The Fat Pig is a restaurant set up by Andrew. It's symbol is a Fat Pig with a knife and fork, wearing an apron and a chefs hat with the word The Fat Pig under it.All the food is a certain type of pig, except dessert. The name and sign are based on Fat Pig.




Andrew (Owner)

Evan (Cashier)

Kashy (Cook)



  • Spare ribs- $2
  • Bacon Strips- $4
  • Gammon bits- $9.50
  • Snout and tail- $0.25.
  • Snout and tail (large and high quality edition)- $5


  • Pork chops-$4
  • Bacon sandwich-$5
  • Boiled small pig-$8.50
  • Boiled medium pig-$16
  • Boiled large pig-$22.50
  • Fried small pig-$8
  • Fried medium pig-$16
  • Fried large pig-$21
  • Helmet pig cooked in it's helmet-$18


  • Ice-cream 1 scoop-$2.50
  • Ice cream 2 scoops-$4.50
  • Sundae-$5
  • Jelly sticks and yogurt-$5
  • Shortbread Biscuit-$2.75


  • Water-Free with the meal
  • Small Fanta-$3.95
  • Large Fanta -$5.95
  • Small Sprite-$3.95
  • Large Sprite-$5.95

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