Chapter 1: Prepare and Fail

Daniel, Ryan, Tyler, Kashy, Lewis, Evan, Frostbite and Andrew were standing in Pigtastic's lab, ready to attack. Daniel took out a gun he found and aimed it, Ryan prepared to run at Pigtastic, Tyler got ready to inflate, Kashy hopped over and prepared to explode, and all the rest prepared to attack as well. "HA HA HA HA HA!" Pigtastic laughed. "YOU FOOLS! I KNEW YOU WOULD ALL DO THAT!" A huge machine opened and all 8 birds got pulled into a huge wormhole...

Chapter 2: Hoth

Tyler woke up in snow, and looked around. "guys, WAKE UP!" Tyler shouted. Andrew, Evan, Lewis, Kashy, and Frostbite got up. "Wait, where's Daniel and Ryan?" said Kashy, there were no tracks, no clues, nothing to tell they were even there at all. Evan looked up and screamed a short, shocked one. Way above them was a HUGE machine with a strange symbol on it. "that looks like something from Star Wars!" Tyler said.

Tyler saw a weird electronic stick thing, and picked it up, pressed the button, and a blue cylinder popped out. "WHOA! AN ACTUAL LIGHTSABER!!!" Tyler said. Everyone came over. "Good find, Tyler!" Andrew said. Evan picked up a gun, and fired it at the machine, only for the beam to bouce off of it and go flying towards Tyler, who managed to hit it like a baseball. The beam went into the sky and hit a tiny meteor. "I Wonder how Daniel and Ryan is" Frostbite said. everyone else nodded.

Chapter 3: Meanwhile on Tatooine...

Daniel and Ryan had not ended up on Hoth, but on Tatooine. They had not woken up, but were instead unconcious in the sand. Two Sand Pigs came by and sniffed them. The Sand Pigs prepared to grab them, when a Lightsaber sound rang out, and then another. the two pigs ran away quickly. it was Obi-wan and Luke! "do you know these guys?" Obi-Wan asked. Luke shook his head. "No, i've never seen them in my life." Luke said. They took the two to Obi-Wan's hut.

Daniel and Ryan woke up Two minutes later, and they knew exactly where they where. Their hearts beat fast with excitement. "Are you two okay??" Luke asked. Obi-Wan was watching the two from across the way. R2D2 came out. "ara ara keya gonk." R2 said. "What?" Daniel asked confused "whee Wop Whew!" R2 responded. "Wait," Ryan whispered. "R2's my favorite charcter, I speak astromech droid!" Daniel laughed. "Beria Barpoo Bepoo!" Ryan said to R2. "Era Rara Bap!" R2 replied. "What did he say?" Asked Daniel. "He wanted to know why he could actually understand me," Ryan said. Daniel tried not to snicker. R2D2 made various beeping sounds, and then a sound as if he was charging his battery. "Okay, there's R2D2, but where's C-3P0?" Daniel asked. he heard a firmiliar "Oh Dear!" from the shadows. Daniel chuckled. "3PO's famous line!" he thought.

Chapter 4: The Jedi Mind trick

later that Day, Obi-Wan started teaching Luke and Daniel some Jedi tricks. "Why can't I be trained with them?" Ryan asked. "Because, Ryan," said Obi-Wan. "I sense another power in you. You have force almost as strong as my friend jedi master Yoda! And soon, I will teach you to use it! But for now, why don't you go get some things from the market?" Obi-Wan asked. Ryan did so. Later, right as Obi-Wan was teaching them to use a lightsaber, Daniel all of the sudden stopped. "why is there a Pigtrooper in here?" Daniel said. there was no Pigtrooper that anyone else could see. Ryan came in, and then he stopped and looked at Daniel. "what's that red ring?" Ryan said. Obi-wan noticed it. "The Jedi Mind Trick! he's hallucinating because somebody is tampering with his mind!" Obi-Wan exclaimed. "Oh Dear!" C-3PO said.

"Daniel! Think! think of something you like!" Obi-Wan shouted. Daniel thought for a while. "Hey! the pigtrooper is gone!" Daniel said. Ryan sighed with relief. "Thank Goodness!" Ryan said. after the lesson finished, Both Luke and Daniel could use the force (To some extent). and could Also do the Jedi Mind Trick. (how that happened is a weird story). Later, it was time for Ryan's training. Not only would he have an EXTREMELY strong force, but he would know some secrets only known by those of the Jedi Council!

Chapter 5: Servants of the Rebels.

As Tyler hopped across the snow of Hoth, he noticed a strange building- several to be exact. "Is that Hoth Echo Base?" Andrew asked, surprised. Tyler knocked on a cylinder, and a camera poked out. "No weapons detected, proceed" an electronic voice said. Tyler walked into a hall, and the rest of the gang followed. "I'm not so sure about this..." Frostbite said. Tyler kept walking untill he found a room. the General walked up to them. "Are you the new servants we called for?" the General asked. "Um... yes! indeed we are! i'm Tyler, this is Andrew, Frostbite, Evan, Kashy, and Lewis." Tyler responded. as the General walked away, Evan elbowed Tyler. "What did you just get us into?!" Evan said as loud as he dared. "what, i just stopped us from getting hurt!" Tyler responded, "Did you see that guy's LIGHTSABER?!"

Chap. 6: Let's skip to Hoth, shall we?

we all know what happens, they meet Han Solo, fly to the Death  Star in the Millenium Falcon,  Obi-Wan lets himself get killed by Darth Vader, Luke, Daniel, and Ryan retalliate on Vader by blowing the Death Star up and escaping in the Millenium Falcon. but what happens after is different. yes, they fly to hoth, but the incident that happens on Hoth happens to more than one of our characters.

Daniel hopped through the snow with Ryan, when a huge Wampa reared up and scratched Ryan severely, sending him sprawling down the hill again. Daniel helped Ryan back to Camp, only to find Luke had gone through a similar wampa attack. "This will sting for a while" Ryan said, his scratches now clearly visible. Daniel cringed just at the look of the mark the beast left on poor Ryan. one scratch was an inch away from Ryan's left eyebrow, another by the side of his beak, and one on his chest.

more soon

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