The Introduction song is a song made by Blazefire(R) (Flamro), dedicated to the Golden Slumbers and The Birds.

Song lyrics:


This is Tyler he inflates to any size!

Watch out pigs or you'll get a big surprise!

He has so many forms, fire to ice,

Just call him that all round kind of guy!

(short break)

This is Daniel, the leader of the gang!

Hey, what's going on with the newsboy caps?

He always wears goggles and has a smart brain,

He always saves the eggs and goes through lots of pain!


These are the birds! (guitar strum)

See them round town! (guitar strum)

These are the birds! (guitar strum)

Kill the pigs now! (guitar strum)

These are the birds! (guitar strum)

Harry Potter to the stars! (guitar strum)

These are the birds! (guitar strum)

Treat of jam tarts! (guitar strum)

This is Ryan, the bubblegum bird,

He's on a tricky assault, and he's sure to find a nurse.

There is Evan, the speedy yellow one,

He's so fast, WHIP, SLASH, POW, AND RUN!


There is Kashy, brave and bold,

He's a big bomb bird, KA-BOOMO!

He's low and angry, playing a Bass,

Just make sure not to get in his face!


Finally, there's cutey cutey little Hammy,

Oinking all the way, squealing all the way...

Wait 1 that doesn't rhyme, 2 it's a pig!

He's a good one!


Anyway, now you've met the birds, we're closing down for today,

Just make sure to come back tommorow, HIP...HIP...HOORAY!

Lewis: What about me?...

Flamro: He's blue!

(Lewis sighs)

- By Blazefire(R).

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