Young Potatoe

Potatoe hates this diaper!

When Anne and Tyler got back they showed the baby Golden Bird to Freddie and Jackie. "This is Potatoe," Anne said. This little guy was alone in at the park." "Inside a garbage can," Tyler added. Anne made a face. "He was?!" She took the Golden bird into the bathroom to give it a bath. "Good call," said Tyler. Potatoe HATED the water. He squirmed and splashed around and despreately tried to get out of the tub. Anne pulled out a rag, but soap on it, and was about to use it on Potatoe when he suddenly disappered. Anne looked behind her and saw Potatoe, drippping water all over the floor. Anne picked Potatoe back up and put him in the tub. "How did THAT happen?" she wondered. Then Potatoe disapeered again. She looked over her shoulder, this time Potatoe wasn't there. "Potatoe!" Anne called. "He's in here!" Tyler called back. Anne walked in to the living room. 'he keeps appearing in different places instantly," Tyler said. "He must be freezing time." And that's how they discovered Potatoe's special power. Then Anne came up with an idea. As she cleaned him with the rag, she held him tightly so that even if he froze time, he couldn't escape. After Anne dried him off, she took Potatoe and put a diaper on him. Potatoe hated it, but he couldn't get it off!

How will Tyler's friends and other family members react to Potatoe? Find out in part 3!

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