "Ye nebec olfe verde i nuno? Dese njut heret fweqnio jujsti? Alsono de Defren te meto Mel!" said the soilder pig. "Dehel?" said Jeremy. The soilder stared blankly at him. "Is your name Mel?" asked Jeremy. "Yesey! Xemenda el comprende!" replied Mel with excitement. "I'll take that as a yes." said Jeremy. to be continued

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