"Rustle, Rustle,"

- The Eggs being moved to the nest.


The eggs are the things the pigs are after to eat. In order to prevent that from happening, the flock must guard them 24/7/365 until they hatch and spread on the era of Angry Birds. Once, in the early days of the united flock, the birds fought over who the birds would hatch into, nearly causing an earthquake on Feather island enough to destroy the eggs. The pigs nearly got the eggs back then. The birds swore to never do that again. When Starry Ella installed lazers in the hay nest, the pigs seemed to be more cautious on where they went on Feather Island. The birds move the nest from location to location to keep the pesky porkers at bay. The I.B.S.S (International Birds Space Station) was the best place until it got all gunky and was then destroyed in the "Battle of Gravity". There are three, precious eggs that the birds must guard. The first and second ones are normal eggs, and are the most developed. The third is the youngest, but most important because it's the golden egg.


Powers: Shooting lazers (golden egg activates the lazer).

First level appearance: Bonus 1-1 with Bacon. Both can only be shot by very short distance. Very easy levels though.

First story appearance: None...YET! Stories are coming soon!

Gender: Unknown, possibly female except the golden egg which is most possibly male.

Species: Eggs

Strength: Micro-weak

Hatch Date: May 16th, 2013

Size: Very Small

Occupation: Angry Bird Imporant Character

The Eggs like: Being protected

The Eggs loath: Being captured and possibly dying.


Affliations: The Eggs, Good Pigs, The Flock, The Flock in space, The Original Flock.

Nickname: Helpless

Known Aliases: Edgnas (In pig language)

Family: The Flock, Each other, Good Pigs

Eggsonality: Clueless, Defenseless, Unpredictable.

Languages: Rustling.


  • At nightime, Flamro keeps the eggs in his mothers' and fathers' house with Starry Ella.
  • The birds must guard them because the eggs might hatch anytime.

How to draw the Eggs:

1. Draw a nest. Your three designs are hay, twigs or leaves. Leave a circle.

2. Color it in yellow (hay), brown (twigs), or green (leaves)

3. Draw three eggs. Color the middle one in yellow or gold (I recommend yellow).

4. Color the circle (The lazer) any color you would like.

You may cut out the picture you've drawn!

Rage Rating: 1/2 | 5

- By Blazefire(R).

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