It was a very hot day for the flock, but that didn't mind. Ryan ordered a pack of water bottles in case for emergencies. "Holy bird, it's the hottest day EVER!" Ryan said, sweating outside. "I really hope... the delivery comes soon..." Daniel said. "Besides, with the heat outside, no one will really just pop out and attack with a big robot... right?" Tyler added. Meanwhile in the Inventor's lab...

"BLAST! It's too hot outside, I can't attack, with the hotness and I have to destroy to BE THE RULER!" the Inventor shouted, angrily. "Ah-ha! I know!" the Inventor knew what to do as he was fixing his robot, "Demolish-Doom-Bot". Well Tyler had jinxed it with the big robot attacking. Back to the birds, who are STILL sweating.

"Let's get back inside, I don't wanna melt!" Lewis said. The flock walked, very slowly, to their home. "I wish snow would come, but then it would automatically be cold," Kashy thought out loud. "You know what, let's just relax for a while," Tyler said. "Yawwwwwn, I am pretty tired," Daniel quietly said, and hopped to his bedroom. Everything was okay for the birds, until...


"WHOA, WHOA, WHOA!" Ryan screamed in shock. "What was that?!" they all wondered. They went outside, only to see just the inventor, standing there. "Uh... either it was just another thing, or that blue guy just ate a double-deluxe burrito-taco..." Kashy said. "SILENCE PEASANT!" the inventor commanded them. He took out a remote and out popped a robot of him, a 10-story built robot. "Boy, for a cute bird you can be really insane and evil-crazy-ish," Ryan said. "SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!" the Inventor raged, and shot a lazer from the eyes. "Dang it, I thought no one was going to attack!" Tyler said, and inflated at the robot. Unfortunately, he deflated like a balloon and eventually landed on the top of the robot's head. Kashy exploded, which made it worse. The robot transformed into a even stronger morph. "Can't you see?! The energy from the sun makes the robot working, since it's the hottest day ever, it's powerful! HAHAHAHA!" the Inventor told them. "Alright gang! Let's do what you can do!" Daniel said.

Daniel shot it with a freeze-ray 2000, Lewis used his strong head to punch the robot in the... guts? Ryan climbed up the robot, found a solar power, and tried to cover it from the sun. Kashy and Tyler? Tyler inflated again and again to flatten it. Kashy spit on the robot... he's a black bird that explodes, it's the best thing he could do! The Demolish-Doom-Bot was almost broken, but the inventor wasn't finished yet. "PLAN B!" he shouted, and went into the robot.

He controlled it this time with the energy from batteries. He shot lazers, stomped, and the flock couldn't destroy it.

"Oh man, we're doomed!" Lewis said. Suddenly, a truck was being driven to the flock. "Delivery!" the bird said, and gave the pack of water. Ryan had an idea. "GUYS, THROW THE WATER AT THE ROBOT!" Ryan said. "But- "C'mon, it'll electrify the robot, and then be destroyed." The flock was reluctant, but managed to throw it at the robot. Sparks began to flame the robot's energy. "NO! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!" the inventor screamed. The Demolish-Doom-Bot fell, and it crashed into the lab. The sun was being cooled down. It was now in perfect temperature. "Hooray!" they said, happily. "Hey, did the hot weather had to do with the blue guy?" Kashy asked. "Naaah... I think it was a coincidence," Tyler replied. They walked away from the debris and into the house.

Just then, a robot that looked like Zoey appeared from underneath the debris.....

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