One morning Ryan got out of bed to see tha Hamm was not there! But there was a note from the pigs. It read; "We have kidnapped Hamm. Give us the eggs or Hamm gets hurt."

Ryan showed the other birds. "We have to get Hamm back!" said Ryan "But then we'd have to give up our eggs!" replied Daniel "Let's do it the old way" suggested Tyler. All the birds agreed. Ryan sped away first, followed by Daniel, Tyler and the other birds. Soon they saw the pigs camp. Ryan saw Hamm in a cage! Ryan sped up and smashed the cage. Hamm got out fine. As Hamm and Ryan hugged each other, Daniel and Tyler fought off the pigs. Suddenly, a huge cage dropped, covering them! King Pigram stepped forward. "You tried to take back Hamm by force. Now I shall feed you to Fat Pig".

Will the heroic birds be fed to Fat Pig? Will Hamm b reclaimed by the pigs? Find out in Part 2!

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