"Hey Daniel, have you heard?" asked Ryan. "What?" asked Daniel. "A new bird has come to the island and he's selling some interesting stuff". "What's he selling?". "Come and see". They went to a factory called 'The Inventor's Robo-Factory'. Outside a crowd had gathered and a slightly big bluebird in a labcoat with a wierd monacle was announcing. Tyler was already there. "Come Eveybody to my factory!" The Inventor announced. "Get your own robot duplicate who'll do everything you'll say! Only for $40.23! Anyone?". "Me!" said a white bird wearing a fancy hat. "Right away, sir! Wait for a few minutes,please". The Inventor went inside the factory and after a couple of minutes
Your Robot,Sir

Your Robot, Sir

had gone by, he came out with someting under a sheet. "Your robot, sir" he said while pulling off the sheet. Under was a robot duplicate of the white bird. Everyone cheered. Daniel thought that he could make a better robot. This one looked very unsturdy."It's amazing!" said the bird while handing over the money."Anybody else want a robot?" asked The Inventor. Birds all shouted with money in their hands "Me! Me!" Daniel,Ryan and Tyler started to head back. "Don't you want one, Daniel?" asked Tyler. "Nah" said Daniel. "Haven't you seen those robot movies in which robots serve us and we become fat?" "Remember those robot duplicates we all made by ourselves?" said Ryan. "Ah, Danbot, Tybot, and Rybot," replied Daniel. "Best robots ever."

The next day the white bird's mother screamed and shouted that her son had been kinapped. Ryan went to investigate as the others were busy."What happened Madam?" asked Ryan. "When I woke up I saw that he was gone. Oh, and his robot is also gone. He loved his robot" she replied. At Daniel's house, Ryan told the others everything. "Hmm, you know what this means" said Daniel. "Yeah, aliens!"said Tyler. "What?! It's something to do with the robot" said Daniel."The aliens must of tracked the bird through the robot!" said Tyler. "Stop with the aliens!" said Ryan. "I think The Inventor programmed the robots to kidnap birds." "Why?"asked Tyler "We'll find out" said Daniel. They go back to the factory where The Inventor was creating robots for customers. "I'm sorry but I need to give out these robots before I take new orders" said The Inventor. "Have you heard about the bird that's gone missing? He bought a robot from you yesterday" said Ryan. "Yes, it's sad that he's gone missing" said The Inventor. "You're not thinking it's pure coincidence are you?" asked Tyler. "I would never kidnap anyone" replied The Inventor. "Ah, but you didn't. The robot did" said Daniel. "If you're not here to buy a robot, then go away" The Inventor said.With nothing else to do, Daniel,Tyler and Ryan walked away.

The next morning, almost every bird was complaining about kidnapping. Our heroes investigated and find out that all of them had bought a robot. Our heroes immediately crash into the factory. "I'll never get rid of you, huh?" The Inventor said. "Nope" said Daniel. "I might as well tell you my scheme." The Inventor said "As you know my robots kidnap birds who buy them. After a few months or so everyone one would be replaced by robots and then I will declare myself king!" "King of the robots?" Ryan said. "You better get those birds back to their homes or else" said
The Robot Duplicates

The Robot Duplicates

Daniel. "Oh yes, here's the key" The Inventor said pulling the lever revealing a cell filled with birds. He tossed down the key. "And as you have been so intelligent and brave I'll give you free robot diplicates." "Yay!" said Tyler. Everyone looked at Tyler in akward silence. "What?". "Here you go!" The Inventor said pulling another lever revealing a compartment with duplicates of Daniel,Tyler and Ryan. "Uh oh" said Ryan. "We're in trouble."

The robots' systems turned on. They focused on Daniel,Tyler and Ryan. "Kill them" said the Inventor. The robots started charging their attacks. Robo-Daniel started charging his superatomic laser, Robo-Tyler charged his belly-churning dizzy beam and Robo-Ryan charged his eye-burning sonic boom. "Hey, I have an idea." said Ryan. "What?" asked Tyler. "RUN!" screamed Ryan. They run out from the factory with the robots in sharp pursuit. As they Ran, Daniel turned toward the lab enterance to Daniel Labs "Come on, guys! I have a surprise down here!" Tyler and Ryan ran after Daniel. Daniel pulled Three sheilds out of the closet, and threw two to Ryan and Tyler. "These are Vibranium/Adamantium sheilds, strongest mix in the world!". The three ran back out with the sheilds blocking the robot's attacks. Daniel waved his sheild at Robo Daniel, making it wobble slightly. "GUYS, FOLLOW ME!" Daniel ran to the Bell Tower and Ryan was followed by more Robots. Robo-Tyler shot Daniel with his Dizzy beam and Daniel fell off the Tower. Tyler dropped the bell on the robots. He waited until he could he hear the robots charging up. At the precise moment Tyler rang the bell mixing it with the robots attack to make such a loud boom that all robots shattered. When Ryan looked down, Daniel was hanging onto a sign.

Daniel, Tyler and Ryan go bachk to the half-destroyed factory and open the cell freeing the trapped birds. Everyone got back to their own homes and The Inventor was arrested and transported to a distant prison island.

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