The Inventor


Inventing Things

First Appearence

The Inventor






Robo-Daniel,Robo-Ryan,Other Robo-Birds



The Inventor is a mad evil scientist/inventor who wants to replace everyone with a robot and be their king. He has his own maginifying monacle.

The Inventor

The Inventor

When he first came to Angry Bird Island he set up a factory where he started mass-producing robot duplicates and sold them to birds. However, in the middle of the night the robot would kidnap the bird and take him/her to The Inventor. However, Daniel,Tyler and Ryan found him out and tried to stop him. He released their robot duplicates on them but they got trapped in the bell tower where the sound waves shattered them. The Inventor,left defenceless, was arrested and got sent to a prison on a distant island.

There ,however, he took apart his cell and used it to re-create robots of Daniel,Tyler and Ryan. They helped him escape and kidnap Hamm to replace him with a robot. Robo-Hamm scanned the birds so that The Inventor could upgarde the previous models. He then released them and they caused havoc ,being undestructible. But our heroes (with some help from Robo-Tyler who became good) send the robots and The Inventor to the moon in a rocket.

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