Chapter 1: From, Bird , To, Human 

i woke up. seeing i'm in a tube..A BIG ONE!. i then smash  the glass with my fists. wait...... FISTS!? i then broke out wanting answers. well they called security to come after me. i then jumped over a fence that was there. i then whent to an alley.

Chapter 2: Fugitive

in the alley i sat. i had found a laptop in the dumpster. (it was the top of the pile) i then whent on the internet. it said i was a fugitive. ugh! THE SCIENTISTS! i won't have a life like my parents! anyway i hid here for a while. i then ran out and ran into an abandoned building. then i heard the cops. i looked at the flashing light on my leg. a TRACKING DEVICE?! then cops then came in and arrested me. well i was only thre for two days. 

Chapter 3: The Evil Plot

i was on the road after i got out. and i  went to a fast-food restaranut, reminds me of the FAT PIG.but its not pig everything though.and in there i heard someone say "Let's Destroy The Island" he said,  "Yeah, this is revenge for the last time." another said, i was now uptight angry. i had to stop them.

what will evan do? find out in part 2!


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