Potatoe Potato

The Baby Golden Bird (and the Potato)

One day, Tyler was taking a walk around the park when he passed the garbage can. There was rustling coming from it. Tyler hopped over to investigate. There was one potato in it, which was moving! Suspiciously, he reached down and was about to grab the potato when something ELSE jumped out of the garbage can in fright, with the potato. Something... gold. Tyler looked aside to see a baby golden bird. When it saw Tyler looking, it hid behind the potato and quivered. Tyler pulled out his phone and called Anne, his mother, to come see. But when he hung up, a pig saw the baby golden bird and secretly hopped over. The pig snatched the potato from it, making it cry. "Hey!" Tyler shouted, and tried to fight the pig off. The pig retreated, but not before devouring the potato. The baby golden bird cried harder. Then Anne finally arrived. When she saw the crying baby golden bird, she picked it up softly. "Where did he come from?" Anne asked her son. I don't think he belongs to anyone," Tyler replied. "I found him in a garbage can." "Well then," Anne replied. I guess we'll have to take him in, then." And they took the baby golden bird home with them.

What will they name the baby golden bird? Find out in part 2!

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